The Benefits of Deer Velvet Antler and The History Behind It

The Benefits of Deer Velvet Antler and The History Behind It

Some refer to deer velvet antler as the 2000 year old medicine and rightfully so. Let’s have a further look at deer antler velvet and its benefits, especially when it comes to anti aging. velvet antler

What Is Deer Antler Velvet?

What exactly is deer antler velvet? Just as its name indicates, deer antler is exactly that, the antler from deer. It grows at an unbelievable speed and when the antlers reach their final size, the cartilage in the antler slowly converts into bone. Every spring the antler cycle starts over and it is during this period that the velvet is harvested for medicinal use.

Deer Velvet Antler Benefits

According to reports from Russia, New Zealand and the Orient for centuries, deer antler velvet has been used to improve hemoglobin levels, control blood pressure, improve recuperation, improve lung efficiency, improve muscle tone, sharpen mental acuity, and relieve the inflammation caused by arthritis.

The Growth Hormone Factors and Velvet Antler

Scientific studies have analyzed the medicinal properties of deer antler velvet. Dr. Peter Fennessy, who is the GM of Invermay Research Center in New Zealand, discovered that deer antler extract improved cell growth and it also produced anti-viral and anti-tumor benefits.

During a study of the factors that caused the deer antlers to grow, they measured “IGF-1” or Insulin-like Growth Factor-1," which is a natural hormone factor. What they discovered is that there were high levels, Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 in the deer’s blood during the period where the antler was growing.  Today, it has been well established that that IGF-1 is a product of deer antler velvet.

In our teens, our body produces relatively good levels of IGF-1. The production of IGF-1 in turn leads to the production of growth hormones, which is why most of us have low body fat and lean muscle mass – it’s why so many teens are slim.

As we age, our body produces less IGF-1, which means we produce less HGH. As a result, we begin to show the signs of aging. Including things like wrinkles, fatigue, belly fat, loss of lean muscle, and a decrease in libido. Of course, there are tons of other symptoms associated with aging.

Interestingly, deer antler velvet is included in the ingredients of one of the top HGH products, GenF20 Plus, which actually makes great sense; since the purpose of the HGH is to help our bodies increase their production of HGH, which in turn, sees the clock of time start to rewind. How much is unique to you.

Deer Velvet Antler and Injuries

Some scientists speculate that the findings of Dr. Fennessey actually explain in part the anabolic properties of deer velvet antler. When there are high amounts of this hormone line substance in the bone and blood tissue, accelerated tissue repair can actually occur when deer antler velvet is used.

The key thing to consider is the cartilaginous concentration in the deer antler. More than 35 years ago, researchers like Dr. John Prudden discovered N-Acetyl-Glucosamine in cartilage, which is known to heal injuries and wounds two to five times faster.

Cartilage also has glycosaminoglycans that are a regulator in cartilage production and a potent synoviocytes regulator to ensure the integrity of the joint fluid. This could be the main reason why those with arthritis benefit from deer antler velvet.

Velvet Antler and Performance

Far back in 1964, Dr. Taney a Russian scientist discovered that the mental ability of young men improved a great deal when they were given deer antler velvet.

Back in 1974, two Russian physicians discovered that Pantocrine, which is the Russian deer velvet antler  , improved the performance of the average athlete. They increased their workout ability significantly. Today, some athletes turn to HGH to improve their performance. For the average person, who would like to become fitter, you may be surprised with the results you achieved, by taking a supplement like GenF20 Plus that contains deer antler velvet.

Deer velvet antler cartilage also contains Chondroitin Sulfate A, which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent. About a decade ago, Dr. Lester Morrison showed how atherosclerosis and circulation could be dramatically improved with deer velvet antler. His study went on for 6 years and it showed that Chondroitin Sulfate reduced fatal strokes and heart attacks by more than 400 percent.

Dr. Ivan Kinia is from the Siberian institution known as Blagoveshemska and in 1989 he was involved in some studies with deer velvet antler, which showed that amid the key bioactive substances in deer antler anti-inflammatory prostaglandins are found and they highly effective in those who suffer from arthritis.

Later, Dr. Alex Duarte in the United States was a pioneer in urging professional athletes to replace their steroids with a safer, natural substance that could promote endurance and strength, and help them to recover from their injuries. That substance was the non-toxic deer antler velvet.

Dr. Duarte had witnessed the results first hand with the results of a major Russian world power lifting championship, where records were broken as a result of the benefits of using the deer antler velvet.

The Deer Velvet Antler Composition

Velvet antler is as natural as it gets and recent tests have shown that it is made up of 50 percent amino acids that include:

Deer Velvet Antler Conclusion

With just a bit of reading, you have begun to understand just how beneficial deer velvet antler can be to the body in a number of ways that include better performance, faster healing, faster recovery from injuries, reduction in fatal heart attacks/strokes, and a reduction in the signs of aging.

One of the important ingredients in GenF20 Plus, a quality HGH supplement, is deer velvet antler  along with many other quality ingredients that can help you get the upper hand on aging.




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