Hair Loss – Fact and Fiction – What You Should Know

Hair Loss – Fact and Fiction – What You Should Know

More than 50% of men that are 50 years of age or older suffer from some form of hair loss. In fact, it’s this age group that ensures the hair loss industry is worth nearly $4 billion dollars – Wow! Sadly, many of the hair loss solutions don’t work at all. It’s difficult to know what is true when it comes to hair loss. How do you avoid the snake oil salesmen with their claims that a certain product works? Let’s start by looking at what’s fact and what’s fiction. Are you ready? Hair Loss

#1 Hair Restoration Doesn’t Look Natural – Fiction

The hair restoration surgery that was done in earlier times built up a reputation that it was far from natural looking. Many of you will remember those unattractive plugs known as plug-y. Those actually aren’t around anymore and the restoration techniques of today are far more natural. So if you have been considering hair restoration it’s not a bad option these days.

#2 When You Pull Out a Gray Hair Three Will Grow in Return – Fiction

You have all heard this – don’t pull out your gray or you are going to get three times as many. This is not true. What can happen if you constantly pull hairs from the same follicle, is that you can develop alopecia in that area because of the trauma of plucking. Pulling them out regularly can make them disappear forever, which is what often happens with eyebrows. However, pulling out a gray hair before you head out to an important meeting or a date isn’t going to cause you any problems.

#3 If You Mistreat Your Hair it Could Lead to Hair Loss - Fact

This is true! While the damage won’t likely be permanent, if you overwork your hair it causes damage that makes your hair weak and that means it can be broken easily. Aggressively brushing your hair, dying your hair, harsh product use, and straightening are just a few of the ways you can damage your hair.

# 4 Baldness is Genetic From Your Mother’s Side of the Family – Fiction

There is absolutely no truth in this! Your hair is the result of genetics from both your mother and father. Your hair is going to be a mix of your genetics. If there is hair loss on either side of your family, then you run the risk of also experiencing hair loss.

#5 Stress Leads to Hair Loss – Fiction

If that was the truth, most of us would likely be bald, and we aren’t. However, that said, during times of extreme stress balding does occasionally occur. How extreme? A terrifying car accident that has serious injuries, the death of someone, cancer, or giving birth.

#6 If You Wear a Baseball Cap You Will Go Bald - Fiction

Wearing a baseball cap does not cause hair loss – sorry guys, you just can’t use this excuse. Your baseball cap could cause hair loss only if it is so tight that you couldn’t actually wear it in order to damage the hair follicle and cause baldness.

#7 Propecia Works – Fact

Propecia AKA Finasteride does in fact work for androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, which is a condition that is inherited. With this condition your hair follicles stop producing and you start losing your hair. Finasteride is FDA approved to block an enzyme that otherwise changes testosterone to DHT. Usually a minimum of 3 months of treatment is needed to see any changes.

#8 HGH Can Cause Hair to Grow Back – Fact

Sure, you could use a potentially unsafe product like Finasteride to change your testosterone levels, but why risk the serious side effects of Finasteride that range from allergic reactions to complete impotence. Also Some people have reported improvement to their hair condition when they experimented with HGH supplementation.  Thus taking a high quality HGH supplement like Genf20 may not only help with hair loss but certainly will help to slow down some of the signs of the aging process, as the body begins to increase its production of HGH, which in turn restores other hormones to more youthful levels. Suddenly you start to see your wrinkles disappear, energy increase, libido improve, and so much more.

There you have it – fact and fiction on hair loss – now you know!




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