What You Need to Know About L-Lysine Your Health and Aging

What You Need to Know About L-Lysine Your Health and Aging

There are three important amino acids we have to get from food, because our body cannot produce them. L-lysine is one of those amino acids, necessary to build protein in your body. Lysine is necessary for you to be able assimilate the protein in your food. Without it, your body will not be able to absorb protein. Lysine

As we age, we need more lysine than we did when we were younger. This is especially true for men. Some of us will get adequate levels of lysine from our diet. If you eat a low fat diet, or you are a vegetarian, you will not get enough lysine. Others may not either, depending on how they eat.

Turkey, red meat, chicken, and dairy products contain lysine. Wheat and corn contain only small amounts of lysine and grinding the grain destroys even more. If you use any kind of sugar based product to cook protein foods it will also destroy lysine.

What Happens When You Have Insufficient Lysine Levels

It is important for you to ensure your body is getting adequate amounts of lysine. If you have dizziness, nausea, bloodshot eyes, you are anemic, or you have hair loss, you may be suffering from insufficient lysine levels.

When you do not have adequate lysine levels, your entire protein metabolism is disrupted. Your tendons and ligaments rely on lysine, as do your bones, because calcium absorption is promoted by lysine. It is also responsible for building the proteins of collagen and muscle.

If you have been injured or had surgery, lysine helps bone tissue recover faster, it prevents osteoporosis, prevents strokes and heart attacks, and prevents atherosclerosis and impaired lipid metabolism.

In men who have inadequate levels of lysine it can cause impotence. Long distance runners and other athletes suffering from a lysine deficiency there can be chronic inflammation of the tendons and depletion in muscles.

Lysine Function in the Body

Lysine Important Facts

#1 Lysine Will Stop Herpes from Developing

Back in 1950, researchers learned that some amino acids found in food could either stimulate or stop the herpes virus from growing. Arginine speeds up the virus growth, while lysine slows it down and extends the remission period of labial (lip) herpes and genital herpes. While lysine doesn’t actually kill the herpes virus, it stops active symptoms from manifesting, especially the blisters on the genitals or lips.

Many clinical researches around the world have studied lysine, with the results being published in the "Dermatologic" journal (1978), the "Chemotherapy" (1981) journal and in "Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy" (1983). Research found that lysine suppresses the viral reproduction while an arginine deficiency speeds up growth.

When treating herpes eat a diet that is high in lysine and take lysine in a supplement form as well. To prevent herpes from recurring take 1,250 mg of lysine daily on an empty stomach in addition to eating foods that are high lysine.

Foods high in lysine include soybeans, dairy products, lentils, meat, and spinach.

#2 Lysine Will Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy immune system requires you to provide the body with essential amino acids. There are two very important amino acids – arginine and lysine. These two amino acids are required in order for your body to produce adequate neutrophils that will enter into your strategic defense system to fight against chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and any immunodeficiency state.

Virago is a complex drug developed to improve a person’s antiviral immunity. It was developed for herpes but it was found to be successful against other infections. It also includes zinc and L-Lysine.

#3 Lysine Will Prevent You From Developing Atherosclerosis

Alexander Nedvetski and Matthias Rath conducted research in 1996 that was able to prove that atherosclerosis development could be slowed by 50% with a combination of 450 mg of lysine per day, 2,700 mg of Vitamin C per day and 450 mg of Proline per day in addition to a complex vitamin and mineral supplement.

#4 Lysine Will Block the Spread of Metastases

Dr. Rath’s research in 2002 found that lysine will inhibit Collagenase action, which are enzymes that dissolve the shell of the cancer constraining its metastasis. The best lock happens when lysine is taken with Proline, Vitamin C, and epigallocate-chine gallate (polyphenol found in green tea). Metastasis of various cancers has been totally blocked with this mix.

In 1977, Dr. Asted from the University of Lund, in Sweden, had a number of reports of lysine derivatives being successful in treating ovarian and breast cancer. In 1980, Dr. Suma in Tokyo found that lysine stop the metastases of ovarian cancer that was inoperable into the peritoneal cavity. Three years after this observation was made, there still had been no relapse.

The biological mechanism of metastasis is identical for every cancer type, so using lysine in combination with these other substances can inhibit or even block the cancer from spreading. The same applies for those with AIDS.

#5 Lysine Will Prevent Osteoporosis

Research has shown a direct correlation between the lack of calcium in one’s bone tissue and a lysine deficiency. Currently, lysine is considered essential to preventing and treating osteoporosis. Any woman who is postmenopausal should take at least 500 mg of lysine daily.

You require lysine in order to be able to absorb calcium from your food and for it to be used by your bones. When you have a lysine deficiency, there will be an increase in calcium output in your urine. A complex supplement that includes lysine and calcium can help with preventing osteoporosis.

#6 Lysine And Human Growth Hormone

In 1981, the University of Rome showed combining arginine and lysine resulted in improving the release of human growth hormone by ten times compared to just arginine. The study involved those between the ages of 15 to 20 years. Bodybuilders use a combination of lysine and arginine to increase muscle strength and volume.

#7 Lysine Will Prevent Damage to the Eye Lens

The high blood sugar levels found in Diabetes type I and II can result in damage to the eye’s lens and the formation of cataracts. When zinc and chromium picolinate are taken together with 500 mg of lysine, it can slow this process down.

#8 Lysine Will Strengthen Your Hair

We understand a lot about nutrition and hair but we don’t understand the essential role of amino acids for hair growth and how it relates to hair loss, but scientists have connected the dots.

#9 Lysine Will Slow the Aging Process

In 1984 the Mayo Clinic conducted studies that showed when arginine and lysine are combined it enhances the thyroid’s secretion in the elderly, which in turn helps with senile immunodeficiency. This is associated with a human growth hormone secretion increase.

Lysine is also important for your brain to operate efficiently. When you have a deficiency, it can affect your concentration and impair your short term memory. Your reproductive organs suffer, men can suffer from erectile dysfunction, and woman can suffer from a low libido when there is a lysine deficiency.

In addition to all the benefits associated with lysine, it also slows down many components of aging process just as a deficiency can cause you to age faster. You can see why making sure your lysine levels are adequate.

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