How to Lose Belly Fat Quicker

How to Lose Belly Fat Quicker

Belly fat – that stubborn belly fat is like that family member that comes to visit and never goes anywhere. Losing belly fat can be the health challenge of all challenges. But stick around and you can learn how to lose belly fat quicker. Belly Fat

#1 Eat Right and Exercise Regularly

That's a no brainer right – yet for the majority of us, we just can’t seem to get it right. Repeated studies prove that eating a well balanced diet that is packed with fruits and vegetables, low in fat and refined sugars, combined with regular exercise will help you to shed subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Exercise doesn’t just help you slim down it actually reduces the size of your stomach fat cells.

#2 Reduce Your BMI

Losing your belly fat is not easy, but you can improve your shape and lower your risk of heart disease by lowering your BMI (Body Mass Index). A healthy BMI for an adult is between 19 and 25. You can do all the crunches in the world, but if you are overweight your abs are buried under fat.

#3 Reduce Your Stress

Scientists have been studying the link between belly fat and stress. What they have noted is that stress causes higher cortisol levels in the blood and the body’s insulin seem to react by producing visceral abdominal fat. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing is a good way to cut stress.

#4 Quit Smoking and Drinking

You might think that cigarettes will keep you thin, but actually, that’s not true. Both drinking alcohol and smoking increase your cortisol levels, which are responsible in part to belly fat.

#5 Get Enough Sleep

Columbia University Medical Center, James Gangwisch, PhD had some very compelling research. He reviewed thousands of women who slept 5 hours a night were twice as likely to be obese as those who slept 7 hours. Lack of sleep tends to make you hungrier and it can also increase your cortisol levels, which is linked to belly fat.

#6 It is Time to Love Your Body

Research has shown that women who feel bad about what they weigh and themselves in general are more likely to give up on their diet and overeat. So do what you love to do, that which makes you feel good about you. That might be a walk, a bath, a massage. Before long, that belly flab will be a thing of the past.

#7 Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar is hard on your overall health and it causes extra belly fat. A big part of fighting belly fat is to eat a healthy diet and replace sugar snacks with healthier one. So when you crave ice cream reach for frozen fruit, or instead of the venti mocha that’s packed with syrup and sugar make your own latte where you can control the ingredients.

#8 Interval Training

Crunches might give you strong abs but interval training will give you the most benefit. Interval training is short bursts of intense workout.

#9 Eat Good Fats

This might sound counterproductive but the truth is healthy fats are needed to burn fat. Good fats can be found in salmon, avocados, nuts, etc. They are rich in Omega 3’s and packed with nutrients.

#10 Vitamin C

If you are stressed your body will secrete cortisol, which will mess with your insulin and lead to belly fat. Vitamin C helps you to stop cortisol spikes.

#11 HGH Supplements

HGH supplements offer many benefits especially anti aging. But one of the things they do really well is to help develop lean muscle mass and reduce belly fat. Taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus can put your belly fat loss into warp speed. To find out more about Genf20 Plus go this link!

Belly fat is not healthy and it does not look good. It can be the easiest place for weight to gather and the hardest area to lose it from. Put these belly blasting tips into play and lose belly fat quicker.




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