What are the Actual HGH Effects?

What are the Actual HGH Effects?

We hear a lot about HGH but what are the actual HGH effects from its use? Let’s answer that.

HGH is a powerful hormone produced by the body in the pituitary gland, which is found in the brain. In children, HGH effects the body’s growth so that they can grow from child size to adult size. Those that have growth problems associated with lack of HGH will receive HGH injections.

One of the most noticeable HGH effects is the change it has on the aging process. Not only does it seem to stop it in its tracks, it actually reverses the signs of aging in a number of ways. Some of these ways are more noticeable than others, but never the less the effect of HGH on the body is very evident. healthy senior couple

HGH effects include

Decreased body fat – This is especially true for the mid section, which is also the visceral fat that poses such a health risk. A clinical study showed that body fat could be reduced by up to 14.4 percent in men who received HGH injections for a six month period. Scientists theorize that HGH tells the body what to do with excess fat. Scientists believe that HGH therapy is more effective than traditional dieting because diets do not address the body’s hormonal messaging system and the issues that can develop.

Increased lean muscle mass – Increases muscle mass and muscle strength. It also strengthens ligaments and muscles, which reduces the risk of suffering a sports injury.

Improved cholesterol – Increases good cholesterol levels and decreases bad cholesterol levels.

Increase bone density – This is especially important to menopausal women. It can reverse the signs of osteoporosis.

Skin improvements – Decrease wrinkles and fine lines, improve the elasticity of skin, and improve the radiance of skin. Studies have shown HGH can reduce wrinkles because HGH stimulates protein synthesis which increases the production of collagen and elastin. These are two key proteins that make up the structure of the skin, but as we age, the levels drop and we develop wrinkles. When these levels are kept at higher levels, HGH can reduce wrinkles.

Helps with weight loss – HGH effects the body’s composition and as a result, it indirectly helps with weight loss, through energy increases, fat loss, and lean muscle mass development. Research has shown that those who do not exercise regularly because they have low energy could also benefit from using HGH. According to a study published in 2006 in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism," patients taking HGH burned more calories than those taking a placebo, even when they were at rest.

HGH affects the metabolism – As we age our metabolism slows down and that’s tied to weight gain and loss of lean muscle. HGH increases metabolism, which helps your body burn calories faster and keeps your weight in check.

Improved brain function – Improve mental clarity, memory, cognitive ability, a younger mindset (seen in research) and even decrease depression. There have been several clinical tests that have clearly shown HGH significantly benefits the brain. Scientists thought HGH was not able to reach the brain because of the blood brain barrier, which filters out huge molecules such as the HGH molecule. To authenticate this infeasibility scientists’ injected patients with HGH and then did a spinal tap in the cerebrospinal fluid, which runs from the brain. When the scientists did the spinal tap, there was a tenfold increase in the cerebrospinal fluid of HGH. This verified that HGH actually did get into the brain but the scientists were unable to scientifically analyze and observe it.

Improved regeneration of cells – Your body’s cells die and as we age they are slower to be replaced, but one of the HGH effects is to return cell regeneration to normal levels, which is evident in skin that is more youthful.

Better immune system – When you have adequate amounts of HGH in the body, your immune system is significantly enhanced so you will become sick much less often.

Reduced grey hair–HGH affects hair color and growth and it has been shown when an HGH supplement is taken it can start hair growth again and restore your regular hair color. One study saw more than two hundred individuals get thicker and fuller hair after taking HGH and more than thirty of them had new hair growth.

HGH is a powerful hormone made naturally in our bodies. HGH affects many of the signs of aging and can return our bodies to a younger more youthful state. Consequently for those seeking the benefits of HGH just for anti aging reasons and are not suffering from a medical condition that requires HGH injections an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus may suffice.

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