How HGH can Give You a Bodybuilder’s Body

How HGH can Give You a Bodybuilder’s Body

HGH – steroids – bodybuilding – When it comes to bodybuilding it seems it’s a new day. What was once a world of steroids has now become a world of HGH and for the everyday person who wants that bodybuilder’s body, HGH is exactly what you need. You can improve your body’s production of HGH by concentrating on the four bodybuilding areas. Let’s have a look at those four areas.


To stimulate the body’s production of HGH you need to work out. Exercising puts your body under extreme stress, consuming energy, and creating physical exhaustion, all key to the release of more HGH. HGH And bodybuilding

However, you need to make sure that you do not exercise for more than 45 minutes because if you do your HGH production will taper off and your cortisol production will increase. That means that you will find yourself with less muscle mass formation and more belly fat, defeating your entire goal to develop your bodybuilder body.

Now as you become more fit this time frame can change. An easy rule of thumb is to increase your exercise time by two minutes each month. Anything over that has not been tested for inducing a catabolic state, so best to go with what’s been tested.


You will produce 75% of your daily HGH while you sleep, and most of that occurs when you are in REM sleep. This definitely shows why you need to get a good night’s sleep. Even your naps can benefit you some, but it’s not likely you’ll get into a deep enough sleep to really benefit from your nap.

The HGH we produce when we sleep is not as strong as the other 25% of HGH we produce, because it is in response to the need for sleep protection and replenishing energy. However, when you can establish a regular sleep pattern this can promote REM sleep and that can increase your HGH output.


If you want to have the body of a bodybuilder this is the most important component of the four. If your nutrition does not help you adequately recover, you will not enjoy the gains. Amino acids increase your HGH production, but for that to occur you need to have 15 percent to 20 percent of your diet made up of good fats. The goal is to see you with a complete stack of amino acids so that you synergistically create higher levels of HGH. The stack should look like this:

HGH Supplements

One of the best ways to increase HGH production is to take an HGH dietary supplement that is a mix of powerful natural substances that help the body to increase production. There is no need for a doctor’s prescription, and unlike synthetic HGH, it is undetectable in drug tests. That’s because the increased production is not synthetic, but rather this supplement just affects the body’s own abilities to produce HGH. There are a number of reputable suppliers of HGH supplements on the market and the side effects from these supplements are minimal, while the benefits are numerous.


If you want to develop a bodybuilder’s body, you are going to need your HGH levels to be sufficient. Now that you know four ways to increase your HGH production you are on your way to increasing your muscle mass and developing a hard body.

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