Hormones That Affect Metabolism

Hormones That Affect Metabolism

Your body is an extremely complex mechanism, a balance of many intricate factors, any and all of which can influence and counterinfluence each other. In today’s world, we take in a lot of highly processed food, and lead a very sedentary life. This is a lifestyle that is very inimical to the health of the body. If you eat a lot of highly processed food high in carbohydrates and saturated fats, if you experience extreme stress and anxiety in the workplace, and if you exercise too little or not at all, can you be surprised that you have a low metabolism, a tendency to blow it out, and a tendency to develop heart disease and diabetes? Your body is a subtle mechanism, whose requirements cannot be ignored.

You may have noticed that there are people who can take in just about any sort of food and who can still retain their good health and good looks, while for you, maintaining a reasonable shape, is and has been a lifelong struggle. Well, the key to this is maintaining the natural balance of the body, and maintaining the natural balance of the body leads to a higher metabolism.

Factors that affect metabolism

You will be surprised by the number of factors that can affect the body’s metabolism, but you should nevertheless, be aware of these factors. One of the glands that control the body’s balances, that is most easy to upset, is the thyroid. The thyroid is essentially influenced by the pituitary gland, and its processes transform iodine in your bloodstream to the hormones T3 and T4. One of the most basic factors affected by the hormones secreted by the thyroid is the temperature of the body. The temperature of the body is one of the factors that most directly affect metabolism. If your body’s temperature is higher, your body quite simply burns more calories to maintain it, leading to a much lower tendency to put on weight. This is essentially what happens to people who seem to be able to take in larger amounts of calories and still stay slim, while you seem to take in a much lower number of calories and still put on excess weight. What is happening here is quite simply that they have a higher ambient body-temperature while you have a lower one, so your body has difficulty burning off the calories it takes in while their bodies do so effortlessly.

Not only does a higher body-temperature affect your ability to burn off excess calories, but it contributes to your functional effectiveness as an individual as well. Whether you are exercising or working, you will find that a higher ambient body-temperature will enable you to exercise or work more effectively. The hormones of the thyroid also affect mood, so that people who possess a thyroid that is out of balance experience either manic-depressive states, mood-swings, or outright depression. If the body’s temperature is too low, a person regularly experiences periods of extreme lethargy. Sexual capability is also affected.

If you want to avoid issues with the thyroid, you need to make sure that you eat natural or healthful food, and either limit the stress that you experience in the course of your life or else learn to handle it through practices of medication.


Which brings us to insulin. Insulin is also something that can easily be affected by an imbalance in your body, or by making the wrong lifestyle choices. Insulin imbalances can lead to massive ‘binge eating’, and so, should be avoided at all costs. The problem is that many of the fast-food chains and other places where people eat out today, are only in business for profit, and are not really concerned about your good health or well-being. This means that the foods they serve are keyed towards stimulating and pleasing your taste-buds, while completely ignoring the impact they have on your body. This means that these foods are massively saturated with carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. When you body eats something like this, your pancreas are massively strained. Essentially speaking, your bloodstream becomes awash in sugars, and your pancreas has to produce insulin that will enable your liver to turn those sugars into glycogen that your muscles can use. If you eat these unnatural foods regularly, your body will show a massive tendency to put on excess weight. Every excess calorie that you take in will find its way to your belly or your waste-line. But that’s not all. If you continue this unhealthy lifestyle for a few years, you are almost certain to develop Type-II Diabetes. You need to eat healthful, natural foods, and completely avoid foods that are overly processed and saturated with carbohydrates and harmful fats. Eat for health, and not entirely for taste.


Testosterone is actually a very crucial hormone. I know that it is a hormone that is generally associated with men, but in reality, as you perhaps are aware of, testosterone can be just as crucial for a woman’s health. Many women are misinformed and think that higher levels of testosterone lead to a woman looking more male, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Testosterone is necessary to a lean and healthy body. It also controls the rate at which the body burns off fat. A lowering of testosterone in the body to less than healthy levels will always cause an increase in fat around the waistline. The bones also grow fragile under a testosterone deficiency. Perhaps, worst of all, a person simply does not feel like exercising. Strangely enough, putting on excess weight can itself affect your body’s production of testosterone. Similarly, if you don’t exercise for a while, that will also affect your body’s ability to produce testosterone. What we’re looking at here is a vicious cycle in which not exercising and putting on excess weight reduces the body’s production of testosterone, and that reduced testosterone, in turn, causes you to lose your motivation to exercise, as a result of which you tend to put on excess weight.

The ideal thing, is of course, to not start down this downward spiral in the first place. Make sure you do at least five hours of exercise a week, and try not to ‘binge eat’ on highly processed foods that are too rich in calories, carbohydrates and fats. Sensible eating, in combination with regular exercise, will always keep testosterone at healthy levels.

Avoiding Stress is crucial

Stress is another thing that can affect how your body produces testosterone. Of course, I realize that it is not always possible to eliminate stress from your life completely, but you can work to alleviate it a little. Meditations work for some people, while power-napping works for others. If you have a serious problem with stress, either at home or at work, you need to do something to reduce that stress. If you can see you way towards changing conditions at home or in the workplace, or making different lifestyle choices, well and good. Otherwise, you should consult a good psychologist, who will guide you through various stress-alleviating procedures and practices.

When we speak of stress, we cannot but mention cortisol. Now, cortisol is part of the body’s ancient response of danger. Cortisol helps prepare the body’s defenses so that you can fight for your life efficiently or else run from the threat efficiently. However, there is a real problem when cortisol production is triggered by an argument or any other form of stress, at home or at work, when the body does not actually need to go into overdrive. Cortisol production usually results in massive over-eating.


The production of estrogen is another hormone that can cause serious issues if its normal production within the body is affected. One of the most crucial forms of estrogen is estradiol. Estrone is another form of estrogen, that can lead to considerable fat-production in the body. Worst of all, estrone is itself produced in the fat cells. In youth, estrone is effortlessly transformed into estradiol by the body. Where estrone makes you put on weight, estradiol actually prevents you from putting on excess weight, and helps build muscle. Essentially speaking, anything that affects this transformation from estrone to estradiol can cause serious issues for your body. Smoking , stress, and birth-control pills are all high on the list of things that can affect this process.

The influences of Human Growth Hormone

Lastly, there is Human Growth Hormone, which is naturally produced within the body, and which has actually been termed the ‘fountain of youth’ because of its highly beneficial effect. Unhealthy binge eating and a lack of exercise can affect your body’s ability to produce Human Growth Hormone. Stress and a lack of sleep can, similarly, affect it. Conversely, a healthy lifestyle will keep levels of Human Growth Hormone high.

A healthy lifestyle is really the key to everything. Taking in nutritive food, exercising regularly, sleeping in a healthy pattern, and limiting stress, all contribute to a balanced in hormonal production that ultimately leads to a eminently healthy body, one that will retain its health, youth and fitness, well into middle age.

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