C60 Oil: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

C60 Oil Benefits

We have already seen a variety of substances and products that promised to deliver awesome health benefits. Some of these ended up doing not as much as promised or did nothing at all. C60 oil is another fairly new one that offers you the usual promises of superb health benefits and longevity.

Researchers are still working to better understand how C60 may be beneficial as well as the risks. We cover here the little that is known or claimed about its benefits for now. Is it something you should consider? Read on.

What is C60?

C60 is a relatively new introduction that promises you the usual "amazing" benefits. It boasts potent antioxidant properties, significantly more so than vitamin E. However, it is neither food nor medicine. It is actually a substance that occurs naturally in soot, wood ash or other type of carbon-based ash.

The full chemical name of C60 is Buckminsterfullerene. It has a spherical shape, somewhat resembling a soccer ball. This shape must be the reason people also call it "buckyballs." The molecule features 60 carbon atoms, which apparently explain the name "C60."

For years, researchers gave been fascinated about the chemical properties of this substance. It doesn't react with anything, meaning it is physically inactive. It has the ability to extract the cellular metabolism by-product superoxide, which is capable of tissue damage. C60 functions somewhat as a molecular cage.

What is C60 Oil?

Now, C60 and C60 oil are not exactly the same. The former is a single substance, while the latter is a combination of two. C60 oil features the molecule along with oil, usually olive oil. What is the need to have oil here?

You cannot get C60 to dissolve in water – it suspends on the surface instead. This is because it is chemically inert. What is the solution? Dissolve it in oil.

While C60 won't dissolve in water, it readily does so when in olive oil. This is what gives you C60 olive oil. It is essentially a marriage of two natural substances, each of which boasts impressive health benefits. The mixture also helps to deal with toxicity.

What Benefits Can You Expect C60 Oil to Provide?

To the main reason you are probably reading this piece: what are the health benefits of C60? It is important to note before proceeding further that not all the benefits discussed below are backed by notable research.

Deals with free radicals

The harms free radicals can do to health are well known. These agents have a hand in majority of debilitating medical conditions, especially those affecting the elderly.

The fact that the carbon atoms in C60 are chemically inert and linked makes them target for unstable compounds to stick. Now, free radicals are unstable and would strive to stick to C60. This makes it easier to eliminate the harmful agents since this molecule is easily eliminated from the body.

Gets rid of bacteria and viruses

C60 is helpful in doing away with pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, some people claim. There appears to be research to back this claim, though.

In one instance, it was found that malonyl C60 was helpful in getting rid of Group A Streptococcus, which is responsible for issues such as toxic shock syndrome and skin infections. Researchers also found that the molecule may assist in disabling mosquito viruses.

Fights obesity

If you need help in protecting yourself against the scourge of obesity, you may be excited to learn C60 oil can help. It has been shown that C60 in squalene (shark oil) may help to guard against increase in the size of fat cells. This may also prevent the number of these cells from multiplying.

There is no doubt that it will be a cheering finding if C60 does indeed help with the obesity problem. Excessive fat in the body has been connected to a variety of health issues, including insulin resistance or diabetes.

May help against cancer

There is evidence from animal research that C60 may be potentially useful for fighting cancer. In a study, researchers caused mice to develop cancer to test usefulness in this regard. The animals were then divided into two groups, treatment and control.

All the mice in both groups died as a result of the cancer. But it was found that a dose of 5 mg per kg slowed tumor growth in those treated. It also reduced metastasis significantly. This made those that got C60 to live about 22 percent longer than those who were not given any.

What is not clear, however, is whether the natural substance can also slow tumor growth in humans. But some may argue that it should, given how it gets rid of free radicals.

Research on mice also showed that C60 inhibits the activity of agents that cause inflammation, including TNF-alpha and matrix metalloproteinases. Inflammation is a factor in the development of cancer.

Enhances longevity

This is a benefit of C60 oil that you will find most research focusing on. Of course, there are hardly any human trials. It is based on findings from mice studies. The anti-cancer trial mentioned earlier was one of those.

A particular study that is often cited by C60 oil proponents is that by Dr. Fathi Moussa. The research focused on Wistar rats, which are prone to death by pneumonia or tumors. It returned such impressive results that some opponents started suggesting something unethical must have been done to achieve the results.

It was found that the rats who received C60 lived almost two times as long as those who didn’t get any. The rats that didn’t get the substance died of tumors or pneumonia.

What is more interesting is that the researchers only gave 24 doses of the substance. This longevity effect is surprising in that this was not ongoing treatment and C60 doesn’t usually last more than a day in the body. So how could it cause these animals to live years longer. Its antioxidant properties can’t be the only reason.

The researchers did come up with two major reasons as to why C60 was able to prolong the lives of the rats even when they stopped receiving it.

Another group of researchers found that C60 treatment commenced half-way through the usual lifespan of mice made the animals lived up to 14 percent longer.

Promotes younger-looking skin

There is also claim that C60 oil may offer your skin protection against harmful effects of environmental factors. It is even said that some manufacturers add small amounts of the substance into skin creams, which are often expensive, probably for this reason.

It has been observed in models of human skin that C60 oil mixed into skin lotion can offer protection against sunburn. But it is advised to only use the topical solution following exposure to ultraviolet rays. Exposure to UV light can split off reactive oxygen species.

Boosts sexual function

Evidence shows that C60 may help to improve sexual function. Researchers found in a 2011 study that the molecule considerably reduced sexual dysfunction and infertility in diabetic male rats. It helped to deal with testicular dysfunction and spermatogenic disruption, among other complications [1].

It is well known that diabetes can produce adverse effects on the ability of a person to function well sexually.

To arrive at the results, the researchers gave the Wistar albino rats a daily dose of 4 micrograms per kg for a period of five weeks. This was in form of drinking water, though. It is even more interesting that the dose that produced these results was significantly lower than what some usually recommend for human use.

Miscellaneous benefits

There are still other benefits that have been reported by people who claimed to have used C60 oil. These include:

However, there is hardly any kind of research showing these benefits.

C60 Toxicity

One concern that some have expressed is that this substance may be highly unsafe for human use. These people claim that C60 oil can do damage to DNA.

It was also feared that it contained traces of carbon nanotubes, which could potentially have harmful effects similar to those of asbestos. However, some researchers claimed to not find these, even in the most impure commercial C60 sources.

The study by Dr. Moussa, which was mentioned earlier, seemed to suggest that C60 is anti-toxic. The substance protected rats from lethal doses of a hepatotoxic compound that can damage the liver.

As regards toxicity or non-toxicity, the form in which you use C60 will determine whether you will have issues or not. The best form is lipofullerenes – another name for C60 in oil. The oil in this case is usually extra virgin olive oil, although corn oil is also used. This prevents the carbon atoms from clumping together and floating on the surface.

Clumping is a risk when taking C60 dissolved in water. This form can produce side effects. Studies that showed toxicity are believed to have used solutions with un-dissolved lumps of the molecule.

C60 oil looks like something that you can consider for improving your health and promoting longer lifespan. However, research into its benefits appears to be at the early stages at this time. Most, if not all, studies on its benefits so far focused on lesser animals. You cannot be really sure you will get the same benefits, although some users claimed to.

It will be a wise thing on your part to speak with a health professional for guidance before using C60 oil.

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