The Right Amount of Post Workout Protein Can Maximize Muscle Growth
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The Right Amount of Post Workout Protein Can Maximize Muscle Growth

You need protein – it’s essential to maintain and build your muscle, but that doesn’t mean you need to pour a dozen raw eggs into your stomach. You’re not Rocky, and this isn’t how you will get the most benefit. According to British researchers, after your workout, if you consume 20 grams of protein, you should be able to maximize muscle growth. Protein bars

This British study involved 48 men who were given 0, 10, 20, and 40 grams of protein right after their strength workout. The study found that the 20 gram and the 40 gram protein amounts were the most effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. This process helps you to promote muscle repair and growth upon completion of your exercise. However, you might be surprised to discover that the 40 gram does not produce any additional benefits for the user than the 20 grams.

When you are choosing your 20 grams of protein, whey is a great form of protein, because it is digested quickly. You can find whey in milk. Whey is also rich in Leucine, which is an amino acid that will activate the synthesis of protein. Milk contains 10% Leucine, while animal-based protein is as low as 5%. The majority of your diet should be made up of whole foods, and whey powder is an inexpensive and convenient way to make sure that you get the protein you need daily.

Some other whey options that you have include 2 cups of skim milk or low fat yogurt, which can be added to your smoothies. Also, salmon and chicken are great grilled up. You will need a piece that’s about the size of a deck of cards to get your 20 grams of protein.

So after your workout do you need to rush home and cook up some chicken or salmon? No – that’s not necessary. Your muscles will respond to protein, that’s provided anytime within a 24-hour window after you finish exercising; however, the closer the protein is consumed after you finish exercising, the more effective it will be.

Canadian researchers discovered that if you take 20 grams of protein every 3 hours 4 times a day, it did a better job of helping men build their lean body mass, than if you ate smaller amounts of protein more frequently. For example, 10 grams of protein 8 times a day isn’t as effective as 20 grams of protein every 3 hours 4 times a day

For an active man who eats protein after his workout it won’t be beneficial if he does not meet his other nutritional requirements. When it comes to weight loss and muscle building, what’s most important is making sure you are consistently working out and then eating well-rounded meals that have adequate protein.

It’s okay, don’t get yourself too worked up or stressed out by trying to synchronize all of your meals so that you consume them at the perfect time. Most times, you are going to get it right. It just helps to recognize just how important protein is.

You can also include an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus to help you get the maximum out of your workouts. Taking Genf20 Plus in combination with healthy eating and regular exercise can provide you with very impressive results. HGH has many benefits that are worth exploring. Taking the recommended protein after your workout in combination with an HGH supplement such as Genf20 Plus will provide you with maximum benefits.




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