Frequently Asked Questions About Genf20 Plus

Frequently Asked Questions About Genf20 Plus

Have Questions?

Not a problem! Find answers to common questions about HGH supplements and GenF20 Plus™ Triple Advantage System.

GenF20 Plus™ is backed with a 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee that provides you with 2 complete months to test the product.

It usually takes a month or longer for you to begin to enjoy the full anti aging benefits of GenF20 Plus and to start to see your HGH levels increase. Because the manufacturer of Genf20 recognize this, they give you an impressive 60 days to try it to experience the full benefits.

That’s a whopping two months!

In Short try GenF20 Plus for two months (60 days 2 kits) and if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason, just return the two used kits within 67 days of delivery and receive a full refund minus shipping charges.

Don’t worry, even if you want to enjoy the multiple kit price discounts when you order, you can still receive a refund for any unopened kits that you return with the two used kits, as long as it’s within the 67 day guarantee time frame, and you’ll get the full refund. How is it that the manufacturer is able to make such a fantastic guarantee? It’s easy – they are confident you’ll be happy with the results from using their product.

A reminder that after the 67 day refund period has passed the manufacturer is not able to offer a refund so please don’t ship back products after this time. In addition, they are happy that you’ve tried Genf20 Plus and are happy to refund your money if you aren’t happy but they do limit refunds to one per customer.

Q: What is GenF20 Plus?


The HGH releasing system GenF20 Plus™ is a powerful combination of dietary supplements and oral spray that are doctor-recommended.

GenF20 Plus™ is a scientifically derived combination of nutrients, peptides, and amino acids – these are formulated to give your pituitary gland the kick start it needs to release more human growth hormone (HGH).

Aging causes your body to produce less HGH ...

... Numerous times science has proven that the decrease in human growth hormone levels is directly linked to the rate at which your body ages. The lower your HGH levels the quicker your body begins to age, which affects every aspect of your body including your appearance (wrinkles, skin tone, and sagging) fat retention, muscle tone, sex drive, memory, energy levels, and so much more!

GenF20 Plus™ is intended to help your body naturally restore your HGH levels to those you enjoyed as a youth, and you can do this affordably and safely without the dangerous synthetic HGH injections.

All you need to do is take two tablets two times a day in combination with the oral spray dosage that’s recommended. As your human growth hormone levels start to increase, you’ll start to enjoy the benefits such as:

Q: What are the active ingredients that are found in the GenF20 Plus Daily Supplement?


The GenF20 Plus™ supplement pills are made up of 16 different ingredients. Each of these powerful ingredients plays a key role in motivating the body to increase your HGH levels naturally, including:

L-Arginine - 130mg

There have been a number of Arginine clinical trials. These trials have revealed Arginine has the ability to increase your levels of HGH by up to three times, and this can occur even in old age.

Arginine can make it easier for you to benefit from enhanced exercise performance – maximize your short duration high-intensity work outs starting today.

Arginine builds muscle mass, improves fat burning, boosts immunity, promotes healing, improved male fertility, it fights cancer and the list of benefits goes on.

Our bodies are not able to produce Arginine naturally. This amino acid must be obtained through diet. Great news - It is a key ingredient in the GenF20 Plus™ supplement!

L-Glycine - 100mg

L-Glycine is a key stimulating agent that promotes HGH production and secretion by the pituitary gland! L-Glycine is calming for the brain and it is important in prostate health.

L-Glutamine - 115mg

Your body mostly uses the amino acid L-Glutamine when you are stressed, and it is also necessary for your metabolism, cell division, cell growth and to maintain your muscles. It will improve your mental alertness and increase your energy.

Studies have also shown that L-Glutamine boosts your immune system, reduces one’s blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and reduces heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and so much more!

L-Lysine - 100mg

Lysine and Arginine taken together will become as much as ten times more powerful than if you were to take Arginine on its own. Lysine has been shown to boost one’s immune system and to increase sexual organ function!

Astragalus Root Extract - 60mg

Use Astragalus root extract to enhance one’s metabolism, improve digestion, heal wounds, speed up injury healing and boosts one’s immune system. It has been shown to aid in improved lung function, adrenal gland function and gastrointestinal function, along with reducing fatigue and increasing metabolism.

L-Tyrosine - 100mg

L-Tyrosine produces Thyroxine for thyroid gland, which is a key hormone that clinical studies have shown to reduce the occurrence of depression and fatigue. It will also aid in the regulating of your metabolism and growth.

Deer Velvet Antler - 50mg

Deer Velvet Antler provides chondroitin, Glucosamine and collagen in a natural form. Glucosamine manufacture glycosaminoglycans that is located in the cartilage tissue.

The deer antler velvet contains both male hormones and female hormones. This includes the Insulin like growth factor I also called IGF-1 (somatomedin C) – produced by the liver in response to IGF-1.

Colostrum - 50mg

The benefits of Colostrum include slowed and/or reversed aging, speeding up the healing process, stronger immune system, improved lean muscle mass and bone density!

Colostrum has IGF-1, which are insulin like growth factors a product of HGH. The IGF-1 measures the production of human growth hormone and experts think IGF-1 is plays an important role in how HGH works against aging.

Mammals’ mammary glands produce Colostrum. It is produced during later stages of pregnancy and then for up to a week after one gives birth. The supplement GenF20 Plus has Bovine Colostrum in it as one of the natural ingredients. This Bovine Colostrum is almost the same makeup as human colostrum. Interestingly Colostrum in HGH contains MANY beneficial properties!

GABA - 50mg

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA is classified as a neurotransmitter, and it is a potent amino acid first discovered in Berlin in 1883. It aids nerve impulses in crossing the synapses so it communicates more effectively. GABA has numerous positive effects on your nervous system. GABA also stimulates HGH production.

L-Valine - 40mg

High concentrations of L-Valine are found in the muscles. The body cannot make this branched chain amino acid, but rather it must be obtained through a dietary supplement or the foods we eat. L-Valine is stimulating and it is needed for muscle repair, tissue growth and metabolism. It is also necessary to balance the body’s nitrogen. The muscles can use it as a source of energy and to preserve glucose use.

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder* - 30mg

Pituitary Powder will stimulate the pituitary gland to be more effective and improve HGH release, and it is believed it will improve signs of aging such as reduced muscle tone.

L-Ornithine - 25mg

A number of studies have been conducted and show L-Ornithine is roughly twice as effective as the amino acid Arginine, which we already mentioned could triple HGH levels! So imagine what L-Ornithine can do. The effectiveness of L-Ornithine increases when it is combined with Lysine, Arginine and Glutamine, all of which are found in the GenF20 Plus supplement!

Phosphatidyl Choline - 25mg

The purified extract of Phosphatidyl Choline comes from lecithin. This is a top-notch emulsifier that makes it easier to break down the GenF20 Plus™ nutrients, and there are many.

Phosphatidyl Choline breaks down the body’s fat deposits, which helps it prevent heart disease, gallstones, liver problems, atherosclerosis, memory loss, depression and other neurological conditions.

GTF Chromium - 0.1 mg

GTF Chromium is necessary for the body to move glucose from your blood into your cells. GTF Chromium plays an important role in maintaining your glucose levels. It does this by enhancing your insulin activity. Decreased blood glucose levels will improve your HGH release!

Chromium also helps with weight loss and weight maintenance. It will help you improve your metabolism and reduce body fat, while you find your energy increased.

Q: What are the active ingredients in GenF20 Plus™ Oral Spray?


According to clinical studies, Alpha GPC has many benefits that include:

GenF20 Plus™ Oral Spray contains other HGH boosters including GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), Moomiyo Extract, Mucuna Pruriens (seed), L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Valine, L-Tyrosine, L-Lysine, L-Isoleucine, Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, and Glycine. 

Each day take 6 sprays orally in combination with the GenF20 Plus™ Daily Supplement and you’ll enjoy the greatest effectiveness!

Download the complete clinical study here showing the full effects of Alpha GPC on the production of HGH, which was published in the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition”.

Q: How does GenF20 Plus make me feel and look younger?


GenF20 Plus™ helps to slow the aging process. In fact, it can actually reverse the common signs of aging. It does this by aiding the body to improve its release of HGH.

By the time you have reached the age of 25, the average person will find that their HGH levels will be approx. 600ug.

However, by the time you reach the age of 60, typically, your HGH levels will have plummeted to around 90ug – this is only 15% of your younger levels!

What makes the situation worse is our unhealthy lifestyles comprised of poor diets and little to no exercise. As a result, there is a significant increase in those who are seeing these low HGH levels as early as age 40!

You know who these people are – you’ve seen them... in fact, this could be you! These people have a worn out, saggy look. They appear older at all levels.

If you jump start your pituitary gland so that it once again starts to release higher levels of HGH. GenF20 Plus™ has the ability to turn back time – at least when it comes to your body!

Q: How does GenF20 Plus help with my weight loss?


GenF20 Plus™ promotes the release of more HGH in pituitary gland, which helps your body shed those extra pounds a few different ways.

It ...

... All leads to helping with your weight loss!

Q: How does GenF20 Plus increase my libido and sex life?


There have been no clinical studies specifically done to study the effects of HGH on the libido, but it is hard to ignore the endless success stories that HGH users have reported.

When HGH levels are increased, users have reported a remarkable impact on not just their sex drive but the overall ENJOYMENT!

If you think about it - it does makes sense... After all, why wouldn’t HGH improve libido and sex drive when what HGH is so known for are all of its anti-aging properties that affect your muscle mass, memory and appearance? It's a hormone, so it will impact your sexual organs including your sexual function!

For example, HGH has been well documented in the reversal of the shrinkage that occurs on our vital organs, like your heart and liver, as we age. Now, it seems that it will also reverse the shrinkage of the clitoris and penis that happens as we age!

Now men and women that are in their 60s, 70s and 80s are reporting that they enjoy sex in the same manner they did through their 20s & 30s!

In fact, believe it or not, tons of people are enjoying sex as much as 2-3 times a day, and they are enjoying the intense orgasms experienced through their teen years!

Q: Can I choose between different HGH supplements?


Yes. We wrote an in-depth article to help you better understand. Read this informative article here.

Q: Is it true that HGH supplements are a huge scam?


There is no corner of the weight loss or health supplement market where you won’t find unscrupulous sellers peddling their fake products for a fast buck. HGH products are certainly not exempt from hucksters...

It is important that you remember this! Non-prescription HGH doesn’t exist – there’s no such thing.

However, what you are able to do is encourage your own body in increase production of HGH by taking a high quality HGH releasing product such as GenF20 Plus™.

When it comes to taking "synthetic HGH”, only a physician can prescribe it. Synthetic HGH requires you to be injected with actual HGH! Any company claiming that they have a spray or pill containing high doses of HGH is telling you a lie.

A doctor is the only one that can inject high doses of real/ synthetic HGH. The cost of these injections is astronomical ranging between $10,000 - $30,000 annually. What many don’t understand is that you only enjoy the benefits as long as you are getting the injections.

The GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System is an outstanding, reasonably priced option to costly HGH injections, since it promotes your body in the natural production of increased HGH on its own, without the injection of costly and painful injections.

Q: I was told for HGH to work you need to have an injection. If that’s the case then how do your tablets work?


GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System contains no real or synthetic HGH. It approaches the increase in HGH in a much more natural way.

You will need to take the daily supplement, which comes in a convenient tablet form that will assist your body in increasing the natural production and release of HGH.

You are smart to question how the tablets work ... Any foreign source of HGH cannot be absorbed directly into the bloodstream just by using a spray, tablet, etc. The only way that you an actually increase your HGH levels using an external HGH source is with injections that go straight into the bloodstream.

The big problem is the cost of injections, which are extremely high! You can expect to spend between $10,000 and $30,000+ per year, and it will require you to visit a doctor. The injections are known to be painful, and these injections are ongoing if you want to keep enjoying the anti-aging benefits.

GenF20 Plus™ is a safe, affordable, convenient option that offers a natural way to increase your own body’s HGH levels without the need to inject a foreign HGH source into your body!

Using this method HGH comes from YOUR own pituitary gland into the bloodstream! It’s like being in your 20s!

Q: Do I need a doctor with GenF20 Plus™?


GenF20 Plus™ requires no doctor's prescription because it is not a synthetic HGH injection, but rather a 100% natural daily supplement that is purchased directly.

However, it is recommended that if you have any current medical conditions or you are taking any medications, you should check with your doctor before you take GenF20 Plus™.

Q: Hasn’t the FDA banned HGH?


The FDA approved HGH for adult use in August 1996.

Earlier than this, it had only had FDA approval for use in children who were deficient in HGH dwarfism) to help promote growth.

HGH injections still require a doctor’s prescription in order to access.

HGH Releasers such as GenF20 Plus do not actually contain any HGH – what they do is encourage your body to increase its own production of HGH.

That also means there is no need for a prescription! The FDA has approved the use of HGH Releasers under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.*

*This is not an FDA endorsement.

Q: Is using GenF20 Plus legal and what about HGH?


Is GenF20 Plus™ "legal?" is a common question we are asked, and the answer is absolutely Yes

GenF20 Plus™ is an HGH Releaser that is 100% natural dietary supplement that works by encouraging the body to increase its production of HGH naturally. It is approved for use by the FDA under the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

DO not confuse the HGH releaser with synthetic HGH that must be taken in the form of an injection. Synthetic HGH injections are illegal to distribute or have in your possession without having a valid prescription.

This is also why there is so much media hype around it! It’s also why you must be beware of the many companies that are selling "real" HGH on the Internet!

Keep in mind...

GenF20 Plus™ is an HGH Releaser – this means it encourages your own body to increase production of its own HGH rather than increasing your HGH artificially by using HGH with synthetic injections.

GenF20 Plus™ is legal AND its 100% natural.

Q: Is HGH only for older adults?


The fact is the older you are, the less HGH your body will produce. This means the older you are, the quicker you are going to experience the benefits of GenF20 Plus™ and the increasing HGH levels within your body.

That said, it has benefits for adults of any age, since HGH levels are depleted at varying rates for many reasons, including poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress.

However, age is only one factor that affects your HGH levels!

Q: Can I give GenF20 Plus to my child?


You should always check with your doctor prior to giving this product to children.

All forms of HGH supplementation should be cautiously considered by a doctor or other medical professional. Common Sense! We’re certain you’ll agree with us!

You won’t experience drops in your HGH levels until you are in your 20s. If you change your child's natural HGH production prior to this age, you may affect their growth and development.

So you should always talk to a doctor!

Q: How can I be certain that GenF20 Plus is safe for me to use?


There have been no known side effects linked to the use of GenF20 Plus™.

However, just as with any other health product or nutritional supplement no one is able to guarantee that GenF20 Plus™ will be safe for you to use. That’s because they don’t know anything about your allergies, current health or your medical history.  We're sure you'll understand this makes good sense!

However, what we are able to tell you is that there are thousands of people successfully taking GenF20 Plus™ at this very moment, and they are extremely satisfied with the results.

In addition, the manufacturer has gone beyond the legal requirements and has actually selected the same cGMP certified pharmaceuticals manufacturer that major retailers turn to – retailers such as Walgreen, Safeway, Wal-Mart Albertsons and others use!

That's correct! You read it right! The majority of the same standards, tests and procedures that are implemented in the manufacturing of life-saving drugs are implemented in the manufacturing of GenF20 Plus™.

For you this means…

... It’s easy to see that the maintaining of these high standards eat away at their profit margins.

But the #1 priority of Genf20 Plus is your safety and they would not have it any other way!

However, any specific concerns you have about using Genf20, should be addressed with your doctor or medical professional!

Q: Is it okay to take GenF20 Plus with other medications or supplements?


According to the manufacturer no known drug interactions with the GenF20 Plus™ product have been reported so far, but to be on the safe side you should always see your doctor if you have any concerns.

Q: I heard HGH can cause Mad Cow Disease- is that true?


Absolutely NOT! NO!

Let’s talk about where that fear originated...

GenF20 Plus™ is an "HGH Releaser" – What this means it that the releaser will encourage your own body to increase production of its own HGH which is in steep contrast to injecting foreign synthetic HGH into your body.

With GenF20 Plus, your body is naturally producing its own HGH, so there is no possible way you can get Mad Cow Disease. It's without a doubt the SAFEST way to increase your HGH levels.

From 1958 to 1985, thousands of HGH deficient children were treated with HGH injections from the brains of cadavers that were shipped from Africa. Regrettably, the pasteurization technique carried out to make the hormone safe was not effective.

Because of this, there were an unusually high number of the treated children who developed "Mad Cow Disease,” also called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

When officials found out this was happening, the HGH injection treatments from human cadavers were stopped.

During the mid-80s, an Indianapolis drug company came up with a way to create a synthetic HGH, which was 100% identical to the 191-amino-acid HGH the body naturally produced. This synthetic HGH (also called somatropin) is now used in injections to successfully treat dwarfism in children.

This same synthetic HGH is responsible for combating aging.

BUT this synthetic HGH is available only by prescription, and you can expect to spend $10,000 to $30,000+ yearly on injections.

Remember GenF20 Plus™ is an "HGH Releaser."

This means it will encourage your body to naturally produce more of your own HGH (Somatotropin). There are no doctors and no costly injections!

Q: Where does GenF20 Plus HGH come from?


GenF20 Plus™ is made up of a powerful blend of nutrients. These have all been researched and proven to help your pituitary gland to naturally begin to release more HGH!

This means there is no need for you to have to worry about the source of your HGH supplement – that’s because it is coming directly from your pituitary gland not from an injection.

It's 100% natural and safe; that means you can relax knowing you aren’t injecting any foreign source of HGH.

Q: Am I going to get ‘huge’ if I use HGH? What does it mean by growth?

In a roundabout way, HGH does promote the growth of lean muscle mass. However, unless you are seriously training as a bodybuilder, you will not become “huge” just by taking an HGH Releaser such as GenF20 Plus™.

And you certainly are not going to become any taller! That’s just wishful thinking ;-)

The term "growth" in HGH is simply talking about the HGH role in the coordinating of tons of different key hormones that are occurring in your body... and that will impact your overall fat retention, skin tone, muscle tone, metabolism, and more.

GenF20 Plus™ promotes your body to naturally release HGH into your bloodstream, which is safe. So there is no concern about the negative side effects that are linked with HGH injection abuse, which actually is an artificial method for one to inflate HGH levels.

Q: Can GenF20 Plus help me gain more muscle?


GenF20 Plus™ helps your body to amp up its production of HGH, which then causes more secretion of IGF-1 from the liver as well as other tissues. This will then stimulate your amino acid uptake, which will then synthesize protein deep into your tissues and muscles.

Q: Is HGH considered a steroid and what about drug tests – will it show?


These are two questions asked often by bodybuilders who have learned that HGH could help them to bulk up.

To date this is what we know:

The HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus™ encourages natural production of HGH in the body as well as the increased release of more HGH. When you eat the right diet and you are engaged in an exercise program, it will help to increase your HGH production. This will help you to build more lean muscle mass.

HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus™ contains no synthetic HGH.

HGH in any form synthetic or nor, is not a steroid.

Some bodybuilders do use synthetic HGH injections so that they can synthetically inflate their HGH levels so that are significantly higher than "normal ranges” – this is in an attempt to attain astonishing muscle gains. However, it is both illegal and dangerous to buy synthetic HGH injections unless you have a valid prescription from your doctor.

Nearly every major sports governing body and that includes the International Olympic Committee have banned the use of synthetic HGH injections because they are considered a 'performance enhancing drug.'

However, when it comes to GenF20 Plus™ this does not apply because it is NOT a synthetic HGH substance. It is natural and safe, and works by encouraging your body to INCREASE its own HGH production instead of artificially inflating your HGH levels with the use of synthetic injections - GenF20 Plus™ is legal, SAFE, and 100% natural!

Q: Is there Somatropin in GenF20 Plus?


No - GenF20 Plus™ does not contain Somatropin, which is just a different name for synthetic HGH, available only through prescription injections.

Instead of buying painful, costly injections that are ongoing, GenF20 Plus™ helps your body to naturally increase production of HGH just by taking a tablet daily.

It doesn’t get easier and it’s affordable.

Q: Will GenF20 Plus be expensive?


Absolutely Not! Taking a GenF20 Plus™ supplement is incredibly affordable!

(In fact, so affordable, most new users are pleasantly surprise!)

Injections of synthetic HGH will run you $10,000 to $30,000+ per year, but not GenF20 Plus™ - with GenF20 Plus™ you can enjoy all the anti-aging benefits that come from increasing HGH levels including increased energy, a more youthful appearance, an improved sex drive, weight loss, and so much MORE...

... For just the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can enjoy all of these benefits! Talk about a real bargain for an investment in your health and well being.

The low cost of GenF20 Plus is thanks largely to the scientific breakthroughs that allow for affordable engineering of the amino acids... and those savings are passed on to you by the manufacturer!

Q: How soon will I look and feel better?


No matter what your current HGH levels are, most people report they feel better, sleep better and having increased energy in as little as 2-3 weeks after starting to take GenF20 Plus™. This included an improvement in muscle tone and appearance along with many other benefits, which become noticeable over a twelve week period.

Therefore, you should commit to staying on GenF20 Plus™ for at least 12 weeks (3 months) to ensure you get to experience the full benefits this program has to offer.

Results will depend on your current HGH levels. For example, those with really low HGH levels are going to enjoy results that are more immediate.

Just like you commit to taking your daily multi-vitamin daily, you need to commit to taking GenF20 Plus™ daily and long term so that you can keep enjoying the benefits.

If you stop taking the supplement, then your HGH levels will decrease to the levels from before you started taking GenF20 Plus™.

Q: Does your production come with a guarantee?


The manufacturer is so confident that their product works that they back GenF20 Plus™ with a 100% No Risk Money back Guarantee that provides you with two full months to use it!

Try Genf20 plus for 60 days – that’s 2 kits - and if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just return the two empty kits within 67 days from the time they were delivered to you and the manufacturer will give you a full refund minus shipping charges. If you were hoping to maximize your savings by taking advantage of the multiple kit discount pricing, don’t worry, because any kit that’s unopened and returned with your first two opened kits within the 67 day guarantee period will also receive a full refund from the manufacturer.

How are they able to make such an amazing guarantee? That’s easy – they are confident you are going to be happy with their product. The only thing they ask is that after the 67-day refund period passed please do not ship any product back new or used as the 100% guarantee will have expired. To avoid abuse, refunds are limited to one order per customer.

Q: Are they going to be sharing your name and/or email address with others?


Not at all! The manufacturer of Genf20 recognizes the importance of your privacy and so they will not lease, sell, or trade your name and/or email address. They also have a very strict anti spam policy and they never spam their customers.

Q: What name will be on your credit card charge?


You will see credit card charges appear as "".

Q: How are they going to ship my order?

Your GenF20 Plus™ order will be discreetly shipped in a plain package and a “Leading Edge” shipping label.

Orders shipped within the USA will usually take 2-7 days to arrive, depending on what shipping option you pick.

If you place an order for a 5 month supply or more, then the manufacturer will automatically give you free shipping - 2-3 day delivery! (Within the USA only)

But WAIT – there’s more! You May Also Be Eligible For This Exciting Limited-Time Offer:

Only for the next week, as part of a marketing test, if you place an order for 5 months or more of GenF20 Plus™ they will ship it for free!


You could qualify for up to $200 in extra savings and thrilling bonus gifts!





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