Do You Want to Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Do You Want to Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Sex – it really does make the world go round, yet why is it that over time even those enjoying great sex find themselves looking to spice it up a little? That’s a great question!

If you were to take a survey about just when things seem to go south, you might be surprise to discover that it’s often after you move in together or ‘after the wedding.’ The woman who was your lover is now your family. You’ll see her in her PMS-ing, you’ll see her sick, you’ll see her in her PJ’s, and you’ll see in most unattractive form. And men, you aren’t off the hook either, because the same applies to you. It’s a fact – as your emotional bond grows between each other, your sexual desire will wane. Couple Having Sexual Problems

That’s not really the outcome you had in mind – I mean can’t you have it all? What’s the fix? Glad you asked. There’s good news – you can have it all. Here are some great ideas on how to spice up your sex life a little.

#1 Turn Up the Heat on the Ordinary

If she’s in the kitchen washing dishes, what could you do? Remember it doesn’t always need to be sex to set a mood. You could flirt, say something erotic, or do something funny… This will help you to get into the headspace of your relationship during earlier times, when it seemed like everything about her was hot and everything she did was hot.

#2 You Need to Sexualize the Relationship

Contrary to what you’ve heard about being her best friend, that’s not always great for your sex life. You need to learn to see her as a sexual object rather than just your best friend. The same applies to you. She needs to see you as a sexual object. If you are thinking – wait women don’t want to be treated as a sexual object, you will be surprised to learn that when a woman is in a monogamous relationship they really do want to see that ‘I simply can’t take my hands off you’ gaze – that longing look of desire.

#3 Say No to ‘Duty Sex’

If your gal is lying there giving you that force moan, you’ll know. Women think guys can’t tell but guys in-tune with their women can. Why are you settling for duty sex? Is that really what you want from your relationship? There’s this expectation that couples who are really in love need to have sex daily and that’s simply not true. In fact, quality trumps quantity every time.

So give her some room to want you and don’t assume that every sexual impulse should immediately lead to intercourse just because it can. If you get the feeling she’s simply not into it then just pull back. Be honest and tell her you feel like you are just going through the motions. Ask her what you could do to help her get into the mood. Most women will be relieved at the honesty and it also makes her take ownership for her own desire leaving her to set the playing field for you sexual romps.

What If It’s About Libido and Performance?

If you are worried because the reason your sex life has tanked is simply that your libido has tanked or your sexual performance is seriously lacking these days, then you need to know you are not alone. As we age our HGH production decreases and that can leave your sex life in need of some help as your libido and performance decrease.

Taking a human growth hormone supplement like Genf20 Plus is an excellent way to not only improve your sexual performance but also help to fight many of the signs of aging such as reduced energy, weight gain especially belly fat, muscle loss, and many other HGH benefits.

You can purchase a quality human growth hormone supplement online and you can read product reviews here. Whatever the underlying cause of your less than desirable sex life you can fix it!




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