Are Your Eating Habits Killing You?

Are Your Eating Habits Killing You?

Take a minute and visualize the food that is in your fridge right now. Do you know that almost every one of those foods in your fridge (if your fridge looks like most of ours) contain hidden ingredients that are ‘fat storing’ – These ingredients can zap your energy, slow your metabolism and block your body’s fat burning ability. Even the foods you think are healthy may not be.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to rid your life of those fattening foods and swap them for foods that taste great, boost your metabolism and significantly accelerate your fat loss. Once you know which foods you thought were healthy that actually aren’t, you can create your very own fat burning kitchen. Let’s be clear – this isn’t a quick fix, nor is it some diet scheme, you won’t spend money on questionable supplements, and you don’t even have to chase down expensive organic foods.

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It also doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, male or female or what you have set for your current goals. It doesn’t even matter that you think your current diet is good. The goal is to teach everyone how to ensure they are getting the nutrition they think they are.

Let’s look at the 3 big things you need to do to stop because your metabolism is being damaged. It’s time you know what foods ‘shut off’ your cravings and which foods ‘turn on’ your body’s fat burning abilities.

#1 You Need to Stop Trusting What the Food Labels Say

We’ve been taught that we need to read the food labels so that we know what it is you are eating. Sadly, it’s not. Why? Well because these giant food manufacturers use nasty little tricks to hide fattening and dangerous ingredients that are common in the foods we eat each and every day. In fact, it has been proven that some of these ingredients are actually addictive.

Trans fats are great example of being a dangerous food – and not just a little dangerous but actually life threatening. Eating even just a small amount of trans fats increases your risk of heart disease and promotes visceral fat, which is that belly fat we are constantly warned about the dangers and how it’s important to get rid of. Yes, this type of belly fat is almost impossible to get rid of – if you have tried, you know what we’re talking about.

Ironically, many of the foods that are marked as ‘Zero Trans Fats’ on the label actually contain a huge amount of tans fats. This label is legal thanks to how the FDA allows manufacturers to label their foods. If there is less than .5 grams of trans fats per serving, manufacturers can say its trans fat free. So what manufacturers do is reduce their portion size on the label so that they can make this claim.

Here’s a great example – If you eat just a single handful of ‘Zero Trans Fat’ crackers you have poisoned your body with a couple of grams of toxic, fat storing trans fats without ever knowing it.

Wait – that’s not the worse by any means. There’s a food that’s in almost everyone’s kitchen that contains trans fats and yet you will not find it listed anywhere on the ingredients list.

Vegetable oil that is made from soybeans, canola oil or corn, it must go through a five step process that includes extremely high pressure and that kills all of the ‘heart friendly’ fats that were originally in these products. In fact, according to a shocking study by the University of Florida at Gainesville, your vegetable oil can contain up to 4.6% hidden trans fat that’s not on the label. Kind of scary, I know.

#2 You Don’t Need to Avoid Saturated Fats

Every one of us has been told we need to avoid saturated fats. Doctors, dieticians, and the food industry spends millions of dollars trying to convince you that you should avoid red meat because it is fattening, and that if you want to lose belly fat you need to avoid saturated fats because they are dangerous.

Don’t believe what you are being told. The right saturated fats area actually good for you and it can even help you to lose belly fat, which most of you will find surprising. Recent studies show that saturated fat can reduce your risk of heart disease and it supports weight loss.[1]

That’s because if you choose healthy saturated fats like pasture raised eggs and grass fed beef, they contain a natural fat burning agent called CLA plus tons of other nutrients.

#3 Beware of Fake Health Foods

It’s important to really know what is in your refrigerator. Thanks to greedy manufacturers, some of the foods that you think are healthy may not be at all. In 2010, Consumer Reports – a highly credible non-profit organizations that fights for consumer rights in the US – exposed that around 20 percent of all of the olive oils are fake and are actually mixed with other cheap oils, while they still claim to be 100 percent pure.

Again, in 2012, this food hoax was yet again uncovered, when the UC Davis Olive Center found out that only 27 percent of all olive oil was able to pass the extra virgin oil quality test to be labeled. That means the olive oil in your kitchen may be some other type of oil or may be loaded with trans fats.

If you are having trouble getting rid of belly fat there are two things you can do. Make sure the food you are eating is not interfering with your body’s ability to burn belly fat and consider taking an HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus that can help your body increase its production of human growth hormone, which can reduce belly fat.

Make sure the food you are eating isn’t going to be the death of you. The food you eat may not be as it appears.

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