Comparison of the Numerous HGH Supplements on the Market

Comparison of the Numerous HGH Supplements on the Market:

It’s good to research HGH supplements before you decide on which product to purchase and use. However, you need to understand how these different products work and the options they offer to ensure you don’t find yourself caught in a scam or being ripped off. Worse – to ensure you don’t buy illegal HGH products.

Let’s have a look at the four ways that are available for purchasing HGH supplements and what you should know about each supplement.

#1 Synthetic HGH Injections

NorditropinLegal synthetic HGH injections like Norditropin must come from a licensed physician by prescription. These injections are very costly. You can expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 annually for treatments.

The majority of studies have shown that HGH injections are extremely good at reversing many of the physical signs of deterioration that come with aging, and the body’s reduced HGH production. Because of the expense of HGH injections, this is not a treatment option that is available for the average person.

If you are considering HGH injections, you should know that the injections are painful for most, and having to go to the doctor for those injections is inconvenient. It’s not always easy to find a qualified doctor who is willing to administer HGH injections and so you may have to travel to an anti aging clinic that works with HGH.

HGH injections do have side effects associated with them. If you overdose, you could experience headaches, insulin resistance, fluid retention, and gynecomastia (male breasts).

There are also concerns relating to the long-term use of HGH injections and the potential to cause a hormone imbalance in our body.

It is critical that one recognizes that ….

The only legal way to purchase synthetic HGH injections is through a prescription from a qualified doctor. It’s also the only safe way.

You need to watch websites that claim to be selling real synthetic HGH injections because the risks are high that you will not be getting what you think you are buying.

#2 HGH Releasers

GenF20 Plus is an HGH Releaser.

This is a dietary supplement that you can buy without a prescription. It has been scientifically formulated to support the body so that it releases more of its HGH supply instead of injecting a foreign source. An HGH Releaser provides a person with access to the many anti aging benefits HGH has to offer without the health risks, inconvenience, and prohibitive costs of using synthetic injections. For a comprehensive review of Genf20 Plus go to! Genf20 Plus

There are no overdose risks…. No visits to the doctor…. No painful needles… and no high costs.

The challenge consumers face is in finding a safe and effective HGH Releaser that is a cGMP certified facility has manufactured using the highest quality ingredients, and an HGH Releaser that has a track record of providing REAL results to the clients who use it. GenF20 Plus is proud to offer you an eight-year track record of providing quality manufacturing, backed by testimonials from their customers.

#3 Homeopathic HGH

Consumers need to be aware of the numerous claims that surround this type of supplement. This is by far one of the most controversial HGH supplement forms since the scientific medical communities consider it unproven.

There has been only one study done on homeopathic HGH, by the National Institute of Health. This is not enough to offer sufficient evidence that this is an effective and safe option.

Homeopathic HGH involves you taking very small synthetic HGH doses 2-3 times a day, which is supposed to stimulate the body’s endocrine and immune systems to increase its own production of HGH. It is not convenient and it has not been proven safe.

#4 Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Injections

This is a treatment option that looks promising; however, it is new and unproven at this point. It also requires a doctor's prescription and is very expensive.

With this option GHRH is injected, which stimulates the brain to release HGH. A Baltimore study that injecting GHRH twice a day restored the body’s levels of HGH and IGF-1 in older men to levels of men three decades younger.

It shows promise! However, it is inconvenient, expensive, and to date unproven.


It’s easy to see, that currently GenF20 Plus, which is an HGH Releaser offers the solution that’s viable for consumers to use, who are not in a position to pay the high price of synthetic injections and who don’t want the inconvenience.

GenF20 Plus is far less risky than injections are – because you aren’t injecting synthetic HGH directly into the body, there is no overdose risk. This is a natural, effective, convenient, affordable, and safe way to increase your body’s HGH level. To try Genf20 plus risk free for 2 months go here!




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