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BrainPill: Review And Analysis Of Its Brain Anti Aging  Claims

To get ahead in today’s world, it is important to ensure your brain is performing at top capacity. It could understandably be somewhat shocking or disheartening to find that your mental faculty is no longer at the level it once was. Sadly, the brain is also impacted by the natural process of aging. But it is a good thing that researchers have found out that a number of things can be done to remedy the situation. The use of supplements is one of those. And when it comes to supplements for boosting brain power, BrainPill is a popular name. Perhaps, you are thinking of getting this product and wondering if it will be worth the money. You are in the right place if that’s what brought you this way.

Factors affecting brain health

The brain is a lightweight organ whose weight does not reflect its importance, if that were the only factor for determining significance. But this is an organ that controls virtually all the actions you take. If the brain were to stop functioning, a person will simply slump to a state of inertia. The vital organ typically requires just about 20% of energy in the body. But energy requirement can rise as high as 60% when engaged in an intense mental activity.

Problems with mental function set in when there is a disruption of blood flow to the brain – usually, the result of damage. Neurons in the head are encircled by small capillaries which supply oxygen and nutrients to this vital organ. If the flow of blood in the capillaries is disrupted by anything, your mental performance could be affected. This interruption of blood flow is referred to as hypoperfusion. Different factors can be responsible for hypoperfusion and nerve damage. They include:

Loss of brain power with age

Age is, perhaps, the most prominent factor that is responsible for the drop in brain function that a person experiences. It has been claimed that a person may start noticing slump in mental sharpness as early as the 20s. This worsens as years roll by. The reality is that your brain is not completely immune to effects of aging. Certain parts of the brain, particularly the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, experience reduction in size as you get older. The number of new capillaries being formed reduces and arteries become narrower hampering blood flow.

Aging causes changes to both neurons and neurotransmitters – these affect neuron communication. The neurotransmitters whose loss is felt the most are dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine levels are estimated to drop by about 10% each decade from early adulthood. Amount of monoamine oxidase, a substance linked to levels of neurotransmitters, rises with age. This could raise the level of free radicals which are injurious to brain health.

It is relevant to note that people do not lose brain power at the same rate. Some people boasts of impressively better mental capacity than their peers as older adults – that is, they remain cognitively healthy. The concept of cognitive reserve has been suggested as possible explanation for this. It describes the brain’s ability to still work well when there is a disruption. Genetics, occupation and lifestyle are some factors that may cause differences in cognitive reserves.

In what ways can BrainPill help you?

Your interest in BrainPill might have been aroused by sudden realization that you no longer remember things as easily as you used to. You may be wondering if this supplement is of any good in dealing with your memory issues. BrainPill is one product which its maker claims will give you “Unfair Advantage” in brain power compared to your contemporaries. And taking about the manufacturer, this nootropic supplement is made by Leading Edge Health, a reputable Canadian company. It is made using the best of natural ingredients that have been clinically-proven to work. But what, if anything, should you expect to get from using BrainPill?

Improved mental clarity – The immediate benefit of using BrainPill is mental clarity. It eliminates brain fog and helps you think clearly. You will find it beneficial if you often forget where you place your keys or find it hard to recall the name of someone you used to know.

Enhanced focus – One of the problems of brain aging is that it becomes hard to maintain focus. You easily get distracted from what is essential and you end up wasting precious time on trivial matters. BrainPill could help you achieve better focus. The manufacturer describes it as a "filter for your concentration."

Improved learning – You may find this nootropic supplement useful if you are trying to learn a new skill. This is not unconnected with its ability to help deal with brain fog and improve focus.

Fast information processing – The rate at which you take action is related to how fast information is processed in your brain. This often suffers because of aging. BrainPill can help here to expedite how fast you process information. This improves your decision-making and could be useful in achieving greater productivity.

Brain Pill Ingredients

Mood improvement – Many things in today's society can depress you or make you feel low. With the powerful ingredients contained therein, the supplement may help to improve your mood. It makes it easier for you to be optimistic. Anyone who has ever felt down mentally will tell you that it is quite difficult to maintain a positive attitude.

In addition to the above benefits, BrainPill can also help to:

With the advance we have seen in technology, many of us believe we can achieve more by doing multiple tasks at the same time. This is believed to boost productivity, but it can also take a toll on your cognitive ability. Experts say the brain cannot handle two tasks at the same time. Earl Miller, an MIT neuroscientist, says people are merely switching from one task to another very fast when they think they are multitasking. He says this can have negative impact on cognition. Multitasking can drain you and make you less efficient overall. BrainPill provides sufficient cover in this regard to enable you get more done without getting exhausted.

The supplement helps to take care of sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain. In other words, it helps to address the insufficiency that is caused by aging. BrainPill boosts the brain's ability to process essential nutrients needed for efficient functioning. It helps you to better handle the impact the stress of everyday living can have on your mental faculty. You have here a product boasting a fine blend of proven natural ingredients. Hardly can you find another nootropic supplement with such a combination of potent ingredients as used here.

Ingredients in BrainPill

Yes, we have been talking about the powerful ingredients used in making BrainPill. What are these ingredients? You may ask. Here is a list:

The efficacy of a good number of these natural ingredients is backed by research. The top ingredients found in BrainPill are Cognizin and Synapsa. The efficiency of these two – as observed in clinical trials – is so high that they had to be patented. Understandably, the ingredients are expensive making many manufacturers not to use them (or use in very small quantities) in their supplements. But those who value good health will agree that nothing but the best is good enough. BrainPill is obviously the best brain enhancer on the market based on this fact.

Cognizin, a water soluble compound, has been described as the best brain food. It is vital for cognition and good memory. It also boosts brain energy. Cognizin led to an amazing 14% rise in brain energy in a study conducted by Harvard researchers at Boston's McLean Hospital. It improved brain metabolism as well as neurotransmitter production. Improvement in the amount of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is especially helpful to memory and cognition.

The Bacopa monnieri extract Synapsa enhances recall power and overall mental performance. It enables you process information faster and reduce forgetfulness. It was shown in a 1996 study that the use of Bacopa monnieri led to almost 50% reduction in time for learning new tasks. Another study by Australian researchers at the University of Wollongong revealed this ingredient enhances memory and recall capacity.

Gingko Biloba has powerful antioxidant properties that can help you fight brain aging caused by presence of free radicals. It guards against brain deterioration and muscle catabolism. The gingko tree extract causes your blood vessels to expand such that oxygen and nutrients needed by the brain are properly supplied via your blood. Ancient Chinese used this herb for memory boost. Considerable improvements were noticed in mental performance and social functioning after six months of Gingko biloba use in a New York study of 202 Alzheimer's sufferers. Significant boost in short-term memory was experienced in just an hour after some healthy women took the herb in a German study.

You can improve brain volume and, as a result, your brain power by using Vitamin B12. It was observed in a study carried out at the University of Oxford that individuals with low Vitamin B12 levels suffer loss of brain volume, which negatively affects memory. Persons with low levels of this water-soluble vitamin were at up to six times higher risk of suffering brain atrophy. A link between Vitamin B12 and cognition has long been established in research, according to Dr. Irwin H. Rosenberg, the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter editor.

Several of the other ingredients found in BrainPill also have good research backing their usefulness for those having memory and recall challenges. To cap it all, Leading Edge Health includes BioPerine among the ingredients. This black pepper extract is a top-class bio-availability enhancer. It assists with thermogenesis enabling you get the best of benefits from other ingredients in the nootropic supplement. BioPerine also assists in preventing inflammation.

Why should you get BrainPill?

Creativity makes a whole lot of difference in today's society more than ever before. To stay ahead or relevant, you must do all you can to keep you brain functioning in top condition. It could then become rather frustrating to observe your brain power is no longer as good as you'd love it. BrainPill enhances your mental clarity as well as your problem-solving skills and decision-making. It is arguably the best food for your brain when thinking supplementation given its combination of clinically-proven ingredients. This is a product for you if you are the type that is not content with being second-best. It is particularly useful if you fall in the age range 20-50 years since you need your brain to be at its best for high productivity. You may also enjoy extra protection against age-related mental deterioration by using the supplement while still younger.

It contains carefully-selected proven natural ingredients that can help you better deal with stress and improve your energy levels. Almost all of us are confronted with stress from diverse sources – work, school or family. Stress can zap the energy needed to get things done. BrainPill eliminates brain fog, which can hinder your productivity, and improves your level of alertness.

Leading Edge Health appears so convinced this one will work for you that it is also offering a two-month money-back guarantee. Some people start noticing the supplement at work in just 30 days. But, if by 60 days you do not think BrainPill has done anything, you can request a refund. Its manufacturer allows you up to seven days after the initial 60 to return the portion you haven't used and get refunded. This is a very good reason for you to consider getting this supplement. It's virtually risk-free since you can request to have your money back if you think it's ineffective.

What people say about BrainPill?

Feedbacks from users indicate this is a product you really should consider trying out, especially considering the 60-day money-back offer. Users have testified that BrainPill, with its proven ingredients, does work indeed. It is possible that you may find some of these positive reviews online. A user said the supplement helped to improve the learning ability of his elder son, who was studying in university. Another said he slept a lot better and noticed he had no memory issues, such as forgetting where his keys were, when he started using BrainPill.

A popular user of the product is Ken Jennings. You may know him if you live in the United States and/or you are a fan of the game show Jeopardy! Jennings is a 74-time champion on the popular US syndicated show, recording all his 74 wins in a row. He holds the record for the longest winning streak on the game show. Jennings is currently the second highest-earning contestant in the history of Jeopardy! The interesting thing is that he claims his successes were attributable to BrainPill. He says the nootropic supplement, which he describes as the best, helped keep his memory in good shape. According to him, BrainPill is good for individuals who noticed their brain has become less sharp; often misplaced things, or regularly losing "train of thoughts."

Dr. Dave David is one of those in the medical community to have recommended the use of BrainPill. This famous doctor and cosmetic surgeon has been in medical practice for more than 37 years. He has made hundreds of appearances on national television, including on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. Dr. David, who served on Harvard University faculty, recommends this smart pill to any person who desires to maintain sharp brain and strong memory well into old age. He says it restores mental alertness, clarity and general brain function. His recommendation is based on the ingredients used in making BrainPill, with research available to back their efficacy.

You should note, however, that body compositions are different. While some users notice the effects of BrainPill in just a month, it might take a longer, or even shorter, time for you to see significant results.

What are the side effects Of Brain Pill?

BrainPill appears to be a very safe supplement – we didn't find any report of side effects. This shouldn't really sound surprising since it is made using natural ingredients, not chemicals. The ingredients used were supposedly approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, the nootropic supplement is made in a US facility boasting cGMP compliance. It is advisable, though, for you to first discuss with your doctor if you are on any special medication. Certain drugs may interact with some ingredients used in BrainPill.

Working your brain

You may also want to consider exercising your brain for you to improve the results you get from using BrainPill. One of the most effective means that have been suggested for delaying effects of aging on the brain is engaging in mental activities. Experts have observed that older people can activate additional regions of their brain doing cognitive tasks, such solving a crossword puzzle or taking a memory test.

A 2006 study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Nursing Research aimed at evaluating the effect of cognitive training on the brain. Healthy adults who were 65 years or older and numbering 2,802 in total took part in the study. They were divided into four groups. Three of these groups were subjected to computer-based training sessions targeted at improving memory, reasoning or information processing speed. The fourth was the control group whose members received no training at all. Some 11 months later, 60 percent of those who took part in the initial training participated in "booster" sessions meant to preserve improvements made previously. Most of those who received targeted training recorded improvement in cognition – 87% of those in the processing-speed group, 74% of the reasoning group, and 26 of those in the memory group. Adults in the processing-speed and reasoning groups obtained the most benefits from the booster sessions after five years.

Boosting Brain Power Even More By Combining HGH And Brainpill

You may further amplify the benefits obtained from using BrainPill by raising the level of human growth hormone (HGH) in your body. This protein-based, which is also known as somatotropin, is produced in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in your head. The secretion of this hormone is believed to be regulated by the hypothalamus which can be found in the central region of the brain. Its levels in the body are typically at their highest during childhood and adolescence. They start to drop however after puberty, but this decline only becomes more troubling after the age of 30. With this drop of HGH, a slowdown in the thought processes may be experienced and you start to have memory challenges.

Growth hormone helps to stimulate secretion of polypeptide molecules known as somatomedins in the liver. The most prominent of these somatomedins is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) through which HGH benefits are delivered. IGF-1 promotes normal brain function, among other benefits. In a review article published in the journal Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews, Walters and colleagues noted that observations from studies suggest growth hormone supports brain function and development. It alters neurogenesis and myelin synthesis as well as dendritic branching. These could be taken as pointers that GH replacement can improve cognition and memory in rodents and humans.

To ramp up your brain power, it will be beneficial to raise the amount of HGH in your body as you use BrainPill. This is especially advisable if you are older than 30 years. Synthetic growth hormone (somatropin) which is administered via injections offers the most effective way of boosting HGH levels. However, these injections are expensive and only prescribed for those suffering from serious growth hormone deficiency, especially children. Synthetic HGH could lead to severe adverse reactions, including general bloating, high blood pressure, abnormal organ growth, and diabetes. You will be better off using HGH supplements which merely stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone. A very popular name among these supplements is GenF20 Plus, which interestingly also comes from the stable of Leading Edge Health.

BrainPill is the ideal product to consider if you are thinking of using supplements to keep your brain sharp till your senior years. The price might sound a bit steep, but this can be justified. You may not see the most potent ingredients used here is many cheaper alternatives. Remember several of these ingredients have been shown to be effective in clinical trials. Besides, there are some other similar products that cost higher amounts.

You may have to wait for several weeks before you start noticing improvement in memory, but you should expect to still see results eventually. With what you may consider as uncertainty hanging over effectiveness, you may be feeling tentative about buying BrainPill. But you really do not have much to lose from buying since you have a whole two months to see if it works or you should go ahead and request a refund.

It also helps to make every effort to exercise your brain as often as possible. Solve puzzles and play brain games. Also, make sure you engage in regular physical exercise and maintain a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. You will also benefit from using an HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus as growth hormone (through IGF-1 mediation) is believed to promote brain function.













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