GABA: everything you wanted to know about the effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid

GABA: everything you wanted to know about the effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid

GABA is a substance that you hear a lot about today, generally because it is part of a revolutionary new Genf20 Plus anti-aging system. But what exactly is GABA, and what does it do? What are its benefits, and does it have any side effects that you should know about? Well, that's exactly what this article will be focused upon.

What Is GABA

We're going to explore exactly what GABA is, and what its benefits are, as well as what its possible side effects might be, and how you can avoid them. To start with, GABA is short for gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA plays a crucial roal in how messages     travel between and along your nerves both within the body and the brain itself. Not only can GABA help your mind as well as your nervous system to function better, but it is also known to have properties that can actually counter depression. But perhaps the most important attribute of GABA is that, in conjunction with other crucial elements that are present in Genf20 Plus, it is known to counter the aging process itself.

The Anti Depression And Anti Aging Benefits Of GABA

This may seem to be a far flown claim, but in reality it is not so, and it is backed up with some pretty concrete scientific evidence. Yes, research laboratories around the world have investigated the anti-aging properties of Genf20 Plus, as also the anti-aging effect of GABA. I must emphasize here that it's important that the entire set of elements present in Genf20 Plus be used to counter the anti-aging process. But, as this article is essentially about GABA, we will talk here about the effect that GABA has upon the anti-aging process when backed up with other crucial elements in Genf20 Plus.

Firstly, as we’ve already seen, GABA can have a considerable effect in countering depression. It also counters anxiety and stress, and all of these elements tend to contribute to the aging process. The human body is not merely a machine, and the effect on the body is considerable. If the mind is stressed, or tortured with anxiety, or affected with depression, then this causes the body to age more rapidly. The hair turns white, and wrinkles form.

However, these cosmetic changes are not the only changes caused by depressions, stress and anxiety. You will find that overall levels of fatigue are considerably heighten by the presence of stress and anxiety, or by depression. People suffering from chronic stress or chronic depression tend to find it difficult to fall asleep at night and then are plagued with feelings of extreme fatigue all through the day. This fatigue itself can lead to further stress, depression and anxiety, leading to what might be termed a vicious circle.

A person experiencing these symptoms might find that they have less and less of a desire to engage in any positive activity, and so may lose muscle tone, as well as any interest in physical exercise. And this, of course, naturally contributes to the aging process. Combined with this, might also be a desire to binge-eat, which can lead to obesity. You see here that the mind, when negatively affected, can have an extremely negative impact on the body. What we see is a person, who, under effects of stress, anxiety and depression, is chronically fatigues, takes very little physical exercise, and is overweight, and perhaps well on their way to becoming obese. Well, GABA counters all these.

However, recent research has shown that the salutary effects of GABA are not restricted to the mind alone, but also act directly upon the body itself. For example, research has shown that GABA can directly counter hypertension, considerably reducing blood pressure and also countering the danger of a hear attack. GABA has also been found to be useful in treating diabetes and has been seen to actually be effective in reducing blood sugar. Besides this, high levels of GABA within the body tend to reduce wrinkles by enhancing cellular regeneration. As the cells in the skin replace themselves faster, we find that fine lines on the face tend to fade away and even wrinkles become less prominent, and in certain cases might disappear completely.

I might point out here that different people react differently to supplements or even medications, because each person's physiological structure is unique. However, within those parameters, quite exceptional results are possible from supplementation with GABA, because the potential for effective anti-aging treatments remain. Therefore, it's quite possible that a person, after using GABA supplementation for around four months or so, should see the wrinkles and fine lines on their face vanish. Even more importantly, GABA increases muscle tone.

GABA Risks And Side Effects

But does GABA have any side effects? That is a very important question and one that is well worth investigating. After all, despite all the benefits of GABA and its proven place in anti-aging treatments, no one would want to use it if there was a risk of serious side effects. So, let us examine the results of studies done on GABA and see what the possible side effects using GABA might be. Careful research has found that since GABA is essentially a substance   produced within the body, it has little or no possibility of generating side effects.

Studies have found that GABA does not even react adversely to most other medications.  If anything, the supplement may relax you a little too much in the first days of use. However, this is merely the body assimilating the medication, and will pass relatively quickly. Some other effects have been an elevated pulse and some difference in breathing. However, most of these effects are mild and limited to the first days of use.                       

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