How to Lead a Healthier Life

How to Lead a Healthier Life

As we get older it’s not as easy to rebound from late nights, overworking, drinking too much, stress and on it goes. Let’s look at some ways for you to lead a healthier life.

#1 Exercise

Whether you are overweight or your optimal weight exercise is important. It does more than help us stay fit. It helps us not lose your minds – keep your sanity. It produces those ‘feel good endorphins’ in your brain that can reduce anger and pain. If you don’t let the negative energy in you escape than it can manifest itself as anxiety, panic attacks, cancer and heart attacks.

You can start small and build up. Start with a walk a day and before long you’ll be doing all kinds of exercise – this can change your life drastically in a good way!

#2 Keep a Positive Attitude

Stay positive! Life won’t always be easy, but stop sweating the smart stuff. So when something doesn’t go according to plan, evaluate the problem before you react. This can help you get over it much quicker. For example, a tear in your jeans isn’t a real world problem and shouldn’t get the same reaction as a world problem did. So learn how to practice positive thinking and you’ll be much happier.

#3 Let Your Creativity Flow

Some people are more creative than others. Whether you are the next Mozart or think you have no creativity you might be surprised. There’s a common misconception that art lives in galleries and studios. Creativity is everywhere – it’s the treehouse, it’s the moss growing on a tree, it’s an ice sculpture, it’s everywhere. So save your money and discover the creativity around you.

#4 Stand Tall and Sit Straight

Good posture is important and yet it’s one of those things we tend to forget about too often. Take the time to practice walking with good posture and make sure you aren’t slouching at your desk. You will feel much better!

#5 Get a Good Nights Sleep

It sounds pretty simple, but it’s harder than you might think to get a good night’s sleep when there are kids and relationships in your life. As an adult you need to get 7 to 9 hours a sleep a night. Naps are not a good way to make up for lost sleep and coffee isn’t a good way to push your body so you don’t sleep. Lack of proper sleep can shorten your life. So try to go to bed the same time every night and get up the same time every morning.

#6 Let the Bad Habits Go

It’s time to drop your bad habits and replace them with good habits. During your day be aware of those things that give you grief – cause you trouble. Make notes. For example, drinking three beer at night makes me sluggish in the morning. Try to replace bad habits with good habits.

#7 Take The Right Supplements

Take supplements that can help energize you, keep you mentally focused, improve your libido, and improve your overall health. You might take a quality vitamin supplement. Taking an HGH supplement such as Genf20 Plus is a good idea too, as it will help to reduce the signs of aging both physically and mentally. You might take a fish oil supplement too. More on Genf20 Plus can be found here!

#8 Remember You Are What You Eat

If you are eating garbage you are going to feel like garbage. If you eat healthy, you will have more energy, feel better, get sick less often, and be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle all the way around.





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