HGH Side Effects: Don't Use HGH Until You Read About The Risks!

HGH Side Effects And HGH Injections

You might have heard of side effects associated with HGH injections like Norditropin and if you’ve been considering HGH supplementation via injection, you might well be worried. The real danger is not in the HGH, of course. HGH is produced naturally by our bodies throughout  most of our lives, and it is not harmful, obviously. Or, at least, it is not harmful to the extent that our bodies produce it internally. However, HGH can cause serious side effects especially when HGH injections are abused. It is precisely for this reason that a great many nations around the world have strict guidelines in place controlling its use… or abuse. If you’re interested in HGH therapy, it is still possible to avoid the dangerous HGH side effects, but you should know exactly what causes those side effects, and what the best techniques are for avoiding them. Man suffering from acromegaly

Why the excitement over HGH?

And this is exactly what this article is all about. Now it’s not like HGH is some newly discovered wonder-drug. It’s been around for years, and was first used in the treatment of children whose growth was retarded by a deficiency of HGH. When used in this way, it rarely, if ever, causes any HGH side effects.

But it’s hardly likely that you’re interested in HGH from this point of view. The real reason HGH is getting so much attention these days is because it has the apparent ability to reduce a person’s apparent and biological age, and since the human race has been searching since the beginning of its existence for the ‘fountain of youth’, it’s no wonder people are excited about HGH today. From enhancing the muscle base of the body, to burning off excess fat, to even (in some cases) bringing back a person’s hair, HGH has it all. Better still, it can stave off deadly diseases like type-two diabetes, thus helping people to live longer.

Why HGH Side Effects Are More Likely With HGH Injections?

The fastest way to put HGH into the system is via a course of injections. However, as these injections can also have side effects, most countries have extensive legislation forbidding their use without a prescription. Of course, there’s always a ‘black market’ where things are available to those who are willing to pay for them, and high on the controversial list of HGH injectors are quite a few famous actors and sports people. However, governments have made HGH injections illegal without a prescription with good reason. Over-dosing on HGH can be serious because HGH is a hormone that has far-reaching effects throughout the body. This means that the consequences of over-dosing can be just as far reaching. A person undergoing HGH injections might experience severe pain in the muscles and joints, and even in the nerves. Infections, inflammations and severe swelling at the injection site are also fairly common. HGH can also cause fluid to collect within the tissues of the body.

Other serious HGH side effects can also occur. For instance HGH can cause Gynecomastia in men which is when men breast tissue start to grow which could lead to men getting depressed about their look.  Abusing HGH could also lead to numbness which can occur at different areas of the body, but especially on the skin. The tendons of the body can also become weak or rupture. A person may also experience a tunneling or narrowing of their vision. Besides this, HGH can also boost the growth of cancers (if already present), just as it boosts the growth of healthy tissue.

Perhaps worst of all, HGH overdosing can cause Acromegaly which is a continued growth of areas in the face, as well as in the limbs and joints, even though they are supposed to stop growing after a person reaches adulthood. This is a dangerous HGH side effect, because a person can become disfigured. Additionally as internal organs become distorted from continued growth, they can fail, leading to serious or fatal consequences.

HGH releasers like GenF20 Plus are a safe path to the incredible benefits of HGH therapy…

Fortunately, there is a safe way to bypass the side-effects of HGH injections. The body itself produces HGH all through its life, and this is perfectly safe. So, the safe way to benefit from HGH therapy while avoiding the side effects is to merely stimulate one’s own body into producing additional HGH.

This is exactly what HGH releasers are all about.

HGH Releasers such as Genf20 Plus stimulate the body into producing higher supplies of HGH, so that people can benefit from higher levels of HGH without all the side effects.

Best of all, since they are so safe, HGH releasers like GenF20 plus are legal everywhere!

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