Genf20 Plus Refund Policy

Genf20 Plus Refund Policy

GenF20 Plus is the only HGH supplement in the market that as of now has undergone a double blind clinical study and is also backed up with a guarantee that is as reliable as the product is. To enjoy it's benefits, you need to use the product for a minimum of 30-days for you to begin to have an increase in HGH and enjoy the anti-aging benefits, which is why Genf20 has a 60-day trial period.

When you use GenF20 Plus you are given 2 kits to use during the 2-month period. After using the product for 60 days you find you are unhappy with the GenF20 Plus and you are not enjoying the results or they do not meet your expectations, not to worry, the manufacturer will give back to you 100% of your money minus shipping. Simply send back the 2 empty kits and you will get a refund.

If you decided to save additional money by taking advantage of the multiple kit order discount, all you have to do is send the 2 initial empty kits back along with the full kits. You will then receive a full refund for each of the additional kits, and the 2 initial empty kits.

The manufacturer of Genf20 Plus believes in their product and what it does. In fact, they believe in it so much that they provide a money back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose. For the manufacturer to refund you, it requires you to send back the empty kits within the 67 day refund period. Keep in mind you are allowed to have a refund only once.

It’s up to you – are you ready to accept that you are aging without doing anything about it? If you said no, and you want to restore your youthfulness then you want to try GenF20 Plus. It’s really that easy! You could opt for the very expensive and dangerous HGH injections, or you could opt for the much safer, affordable and 100% natural GenF20 Plus. And remember you have the 67-day money back guarantee that stands behind this product, so you have nothing to lose, because if you aren’t completely happy, you will receive a refund.

Genf20 Plus has a no questions asked policy with the money back guarantee. Just send back the 2 empty kits and you will refund without anyone asking you asking why. If you are satisfied with it however, we want to hear about the benefits you are enjoying from using GenF20 Plus and how it has helped you to bring back your youthfulness again.

GenF20 Plus has even more to offer. When you order at least 5 months of GenF20 Plus, the manufacturer will pay the shipping costs within the USA, but it doesn’t stop there – You also qualify for $200 in bonus gifts and extra savings.

GenF20 Plus™ is a leader in the industry that has a 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee that allows you to enjoy taking it for 2 months before you have to decide!

Normally it takes more than a month of using GenF20 Plus for you to begin to enjoy the anti-aging benefits and the increased HGH levels, so an exciting 60-day period for you to try it is provided.

That's more than two months!

However, after the 67-day refund period has expired don’t ship any product back, because returns received back at warehouse past the 67-day time frame will not be refunded and there will be no exceptions. Refunds are limited to one order per customer.

You can take GenF20 Plus for 60 days, which require 2 kits. If you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply return the two empty kits within the 67 days from the time of delivery and you will get a refund of 100% of your cost excluding shipping charges. If you chose to save more and took advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple kits don't worry, just return the unopened kits along with your first `two opened kits within the 67 day period and receive a full refund. How can Genf20 Plus make this fabulous guarantee? They do this because they are certain you are going to be satisfied with GenF20 Plus and the results you will enjoy from using it.



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