How to Handle an HGH Deficiency in Adults?

How to Handle an HGH Deficiency in Adults?

Your physician tells you that you have a human growth hormone deficiency or HGH deficiency – now what? What does this mean? HGH is produced in the pituitary gland, and when your body is not able to produce enough t of this natural hormone necessary to maintain the health of your bones, muscles, fat, and cells, you are considered HGH deficient.

The Effects of an HGH Deficiency on the Body

Woman Suffering From HGH DeficiencyWhen an HGH deficiency, also called GHD, occurs and is not treated it can lead to a number of problems including decreased vitality, inability to exercise, weight gain, poor memory, and more. A deficiency of HGH negatively affects the body’s composition. This includes:

Diagnosing Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

When a person finds themselves with low energy levels, trouble exercising, gaining weight, suffering from anxiety, low sex drive at a level, they previously haven’t experienced, and/or with sleep troubles, they are likely to visit their doctor. A knowledgeable doctor will test for an HGH deficiency. You might also ask your doctor if this test would benefit you.

The doctor will test for an HGH deficiency using Arginine that is designed to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is responsible for producing the body’s human growth hormone. If you have an HGH deficiency, your pituitary gland will not release adequate supplies in relation to the stimulation given.

Causes of HGH Deficiency

When a person first develops human growth hormone deficiencies in adulthood, it is called GHD. There are many reasons why your pituitary gland might be under performing such as a blood supply blockage, head injury, disease, surgery in the past, or radiation treatments.

Restoring Your HGH to a Healthy Balance

If you have never had HGH therapy before you will notice numerous changes – some immediate, others within 2 to 3 weeks after you start your HGH therapy. You will find you have a great deal more energy and feel much better about facing life, and better sleep patterns. Your physician will monitor and adjust your HGH dosage as necessary to restore your body to its natural healthy balance.

Within just six months you’ll notice signs of aging start to disappear (i.e. wrinkles), you’ll notice lean muscle mass with a decrease in fat, especially belly fat, better sleep patterns the list goes on. After a period of five years, there have been improvements in bone density of as much as 10 percent, which indicates a significant increase in bone strength. When a physician continues to treat a person with HGH therapy, they should be able to live a life that’s normal. For more on the benefits of human growth hormone go here!

When children are treated with HGH it’s often to ensure they reach their adult height because of underlying medical conditions. However, as an adult when you receive HGH therapy the focus is on creating a healthy fat-muscle balance, as well as healthy bone density, and tissue.

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Untreated HGH Deficiency and How it Affects Adults

If an HGH deficiency is left untreated it can cause many problems including:

After puberty, HGH production actually decreases quite rapidly until around the mid 20s. If you were treated as a child for an HGH deficiency, once you are an adult the function of your HGH should be checked regularly by a physician to ensure that you continue to receive the dosages that you need. Physicians will commonly stop HGH treatments every so many months and then reassess your situation to determine your need. You may even be referred to a specialist that is called an endocrinologist who is specifically trained to handle human growth hormone deficiencies.

Why Adults Could Require Ongoing HGH Treatments

If you suffered from an HGH deficiency as a child, it’s common for physicians to keep prescribing HGH therapy at least until the age of 25, at which time the situation is re-evaluated and they continue treatment.

If you have severe GHD as a child, it’s not uncommon for your doctor to continue to prescribe growth hormone treatment into adulthood, or at least to age 25. This helps to ensure no GHD is occurring on and the adult’s bone development, muscle development, and overall physical development isn’t affected.

HGH Deficiency Maintenance

When the need is determined, your physician will carry on with a maintenance dose for your HGH injections. This dosage will be designed to keep you healthy and offer the right balance between fat and muscle, while promoting bond density. These treatments will also increase your vitality and maintain your energy so you can enjoy life and live it to its fullest. Today, there are a number of different injection types. Some are simpler than others are and some aren’t as painful, but make no mistake they are all expensive. Make sure you take the time to talk to your physician about your options for HGH.

HGH Options

There is often confusion over HGH deficiencies especially where it relates to symptoms vs. medical test results. A person can be suffering the signs of HGH depletion without actually being at a level where you might be diagnosed as being HGH deficient.

By our mid 20s, the amount of HGH our body is producing is dropping and it continues to drop at a significant rate. This leads to signs of aging such as wrinkles, gray hair, belly fat, loss of muscle tone, lack of energy, and reduced libido. This doesn’t mean you need HGH injections – an HGH supplement could be exactly what you need.

Understanding HGH Supplements

HGH supplements offer a way for your body to increase its own production of human growth hormone. This is much safer than HGH injections which actually inject synthetic HGH into the body. There are some good HGH supplements on the market made by reputable manufacturers, but there are also so scams so make sure that if you choose this route that you do your homework and research HGH products. Some of the solid manufacturers offer a strong money back guarantee.

HGH supplements are a combination of natural ingredients work synergistically to increase your body’s natural production of human growth hormone. As your body begins to increase HGH production, you start to enjoy the benefits and you see a reversal of the symptoms previously mentioned. In fact, there is research that shows the signs of aging are reversed.

All of us face aging and a great deal of that has to do with some level of HGH deficiency. We don’t all age the same because we don’t all have the same decrease in HGH within the body. There are things like healthy eating and exercise that help increase HGH production and when an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus is added you can enjoy a significant improvement in your HGH levels.

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