What Benefits Does HGH Offer Men?

Some Interesting HGH Benefits for Men

There is so much rave about human growth hormone (HGH) these days, especially as it concerns its benefits for bodybuilding and anti-aging. Celebrities and the wealthy are believed to spend several thousands of dollars on receiving the hormone treatment every month. Some have even described the substance with various terms, such as the “fountain of youth” and “elixir of youth.” Men who desire to build muscle mass and improve their overall performance are increasingly adopting growth hormone use. There are several benefits that males can derive from HGH use, although these are mostly off-label.

What’s to know about HGH?

Human growth hormone is a polypeptide substance which is produced by the anterior (frontal) pituitary gland in the head and secreted into the bloodstream. It is made up of 191 amino acids which serve special purposes in the body. The production of the hormone is controlled by a number of substances manufactured in the hypothalamus as well as in the pancreas and intestinal tract. HGH is secreted in spurts during sleep or after workouts. Production is usually greater in the night compared to during the day.

Growth hormone produces effect on numerous tissues in the body, promoting growth and development as well as overall good health. HGH promotes bone and cartilage growth in children and adolescents to help them reach normal adult heights. HGH enhances protein synthesis and fat burning in people of all ages. It stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the liver through which it delivers many of its awesome benefits.

As a result of the vital roles it plays in the body, synthetic variant of the substance has been produced by scientists for the treatment of those suffering serious deficiency. This synthetic version, which is known as somatropin, is available as a prescription-only drug in the United States and is administered via injections. It is especially recommended for the treatment of children and adolescents with growth and development challenges. However, many people have been using injectable HGH for other purposes than originally intended after some studies, starting from the early 1990s, highlighted these off-label benefits.

Diminishing HGH Levels As Men Get Older

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) can affect both young and old. But this is often not considered much of an issue in adults, compared to in children. The reason for this being that it is natural for the level of HGH in the body to drop as people get older. Highest levels of growth hormone are typically noticed during childhood and adolescence. They begin to drop not quite long after puberty, although the decline may be negligible at the initial stage. Decrease in HGH only becomes significant in men after the age of 30. Resulting signs of aging are likely to be become more conspicuous from mid-30s onward.

Most men are still able to live a healthy life despite their diminishing growth hormone levels. The only things they will have to contend with are signs of aging. Possible symptoms of falling HGH include:

• Fatigue
• Hair loss
• Loss of lean muscle mass
• Weight gain, especially in the middle region
• Decline in cognitive function
• Drop in energy levels
• Lack of focus and concentration
• Increase in harmful cholesterol
• Sexual dysfunction
• Reduced bone density
• Emotional instability

Older men who use HGH seek to fight these and other symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

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HGH benefits for men

If declining HGH levels can bring about onset of aging signs, it is then means that working to increase the amount in the body might offer some great benefits. The following are some of the benefits older men can get from growth hormone.

Anti-aging Benefits of Growth Hormone To men

Many older men make use of human growth hormone in order to fight aging. They see it as a means of rolling back the clock and feeling young all over again. The polypeptide hormone is a building block of life. It promotes cellular regeneration and can repair or replace cells that die with age. It tightens the skin and promotes skin elasticity to deal with appearance of wrinkles. HGH works on the body's connective tissues which determines potential for skin sagging and wrinkles. The anti-aging benefit of growth hormone is more likely to be felt by men older than 40 years due to their lower levels.

Hair growth

It is not uncommon to see older men having receding hairline in what is known as balding and hair loss. This phenomenon has been connected to declining HGH levels. The hormone has been observed to promote hair growth. It not only facilitates hair growth, but also hair that looks healthy and luxuriant.


It is easier for younger men to build lean muscle mass compared to their older counterparts. The secret appears to lie in their higher HGH levels. As men get older, it usually becomes harder and harder to build lean muscle mass – the existing is even lost. HGH may render tremendous assistance in this regard. This is why HGH has become very popular among bodybuilders. Unlike regular anabolic steroids, growth hormone does not only increase muscle fiber size, it also improves the number of muscle cells. The substance has become part of the regimen of many professional bodybuilders for this reason. It is often used in combination with testosterone or other anabolic steroids for amplified muscle gains.

Muscle Strength and stamina Improvement With Higher HGH Levels

HGH can improve your muscle strength and enhance your exercise performance. It does this by stimulating production of collagen in the muscles and tendons. This promotes muscle tissue growth and development. You can improve your ability to handle physically demanding tasks by raising your HGH level. The hormone can help you deal with feelings of being overwhelmed midway into tasks. Many athletes love growth hormone because of how it boosts their performance and endurance levels. The seemingly unfair advantage that HGH confers has made several national and international sports organizations to ban its use by athletes.

Energy Increases When HGH Levels are Raised To Healthier Levels

You may have observed that you no longer feel as energetic as you used to be years ago. This could be as a result of low HGH amount in your body. The possibility of this being the case is higher if you often wake up in the morning tired, instead of feeling refreshed. Growth hormone helps you wake up energized and ready to face the day with its challenges. It heals your body of aches while you sleep.

Improved bone density

Older people are among the groups that are most affected by the problem of brittle bones. This makes them vulnerable to fractures, especially that affecting the hips. This concern is particularly real for those men older than 65 years – a group more prone to accidental fall and fractures which may result in fatality. You may be able to deal with these concerns by maintaining adequate levels of growth hormone in your body. HGH drives the production of bone-forming cells known as osteocytes. It also stimulates bone-resorbing cells. It boosts bone mineral density for stronger bones.

Obesity control

Obesity, especially central or abdominal obesity, is a real issue in adult males with low HGH levels as they have hard time losing weight. This problem is said to arise from absence of signals from HGH for the metabolic process to handle carbohydrates, lipids and proteins appropriately. It therefore means that raising the amount of growth hormone in the body may help individuals with this problem overcome it. HGH, in a way, forces the body to use fat for energy instead of storing it up. One interesting thing that has been observed about HGH is its ability to deal with stubborn visceral fat, which has been linked to several awful medical conditions.

Improved sexual performance

Low libido and erectile dysfunction is common among older men with low HGH levels. Growth hormone may help to arouse your sexual desire and drive. It is thought to facilitate sexual maturation and reproductive function in males. The hormone is also said to improve fertility and amplify the effect of testosterone. It may help older men with erection issues by working on the human corpus cavernosum smooth muscle.

Immunity boost

You can enhance your body's ability to fight infections by maintaining optimal level of HGH. The hormone can boost your immunity by stimulating white blood cell formation. This assists in defending your body against infections, colds and viruses which commonly afflict older individuals.

Good cardiovascular health

You stand to enjoy amazing cardiovascular health by ensuring you have sufficient level of growth hormone in your body. It helps to deal with the problem of elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels in older men with low HGH. The substance improves your cardiac output enabling you exercise at high intensity. It also assists in preventing formation of fatty plaques in arteries.

Quality sleep

Growth hormone may help you enjoy more relaxing and refreshing sleep. Elderly people tend to find it difficult sleeping for long hours uninterrupted. Yet, you need quality sleep to feel healthy and refreshed. Lower HGH level raises the amount of the hormone cortisol in the body and this interferes with sleep quality. You may enjoy better, more restful sleep by upping your HGH level. Quality sleep is very essential because it is also needed to produce more growth hormone naturally.

Enhanced brain power

Receptor cells in areas of the brain associated with memory and learning depend on growth hormone. Based on this, it is not surprising to see older men suffer cognitive decline as HGH levels drop. Growth hormone therapy has been shown to improve cognitive function of older individuals. It improves signals to receptor cells in the brain for enhanced memory, focus, concentration and learning.

You could also consider using Brain Pill with HGH if your main interest is in arresting cognitive decline and boosting your brain power. The nootropic supplement is used and recommended by 74-time Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings and several respected medical professionals. It is made using high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade natural ingredients.

In addition, growth hormone promotes the functioning of different organs in the body, including kidney and liver. It improves mood, eyesight and flexibility among other benefits.

Evidence from research

These HGH benefits for men are not merely claims made by some people. There are studies that seem to prove them, although not every one. For instance, 14 healthy men in the age bracket 50-70 were the subjects of a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology which was aimed at assessing effect of HGH therapy on muscle strength. Six months after HGH administration, researchers observed that the hormone considerably improved leg press responsiveness muscles among those treated. This indicated enhanced muscle strength.

In a comprehensive review of studies on HGH use by athletes, a team of Californian researchers reported an average increase of 4.6 pounds in lean body mass. However, the therapy reportedly did not lead to significant improvement in strength or exercise capacity.

Men whose ages ranged from 48-66 years were the focus of a nine-month, double-blind study done to assess whether HGH can help deal with abdominal obesity. It was observed in the research published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that recombinant HGH (somatropin) helped to reduce abdominal and visceral fat. It also decreased diastolic blood pressure and enhanced insulin sensitivity.

Raise Growth Hormone Levels With HGH Supplements

There may be need to find a way to ramp up your HGH level if you desire to arrest unpleasant symptoms or signs of aging which results from a decline. But unless you suffer from serious, health-threatening deficiency, synthetic HGH injections are out of the question when looking to supplement. This is because it is a controlled substance available strictly on prescription for special conditions. In the United States, it is against the law to possess somatropin with intent to distribute. You must also not be found using the substance, unless prescribed for purposes approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Those who use growth hormone for off-label benefits – such as the ones mentioned above – typically source from the black market. Synthetic HGH is quite dear and does come with side effects, especially when used inappropriately or obtained from unsafe, unregulated sources. Possible side effects include water retention, joint stiffness and carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can save yourself from the risk of running afoul of the law or suffering side effects by opting for HGH releasers, which are also known as HGH supplements or secretagogues. These products do not contain real HGH but are made of natural ingredients, such as amino acids and herbs. HGH supplements – a good example of which is GenF20 – stimulate the natural production of growth hormone in the body. This makes them safer in comparison to somatropin. These supplements are the perfect choice if your pituitary gland is still producing growth hormone but requires assistance to produce more. What's more? HGH releasers cost only a tiny fraction of the price HGH injections command.

HGH therapy is best for men suffering from growth hormone deficiency that can negatively impact their quality of life. Most studies on HGH benefits focus on those with confirmed insufficiency. If you are not suffering abnormally low growth hormone levels, the quality of results you get from treatment may fail to impress you or justify the cost. HGH releasers are best for healthy men who seek to improve their HGH levels for some of the benefits discussed here. Quality sleep and high-intensity exercise can also help boost levels.

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