Which Health Mistakes Do You Make Daily?
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Which Health Mistakes Do You Make Daily?

If your day is like most of our days, it’s full of risks from the crosswalks to the stairs at the office, to texting/driving, and on it goes. Some of the risks we face are obvious but some are not so obvious. See if you make one or more of these health mistakes throughout your day.

You Eat Your Breakfast and Then Brush Your Teeth

If you are thinking, how could that possibly be a health mistake, you aren’t alone. After all, brushing your teeth is a good thing. Well, yes, normally, but brushing after you eat acidic foods, especially fruit can weaken your enamel. This can cause tooth discoloration, or worse, a higher risk of chips or cracks.

If you didn’t brush before you eat, then you should swish your mouth with water, wait 40 – 50 minutes for the calcium found in your saliva to remineralize the areas that are weak, and then brush.

You do Your Commuting With Your Windows Open

Did you know that the air pollution on the highway is actually up to 10 times higher than it is in the suburbs. This information is according to USC environmental health researcher Mr. Fruin. This can lead to headaches, heart disease and cancer. So do yourself a favor and keep those windows rolled up, and instead use the recirculation feature on your AC.

You Reheat Food in Plastic Containers in the Microwave

What’s the problem now that everything is BPA free? Well, that’s great, but it’s not perfection. There will still be phthalates leaching into your food that have the potential to alter hormones, damage sperm and possibly even cause cancer according to the National Institute of Health.

A better idea is to buy glass containers and then transfer the food into glass before you microwave it, or better yet don’t use the microwave at all, instead opt to heat your food on the stove whenever possible. Plastic should never be put into the microwave. More and more sealable glass containers are becoming available, and they are a much better choice.

After Stopping for a Drink You Drive Home

The legal limit varies depending on where you live, but in many areas it is over .08. However, did you know that with a blood alcohol concentration of only .01%, which is way below the legal limit, you are 46% more likely to be involved in a crash than a driver that is completely sober.

Email Checking Before Bed

Smartphones make it really easy for us to check our e-mail before bedtime. Many of us do it! But a study done by the University of Florida found that those who used their smart phones after 9 pm actually wake up groggy. A Singapore study saw an increase in stroke.

So, take your charging station out of your bedroom and turn off your email notifications and other notifications after 9 pm. If it’s a real emergency people still know how to use the phone.

Accepting Aging as Part of Life

We age, that’s just what happens, right? There’s nothing you can do right? Wrong! One of the main reasons that we see signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, loss of lean muscle mass, an increase in fat, especially abdominal fat, lower libido, a decrease in energy, and the list goes on, is because our pituitary gland produces less HGH or human growth hormone as we age, and so that’s what leads to the signs of aging that we so readily accept.

You have options. If you are not already taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, you should be. This will help your pituitary gland secrete more HGH and that can actually start to reverse all the symptoms we just mentioned as well as other signs of aging.

How many of these mistakes do you make? Well, now that you know, you can change things.

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