Here Are Some Interesting Ways to Deal with Holiday Calorie Overload

How to Deal with Problematic Holiday Calories

Caution, as regards your fat intake, can easily be thrown to the wind during the holidays. With different kinds on food on offer, you may find it quite difficult to turn anything down. The holidays are knocking on the door again and you are probably licking your lips for another tasty experience. To avoid loading up on unhealthy fat, here are some interesting ways you may want to exploit for burning off holiday calories. You will find the information presented especially useful if you are the type that hardly goes to the gym.

Go Shopping

Do you like to shop? If yes, you already have something to do to shed some holiday calories. You can use the opportunity of shopping for groceries and other items to exercise your body. One useful tip is to pack your car some distance away from the mall. If you will be shopping in more than one shop, go to your car to drop items after leaving a shop before moving to another – do that each time you leave a shop. Instead of using the elevators, go for the stairs. The exertions resulting from making multiple trips with heavy shopping bags can help you burn up to 300 calories per hour, depending on how much shopping you are doing.

Do housework

During the holidays, you want your living space to be in top-notch state before the guests start to arrive. There is sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting to be done. The trash needs to be taken out and the linens changed. Rather than hiring people to do all this for you, get down to work and burn some calories in the process. You may be able to burn about 200 calories or more for one hour of house cleaning.

Tend the lawn

You sure want your garden and lawn to look appealing, after all it's the holidays. Bring out the tools and get busy outdoors. Using a power mower, you could do away with 95 calories in 20 minutes of lawn mowing. Raking lawn for half an hour can help you burn around 140 calories, while bagging grass and leaves for another half hour can burn between 125 and 130 calories more.

Give your dog a bath

Guests are coming over and you want your favorite pet to look and smell nice. Why not spend some time to give your dog a bath? You may lose close to 60 calories by doing this for about 15 minutes.

Take to the snow

Winter is a time of the year that some people dread greatly, what with the bone-chilling cold. Instead of feeling gloomy, you should view availability of snow as a great opportunity to burn holiday calories. Snowshoeing is a great activity to consider so long you are able to walk - you can burn more than 560 calories in one hour spent doing this. Cross-country skiing offers even greater calorie-burning benefits (up to 650 calories). Other winter sports such as ice-skating and downhill-skiing offer good means of shedding those holiday calories, too. Simply shoveling snow away from your home front is beneficial as well.

Take a walk

Walking is probably one of the easiest ways by which you can burn holiday calories. Taking a 15-minute walk after that irresistible, rich dinner can help eliminate close to 100 calories. A moderate-pace walk can be useful in burning up to 300 calories in an hour. Adding some light jogging into the mix ramps up the calorie loss further.

Take care of the dishes

You could burn some calories by seeing to the plates, bowls, cups and cutlery used for doing justice to those tasty dishes. Clearing dishes from the table and washing them by hand can be good enough to shed up to 50 calories or more in less than 20 minutes.

Be generous

You probably never thought generosity can be useful for shedding calories; it is. A half hour spent wrapping gifts (homemade or bought) meant for other people can help you burn about 50 calories. You can expect to do away with a greater amount of holiday calories as you walk about to drop off the gifts at other homes.

The quantity of holiday calories to be burned doing the things suggested here may appear too small, but they could add up significantly. Calories burned will differ according to body weight. It’s the little things that make the difference in the long run.




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