HGH Blood Testing Finally Catches Cheats!

HGH Blood Testing Finally Catches Cheats!

If you’re an athlete in training, you’ve got to know that blood testing for HGH is getting ever more sophisticated. Take the recent Olympics, where a lab on an unprecedented scale was funded by a corporate sponsor. And while there certainly still is a lot of doping going on on the sports circuits, the fact is that restrictions (and checks) have becomes increasingly stringent. Take HGH, for example, which a good many athletes do use in the course of their training.

Now, HGH was illegal for use in competition as far back as the sixties, but it wasn’t possible to enforce the ban then, because there simply weren’t blood tests that could detect the difference between the body’s own HGH, and the synthetic HGH induced by injections. And without a subtle enough blood test, it just wasn’t possible to detect those who might be cheating the anti-HGH ban. HGH blood Testing

All that has changed now! Tests were first developed in the nineties that could detect synthetic HGH, and those tests have only improved with time. Yes, it’s still possible to beat the system with an HGH regimen that cuts out well before the competition, but what with pre-testing, the chances are that if you’re going in for HGH injections you just might be caught out in the pre-testing itself and might never even see competition! Now there’s a bad deal. And it gets worse. Because there are so many athletes who use banned substances in their training and then cut out their drug use in time to get through the tests, organizers are now talking of testing athletes through the year, summer, fall and winter! And there’s no way an athlete who is using HGH now would be able to get through that.

It seems that with norms (and checks) becoming ever more stringent, the time has finally come to seek legal alternatives to illegal avenues of performance-boosting. But do such legal alternatives really exist? Does anything exist that can replicate the effects of synthetic HGH, for example. Of course it does – and that substance is natural HGH. Natural HGH is what everyone’s body produces all through their lives, and it just CAN’T be put on the banned substances lists.

Now what if we could stimulate the body into upping the amount of HGH it produces? Could we increase the levels of HGH without the use of HGH injections, legally? But is it really possible to do this. Actually, it’s been possible for quite some time now, with the help of special HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus called HGH releasers. These are concoctions of a wide variety of potent (and yet perfectly legal) nutrients and herbs that work together to boost production levels of HGH in the body’s own pituitary gland.

Used in the long term, products like Genf20 Plus will ensure that your body is awash in natural HGH, giving you all the advantages of HGH, in terms of greater muscle mass and enhanced competitive capability, with none of the risks of being caught out before you even reach the starting line.




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