7 Eating Habits You Need to Stop to be Healthy and Lose Weight
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7 Eating Habits You Need to Stop to be Healthy and Lose Weight

Are you focusing on becoming healthier? Do you want to lose weight? How are you attacking your goal? If you have added an exercise regimen that’s perfect, but you also need to be eating a healthy diet and that includes changing some of those eating habits you have been told are healthy. In fact, let’s look at 7 eating habits you need to stop to be healthy. You might be surprised at what it is you should stop.

#1 Stop Eating Diet Food(s)

Diet foods are not what they claim to be. There is a great deal of deception associated with diet foods. They generally contain all kinds of unwanted additives that you might not be aware of. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce it you shouldn’t be putting it in your body. Diet foods tend to not be satisfying or filling and so too often you will find yourself eating more. You eat two entrée bars or you grab a spoonful of peanut butter or you make a sandwich on top of the diet food you’ve just eaten. What happens is you end up eating more calorie than if you had just avoided the diet food and had a moderate snack or meal.

A 2010 study found that we burn about 50% more calories metabolizing whole foods than we do eating processed foods. This is why some have broken their weight-loss plateau when they got rid of diet foods and ate fresh foods, even though they ate more calories. Get rid of the diet foods!

#2 Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is a true topic of discussion. While experts say that one drink is okay, you should realize that there is a domino effect that occurs. Just one drink will lower your inhibitions and spike your appetite not to mention all the other nefarious health and social side effect associated with it. You might not realize how often this happens until you actually decide to keep a food diary. Alcohol contains calories you don’t need and then your extra eating and you can find yourself packing on unwanted pounds. The good news is that once you make a conscious effort to stop drinking after 30 days you’ll be amazed at how dramatic your weight loss results are.

#3 Stop Skipping Meals

We all do it, but some of us do it more than others. This is really ‘big.’ When you go long periods without eating two main side effects happen that could interfere with your weight loss. You will burn fewer calories when you skip meals because your body does this so it can compensate because you do not have enough fuel. You will also likely overeat at night because your body is starving, but this is the time where you are burning the fewest calories. You need to be eating your biggest meals before your most active hours and eat your smaller meals during your less active periods. Always eat something every 4 hours.

#4 Stop Overeating Healthy Foods

If you have decided to eat a healthy diet packed with veggies, whole grains, avocados and lentils is awesome, but it can sometimes be too hard to stick too. After all, getting rid of all your comfort foods can leave you ‘wanting.’ The truth is, eating a healthy diet full of foods that are good for you is great but you need to be careful that you can actually overdo it. These whole foods are packed with nutrients and they will enhance your metabolism, but you can still get too much. Instead, you need to listen to your body’s cues for fullness and hunger. You can use visuals to help guide you. For example, an oatmeal serving should be about the size of half a tennis ball while a serving of fruit should be about the size of a tennis ball.

#5 Stop Avoiding Good Fats

In the last few years we’ve been warned to avoid fats and we’ve been told that eating fats makes you fat leading to a fat phobic society. The trouble is we have also eliminated good fats from our diets. Good fats help to reduce inflammation, which is directly linked to premature aging and obesity. Healthy fats are very satisfying. The stomach empties slower and plant based fats have been shown to suppress appetite hormones, boost metabolism and provide antioxidants. You should work to include a healthy dose of good fats in every meal. You will feel fuller for longer so you’ll actually eat less, which is also very helpful for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

#6 Stop Counting Calories

The time you consumer your calories and the quality of the calories you consume is key for weight loss success and counting calories can backfire. One study discovered that women counting calories become more stressed even when there are no limitations.. In addition, when there is an increase in stress there can be a spike in cortisol, which is a hormone that can cause your appetite to rev up, increase your cravings for sugary and fatty foods and increase belly fat storage. In addition the information provided related to packaged foods or restaurant menus is far from perfect. It’s not meaningless, but you should not rely on it.

#7 Stop Your Emotional Eating

Many of reach for food when we are angry, anxious, bored, and even when we are happy and it can be a real obstacle in weight loss. We are taught as children that there is an association between the way we feel and the food we eat. We bond over food, we grieve over food, and we celebrate over food. Emotional eating is socially accepted and in most cases it is even encouraged. So overcoming it can be a challenge. If just 50% of the time you found other ways to deal with emotions other than eating you would lose weight. While you can’t break this habit overnight you can break it over time and you will enjoy the benefits.

In addition, if you take an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, it can help you lose weight, especially belly weight and increase your lean muscle mass. These 7 healthy eating habits are all good in moderation, but the key here is just that ‘moderation.’

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