Trenorol Review: Is It Really A Good Alternative To Trenbolone?

Crazy Bulk Trenorol Review: Does It Work As Promised?


It is common knowledge that bodybuilding is not a stroll in the pack. If it were, we'd be seeing more people flaunting impressively ripped body. Gaining muscles requires discipline - maintaining a strict training regime and eating right. The fact is that not everyone can do these and that's where a product like Trenorol comes to help. Trenorol Crazy Bulk

Bodybuilders often resort to the use of illegal steroids to help them get better muscle gains. This supplement by Crazy Bulk promises you similar benefits as one of these substances, trenbolone. How well does it measure up to the claims? Our Trenorol review should help you decide if this will be a good buy.

What Is Trenorol?

Previously known as TBal75, Trenorol is a product that aims to help amplify the results you get from your workouts. It is marketed as a legal alternative to trenbolone acetate, a steroid known for its potent androgenic effects. It uses natural ingredients to mimic the effects of the powerful steroid.

Trenbolone is known to work on different fronts to help you get ripped faster. It alters your body composition and strips away body fat. It helps your muscles to grow more rapidly. The steroid not only promotes rapid muscle gains, but also hard and dense muscles.

The aim with Trenorol is to help you enjoy these benefits without having the law to battle with. It supposedly conditions your body and helps you push all the way when working out. Crazy Bulk says the supplement also helps you to heal faster. You can use this one for both bulking and cutting.

How Does Trenorol Work?

You are probably wondering how this product aims to deliver the impressive gains it promises. Crazy Bulk says it assists in making more nitrogen available in your muscle tissue. This colorless, tasteless gas is very crucial to muscle growth.

More nitrogen in the muscle tissue means muscle growth. Nitrogen is important for production of protein, which you need to experience rapid muscle gains. You also lose body fat to make a ripped body more feasible.

In addition, Trenorol helps to up the amount of red blood cells in the body. This is good for impressive vascularity. More importantly, this is useful in making oxygen more available. You, in turn, get more strength for thorough, effective workouts.

What's In Trenorol?

Trenorol is a blend of natural ingredients. These are not many, but there are indications that they might suffice to make a difference in your muscle gains. Trenorol Crazy Bulk Ingredients

Beta sitosterol – This plant sterol is a major secret to Trenorol's supposed ability to mimic effects of trenbolone. Beta sitosterol is a precursor to boldenone, a naturally occurring anabolic androgenic steroid. It is more popularly used by vets to promote growth, including of muscle, in livestock.

Beta sitosterol not only offers potential for rapid muscle gains, but also for lowering of cholesterol levels.

Samento inner bark – With this ingredient, you get help in building lean muscle and torching body fat. You supposedly get these benefits without problem of water retention.

What's more? This potent medicinal plant, commonly found in the Peruvian rain forest, boosts tissue recovery. It, thus, makes it possible to do more workouts for faster results.

Nettle leaf extract – Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, nettle leaf extract is popular in alternative medicine. Bodybuilders can benefit from the plant's ability to promote blood flow and oxygen circulation. This keeps you going when training and facilitate faster tissue repair.

Along with the above ingredients, you have:

The ingredient list doesn't suggest any need to worry about your safety when using Trenorol. You get the blend in gelatin capsules.

How To Use Trenorol

Crazy Bulk says you are to take three capsules of this supplement per day. Note that this is a pre-workout supplement. You should use it about 45 minutes before commencing your workout. Trenorol can be used both during your bulking and cutting cycles.

From the directions, it is clear that this is not a magic pill that delivers with minimal efforts. You still need to work out regularly while using it. In fact, Trenorol pushes you to train harder.

You need to use the supplement without break for two months for best results. A break of one and half weeks can then follow.

You can stack Trenorol with several other products from Crazy Bulk to enhance results further. These other ones include D-Bal, DecaDuro, Anadrole, Testo-Max, Winsol, HGH X2 and Clenbutrol.

Is This A Good One?

Claims aside, does Trenorol really make any difference in bodybuilding? It appears the supplement does. Some people claim you can expect to add 10 pounds or more lean muscle in the first month. Most reviews we saw were not bad at all.

It may be said this is a decent legal alternative to trenbolone. But realistically speaking, Trenorol may not be as potent as that powerful steroid, but it is safer and seems to make a difference.

   How Much Does It Cost?

Trenorol lists at a price of $61.99 on the official website. This is $23 cheaper than the original price. But you can even make greater saving when you buy in bulk. If you buy two, you get one for free!


Trenorol is a decent legal alternative to the steroid trenbolone. It should amplify the benefits you get from your workouts and healthy diet. It is good for both bulking and cutting. One of the pluses you may find particularly interesting is that it promotes muscle gain without the side effects of steroids.

There is no need for a prescription to get this supplement. This is because it only contains natural ingredients; there is no chemical on the label. Furthermore, the price is friendly on the pocket, compared to trenbolone. Stacking should enhance results.



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