Medical Evidence on Benefits of HGH Therapy

Medical Evidence on Benefits of HGH Therapy

There is fairly significant evidence on how human growth hormone (HGH) benefits the skin, muscles, hair, mental function and sexual health, among others. There are clinical studies, including in reputable scientific journals and books, suggesting various ways the substance improves health and wellness. Genf20 Plus Tablets And Spray

Your Growth Hormone Levels Fall

What's the need for HGH therapy? Well, growth hormone is a very important substance to many processes taking place in the body. The state of your health depends on it to a great degree. This then means it's important to guard against low levels.

But it is inevitable for HGH levels to drop as people get older. This brings about changes such as saggy skin, wrinkles, increase in belly fat and loss of lean muscle. HGH therapy helps to combat this decline to promote good health and youthful appearance or graceful aging.

What medical proof is there that HGH therapy is something you should spare a thought for? Let's consider some of the findings and statements made by experts regarding the treatment.

Slows Aging By Up To 20 Years!

It is no longer news that many people use growth hormone for the sole purpose of slowing their aging clock. You can think especially of celebrities and wealthy individuals – those who can afford the costly injections.

Some medical experts are cautious about advising HGH therapy for anti-aging, thinking it doesn't work. On the other side, there are some researchers who belief or think the treatment works. There is research to back this up as well.

Researchers observed in a 1992 study on effect of HGH therapy in the elderly that it could potentially help to deal with effects of aging. According to the researchers:

"It is possible that chronic physiologic GH and/or IGF-I replacement therapy might reverse (or prevent) some of these 'inevitable' [effects] of aging."

In case you are wondering, IGF-1 is insulin-like growth factor 1. Growth hormone causes the liver to produce this substance. This serves as the vehicle through which you get a significant number of HGH benefits.

The oft-cited research by Dr. Daniel Rudman is also one of several works that point to GH treatment possibly helping to slow aging. It was found in the New England Journal of Medicine study that six-month therapy produced positive effects on adipose tissue and lean body mass. The improvements were said to be equal in "magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging."

In his book titled "Grow Young With HGH," Dr. Ronald Klatz of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine wrote that "growth hormone is the only anti-aging solution that actually makes people look younger." Now, that's something! He claimed beauty products containing antioxidants, such as vitamins E and A, do not come close. Only HGH therapy can take 10 years or more off your face, according to the anti-aging expert.

Drives Weight Loss

Have you been trying frantically to lose weight without seeing noteworthy results? HGH therapy may help. This is going by findings in some studies. Researchers have observed that the hormone plays a part in healthy body composition.

A 1996 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, for example, indicated how low levels may cause body fat to accumulate. The researchers observed that older individuals with untreated growth hormone deficiency had abnormal body fat increase, compared to healthy peers. Their pathological fat distribution was worse.

It is a fact that how often you eat is a possible factor is the amount of body fat you have. Growth hormone may help to keep your appetite in check. Some University of Tokyo researchers observed this in a 2006 study on rats that appeared in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Science. They wrote:

"Intermittent treatment with recombinant hGH for a week significantly decreased food consumption, adipose tissue weight and plasma triglyceride concentrations in the TG rats."

The researchers explained that low GH in the blood results in stimulation of the ghrelin-NPY system. This, in turn, fires up your appetite.

Builds Muscle

Potential for muscle mass growth was one of the benefits that made HGH therapy quite popular. Although some have expressed reservations about efficacy, several studies have indicated it can help for this purpose. You can find the hormone in the regimen of many professional bodybuilders these days.

As already stated, growth hormone enhances body composition. It helps you shed excessive body fat on one hand while increasing lean muscle mass at the same time. A more ripped, younger looking body appears as fat burns off.

According to Lancet (1989), "indirect evidence suggests that GH are of importance in developing muscle strength because young adults with GH deficiency have reduced muscle mass and strength."

Again, it is natural for HGH levels to fall as people get older. This makes the elderly more prone to loss of lean body mass and other changes. They may become frail as a result. In a 2008 research article, Hersch and Merriam concluded that HGH therapy could help control loss of muscle mass and strength as well as exercise capacity. This, according to them, could promote ability of older people to live independently.

Facilitates Faster Recovery

Another reason HGH is a favorite for athletes and bodybuilders is that it promotes faster recovery from wounds and injuries. Ramos and colleagues noted in a 1992 report in the Journal of Surgery that daily HGH usage improved metabolic status in the first week following trauma. There was reduction in morbidity while discharge from hospital occurred faster.

Enhances Quality of Life

In a research article published in Clinical Endocrinology (Oxf) in 2000, it was observed that HGH therapy can improve the quality of life in both elderly and younger individuals with low growth hormone levels.

Similarly, the popular Palm Springs Life Extension Institute study by Dr. Chein hinted at improvement in overall quality of life from HGH therapy. Improvements observed or reported in the research involving some 202 patients include:

Significant upturn was also reported in some other areas, including sexual function or potency (75%), muscle size (81%), and skin elasticity (71%). Patients as well noticed new hair growth (38%), body fat loss (82%) and increased muscle strength (88%).

Are Secretagogues of Any Use?

Now, when people talk about HGH therapy, the reference is usually to recombinant growth hormone injections. These offer synthetic, and similar, variant of the naturally occurring substance in the body. Most studies make use of this.

But there are other HGH products like Genf20 Plus known as secretagogues or releasers. These are not real hormones, but supplements that contain ingredients that purportedly improve natural growth hormone production. Some are quick to dismiss these offerings as useless, compared to HGH injections though.

However, some researchers suggest that quality HGH secretagogues, such as GenF20 Plus, may help. Frutos and colleagues appeared to think that way, judging by their 2007 work in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism. They opined that you could rejuvenate the aging GH/IGF-I axis decline through GHS [Growth Hormone Secretagogue] treatment.

Ankersen et al went further, writing in a 1999 issue of Drug Discovery Today. They appeared to support the idea that HGH releasers contain orally active compounds that make them nice alternatives to synthetic HGH. To them, the products may help treat growth hormone disorders, including obesity as well as age-related and catabolic conditions.

Dr. Steven Lamm Recommends GenF20 Plus

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