Genf20 Plus Ingredients

Genf20 Plus Ingredients

These are the major ingredients of the GenF20 Plus pills:

Astragalus root: Of all the ingredients in GenF20 Plus, perhaps the most important of them all is Astragalus Root. Astragalus root has been in use by Chinese traditional medicine for more than a few hundred years, and today modern science has proved it to have a potent effect in enhancing the metabolic process. What that means in lay terms is that you burn off fat faster and put on lean muscle all that quicker. But since a slower metabolism is linked with age, what this means in simple terms is that if your metabolism quickens you’re going to feel years younger. Genf20 Plus Ingredients

Deer Velvet Antler : Deer velvet antler is a source of some extremely important hormones that are known to directly stimulate HGH production within the human body. This substance has also been known to help in the regeneration of cartilage tissue.

L-Arginine: This is another potent ‘HGH releaser’ and has been known to boost HGH levels by up to three hundred percent! It also provides a boost while exercising, enhancing fitness and endurance and increasing repair times. The body does not produce L-Arginine on its own, which means that the inclusion of the HGH releaser is all important.

L-Glutamine: This is an amino acid, and it helps the body to deal with stress. It also benefits the maintenance and regeneration of body tissues. L-glutamine can help you be more alert mentally as well.

L-Glycine: This is a substance that acts upon the pituitary gland, the body’s ‘factory’ of HGH. As L-Glycine acts upon the pituitary gland, HGH levels in the body rise steadily.

L-Lysine: This is a subsidiary additive to the GenF20 Plus mix, but is crucially important, nonetheless. When used in combination with L-Arginine, L-Lysine can raise HGH levels up to ten times higher than they can be raised by L-Arginine alone.

L-Tyrosine: This substance lessens fatigue and benefits mental health. It has also been known to combat depression. L-Tyrosine also functions to regulate and ‘fine tune’ the metabolic processes within the human body.

GABA: This is a most important neurotransmitter that makes mental processes more efficient and grants clarity of thought. GABA is also of considerable benefit to the nervous system as well. Besides all this, GABA furthers the production of HGH as well.

Colostrum: The basis of Colostrum is a boost to the immune system, coupled with visibly faster healing times from injury and faster recovery times after a workout. You’ll also find that Colostrum makes the bones stronger. Perhaps most important of all, Colostrum contains insulin-like growth factors that are the core of HGH production within the human body.

L-Valine: This is another amino acid that is necessary for metabolism within the muscles. L-Valine is a very important amino acid if are trying to build up your muscles.

Pituitary Powder: This works directly on the pituitary gland to boost production levels of HGH. It also improves muscle tone.
Phosphatidyl Choline: This product does not increase HGH production, but instead helps the body to better absorb the other constituents of the GenF20 Plus pills.

L-Ornithine: A highly effective HGH releaser, L-Ornithine in conjunction with L-Arginine can boost HGH levels in your body to what you experienced in your heyday.

GTF Chromium: This works to control levels of blood sugar, and that works to send HGH levels even higher.

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