Does Genf20 Plus Spray Work?
 Genf20 Plus

A review of the GenF20 Plus Spray

The GenF20 Plus Spray and pills are one of the most interesting growth hormone releasers on the market today. However, many people visiting the website seem to become convinced that GenF20 Plus is a scam. But is it really so? That’s something that we’ll look into in more detail in the course of this article.

One of the things that people find suspicious about the GenF20 Plus website and its products is that the manufacturer recommends that people buy both the spray and the pills. This immediately strikes some people as being suspicious because it doesn’t seem to make any sense. I was a bit confused myself at first, so I did the most sensible thing. I just visited my doctor, and asked him whether it made any sense for a company to recommend that I take both their pills and the spray, when both of them seem to have the same ingredients. Genf20 Plus Spray

Doesn’t this prove that the product is a scam? Not at all, according to my doctor. My doctor explained to me that the pills and the spray are both what is known in medical circles as methods of delivery. In other words, they’re both just systems of delivering the crucial constituents of the drug to the body. Each person reacts differently to different systems of delivery, which generally means that what works for one person need not necessarily work for another. Using different methods of delivery negates this to a great extent, and ensures that a good amount of the drug actually enters the blood stream. So you see that the manufacturer’s recommendation is perfectly in order, and in the best interests of their customers.

In the case of HGH releasers, what the manufacturers are actually trying to do is to mimic the effects of medical HGH shots by getting the body to enhance its own indigenous production of human growth hormone. This strategy can only work if HGH production within the body is indeed maximized, and that can only happen if the body is made to absorb the constituents of the releaser that causes production of HGH in the optimal dosage.

Using the pills in combination with the spray ensures that the dosage involved will indeed be optimal. Thus, in this case, the manufacturer’s recommendation that you buy both the oral spray and the pills is not merely an attempt to get you to buy more of their products, but is instead a method of enhancing delivery to ensure that the product is maximally effective. Not to mention that the Genf20 Plus spray contain extra ingredients  such as Alpha GPC that are not present in the pill form.

Another thing that rubs people the wrong way is the sheer level of hype and the sales pitch on the manufacturer’s website. But when you really think of it, this is perfectly natural. After all, the producers of GenF20 Plus are only trying to sell their product, which they have a perfect right to do, since they’re after all a commercial concern.

The question is not whether they’re trying to sell their product, but whether they actually have a valid product to sell. This is the question you’re actually interested in. If their product is valid, that is to say, if GenF20 Plus truly increases levels of HGH within the body, then surely the manufacturers have the right to sell their genuine product any way they wish.

With this idea in mind I went a little deeper into the GenF20 Plus website. What I found there interested me, and will probably interest you too. The first thing I noticed was a great deal of transparency where ingredients are concerned. The manufacturers of GenF20 Plus obviously don’t mind people knowing just what goes into their product, and in what quantity. Having ascertained the constituents of the product, I went on to the net and did a little crucial research.

Once again what I found was both interesting and very significant. Not only are many of the constituents used in GenF20 Plus positively proved to trigger the pituitary gland into producing additional HGH, but best of all, when I did some careful reading up on the subject, I found that the dosages contained in the spray and the pills actually exceeded the minimum recommended requirements necessary to stimulate HGH production effectively. Many of the ingredients were actually twice the quantity that would be necessary to make them effective in the pills or spray.

For example, one of the ingredients of the Genf20 pills is deer antler velvet. Now, this crucial constituent has been well proven in a considerable number of studies to have the ability to increase human growth hormone production within the human body. In ordinary terms, a dose of about ten milligrams is quite adequate to trigger HGH production within the human body. However, GenF20 Plus pills contain more than twenty milligrams of deer antler velvet, which, as you will notice, is twice the recommended dosage.

I found the dosages of the other constituents similarly in excess of the dosages actually required.

What we;re seeing here is a vast level of transparency and a genuine effort to give the user value for money. What we're seeing against this product, in comparison, is merely a slightly unaesthetic use of advertising, which may not be very pleasing, but which, as the product is absolutely genuine, one can hardly object to too much. After all, one can hardly blame a company for using all sorts of imagery in their advertising. Every commercial organization does it, and when you sample a product, what you care about is how genuine the product is, and not how it is sold.




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