Growth Factor Plus Review: Can It Make You Taller?

Comprehensive Review of Growth Factor Plus

You can never go wrong being tall, at least that is the impression the society gives. If you are on the short side, you may have felt discriminated against at one time or another due to your height, or lack of it. You have in Growth Factor Plus a product that promises to help you overcome your seeming insecurity by adding a bit. Growth Factor Plus

Chances are that you already heard about this supplement and you only wish to know if it's the real deal. If that's the case, you are in the right place. This Growth Factor Plus review should hopefully answer virtually all questions you might have about the product.

Perks That Come With Being Tall

Before delving deeper into our review, it's a good idea to say a little about the benefits you get for being tall. People may not tell you to your face that you are less desirable because you are not tall enough. But certain trends indicate that height confers considerable advantages.

Researchers have found that tall people make more money. They also have better chances of being considered for top positions. Estimates show that an extra inch adds between $600 and $800, on average, to annual earnings of tall people.

While there are laws against discrimination, evidence shows that tall people get better consideration for employment. Some estimate indicates that recruiters tend to select taller individuals in about 7 of 10 cases.

Tallness may also improve the speed of your career progression. Some researchers noted that majority of Fortune 500 companies' chief executives were taller than average. Perhaps, this is because an imposing figure usually commands more respect.

If you are still in the dating game, you can improve your chances for success by being taller, especially as a man. It is no secret that the idea of dating a shorter man is one that majority of ladies do not find appealing. In one study, less than 3 percent of women expressed readiness to date a man they were taller than.

We can go on and on about the benefits you get for being tall. These perks significantly surpass the downsides as well.

How is Growth Factor Plus Relevant?

For someone looking to grow taller, the question is how Growth Factor Plus will help. The supplement aims to help mainly by boosting your growth hormone (GH or HGH) levels. This means it is an HGH releaser, albeit one with its main focus on increasing height.

Growth hormone is a vital substance for growth and development, especially during childhood. A person with low levels of human growth hormone may never be able to reach normal adult height. Children with a deficiency usually experience stunted growth and have shorter stature than their peers.

In addition, the hormone contributes to many bodily processes. Symptoms of low levels include loss of bone density, weight gain, wrinkles, eye bags and loss of lean muscle mass.

This supplement, whose name is also written Growth Factor Plus, will potentially not only help you add a few inches, but also look younger and fitter. It supposedly adds up to four inches to your height. That might not sound like a lot to you, but it is. This is especially the case for someone past puberty. The product supports bone and joint health as well, among other benefits.

Growth Factor Plus is one of the popular HGH supplements that sells. The vendor is a very popular and trusted name in the supplement space. It is a division of Purity Select Inc., an American company with a variety of offerings for health and fitness. Its manufacturer produces in a laboratory with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for purity and quality.

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What Does Growth Factor Plus Come With?

Ingredients in the Growth Factor Plus formula should give an idea of whether this is a product that can deliver. It features a proprietary blend, the amounts of whose individual constituents are not available. Ingredients in the blend are:

Other key ingredients in the formula include:

As one can tell from the label, Growth Factor Plus is a blend of amino acids, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients. These constituents compare well to those you find in some other top HGH supplements. Perhaps, it is also safe to assume that the supplement does not contain chemicals or synthetics that can harm health.

How Does Growth Factor Plus Help You Grow Taller?

It is popular knowledge that you cannot grow taller once your growth plates close. This happens around the age of 17, or earlier. The question then is how likely then is Growth Factor Plus to help you add some inches after this age.

According to Purity Select, Growth Factor Plus will help you grow taller by extending your spine. That's the short answer. Let's explain that a bit better.

Thirty-three (33) vertebrae make up the human spinal column. These are held together by tough, fibrous tissue known as ligaments. The lowest nine vertebrae in the column – sacrum and coccyx – are fused and immovable. The remaining ones are not fused and so are movable.

Growth Factor Plus targets the cartilage discs between the moveable vertebrae. Its maker says the ingredients found in it normally cause these to lengthen. When this happens, there is increase in the length of the spine. This, in turn, can make you look taller.

For those who do not know, cartilage is responsible for the formation of most bones in the human body. It gradually develops to become the hard calcified structure. This supplement may help to strengthen and thicken cartilage, possibly increasing height as a result.

Who Is It For?

It is obvious that Purity Select intends this supplement for adults who wishes to give height increase a shot. It says Growth Factor Plus is only for individuals older than 18 years. As we noted previously, these are people that medical experts will usually say cannot add to their height.

The company says its product gives mature adults "a second chance for growth." You supposedly do not need to have open growth plates to benefits. It supplies necessary nutrients for growth that may be lacking due to older age.

Growth Factor also targets individuals who, for some reason, still have open growth plates but find it hard growing taller. It provides support for extra growth burst. It lends a helping hand to these "hard gainers" to take full advantage of what they still have.

Target users also include those who wish to grow taller for either social or personal reasons. Also, athletes and other people who regularly put significant stress on their joints may find the supplement useful.

What Are People Saying About Growth Factor Plus?

Glowing reviews abound online for Growth Factor Plus. Majority of reviewers have positive things to say about it. As at the time of writing this review, there are 181 user reviews on the official website. Rating is 4.91 of possible 5.0, which is pretty impressive.

A 20-year user claimed to have added 1.3 inches in just 1-2 months. Another said his height increased by an inch after exhausting a 3-month supply. A person named Steven said he added 3.5 cm (~1.38 inches) at the end of the first month of use. Still, one 25-year-old customer claimed adding 2 inches in a month!

But one of the issues we noticed was that a good number of the "reviews" were questions about the product.

Also, it appears the official website is the only place you can find user reviews. This is not surprising really since it is the only avenue for getting the supplement.

Does it mean you could lose your money on something that possibly doesn't work then? We'll let you answer that by reading this review to the very end.

Growth Factor Plus Has A Solid Money Back Guarantee

If you are one of those with concerns over possible loss of your money, rest easy. Why? Growth Factor Plus comes with arguably the best money back guarantee in the supplement market. You have 90 days to demand for your money to be reteurned if you feel it is a placebo or useless.

That's whole of three months to request for a refund. This is more than enough time to know if this one is for you or not. You are essentially looking at a risk-free purchase here, although for two bottles. Plus, you get another 7 days to get your empty kits across.

However, expresses confidence that you will not even need a refund with the results you will get.

How to Improve Growth Factor Plus Results

Let it be known that this is no miracle supplement that will add several inches to your height overnight. Purity Select says the product may help you growth taller, although it is providing no guarantee of that happening. Results typically vary between individuals.

On the official website, we found this statement: "this is not going to make you grow 2 inches taller." This is strange when you consider there are user reviews, even on the same platform, claiming adding up to that. In fact, some online reviews claim up to 4 inches is possible.

Whatever the truth is, the company says you can improve your chances of growing taller by adding stretching exercises. These can help to decompress your spinal column, thereby making your goal of being taller more realistic. Gravity is a factor in people appearing shorter.

The efficacy of Growth Factor Plus for height improves with stretching exercises. The supplement provides nutrients that promote cartilage, joint and bone health.

Is Growth Factor Plus The One?

Growth Factor Plus might not be the magical solution you seek. But it is probably the most popular and best when you wish to use supplement to increase height. It contains natural ingredients, including amino acids and herbs, which enhance growth hormone production. These lengthen your spine.

The product also comes from GMP-certified, approved laboratory, meaning your health should not suffer from using it. Let's even assume that it won't work for you, there is still nothing much to fear. A generous money back guarantee gives you some level of confidence about getting a refund. So, this looks like a good and effective product, more so when you add stretching exercises.

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