ABC Reports Teens Using HGH is on the Rise

ABC Reports Teens Using HGH is on the Rise

A new survey says there is a spike in the number of teenagers who are using performance enhancing drugs especially HGH. American families should take note of this study as the use of these drugs is directly linked to athletes both pro and amateur. Teens using HGH is very real. Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong have both used performance enhancing drugs that included HGH.

What are the risks associated with teenage boys and girls who use these drugs in hopes of getting faster and stronger. According to ABC reporter Paula Faris they aren’t just trying to get an edge in their sport they are trying took good as well. Teenagers playing football

Nearly 2 in 10 high school students admitted to trying HGH or other performance supplements that claim to boost they will boost their HGH level. That’s more than double from last year. This information is quite disturbing.

HGH injections such as Genotropin and Serostim are only available by prescription from a doctor. They are used to treat stunted growth. Teens are getting their hands on these through illegal sources. This adds to the problem because the quality of these injections is unknown.

"These new data points to a troubling development among today's teens," Steve Pasierb, president of the Partnership said in a group news release. "Young people are seeking out and using performance-enhancing substances like synthetic HGH -- and supplements purporting to contain HGH -- hoping to improve athletic performance or body appearance without really knowing what substances they are putting into their bodies."

Yet another expert voices his concern.

"The marked increase in teens' reported use of performance-enhancing substances such as steroids or synthetic growth hormones over just the last few years cries out for a massive public health campaign to educate them about the catastrophic -- and even fatal -- potential risks of misusing such products," said Dr. Patricia Vuguin, a pediatric endocrinologist at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y.

Your body naturally produces HGH and experts have known for a long time just how important HGH is for cell production and growth in young people. It also plays a role in muscle, bone growth and composition. For more info on the benefits of HGH go here!

Since 1985, there has been a synthetic form of this hormone available, which is approved for use for short stature in children, muscle wasting associated with AIDS or HIV, and adult HGH deficiency as a result of pituitary tumors (very rare). It has been used off label for other medical conditions but this is completely prohibited by law.

Over the years, people who wanted to boost their muscle physic or athletic abilities have abused synthetic growth hormones. Synthetic HGH has been provided to the market through ‘back doors’ like overseas or unethical doctors.

Teen Use of HGH Studied

To track the use of HGH and other performance-enhancing substances, researchers studied over than 3,700 high school students along with questioning 750 parents in-home interviews. What they found is that the use of synthetic HGH was not gender specific, a bit of shock as it was assumed teen boys would use it more than teen girls. It was also not affected by ethnicity or race.

The researchers found that Hispanic and Black young people reported using synthetic HGH more often than Caucasian teens. They also found that 13% of Hispanics and 15% of black teens said they had used the substance at least once – this is compared to 9% Caucasian teens.

The study showed that there was also a strong link between use of HGH and steroids. Steroid use has also risen among teens 5% in 2009 to 7% in 2011. According to the experts the use of synthetic HGH and other types of performance enhancing substances pose very serious health risks. This market is relatively unregulated and involves the distribution of many products that promise to increase athletic improvement, improve physical appearance and increase muscle mass.

A spokesperson for the FDA emphasizes that these products are far from safe. When prescription drugs enter the country through legal channels they go through a great deal of rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for use and do what they claim to do. This is regulated by the FDA. Supplements are not regulated the same way. They must be proven to be unsafe before they are removed from being sold. All of this can create a ‘false sense of safety,’ especially for teens who are impressionable and inexperienced in purchasing products like this.

Untested synthetic HGH or HGH supplements that come from less than reputable sources can pose a serious health risk to teens who use them without realizing their potential danger. It’s doubtful that all of the teenagers who said they had used synthetic HGH got it prescribe to them from a reputable doctor or obtained it from a reputable source.

Teens know all about the online market for synthetic HGH, steroids and HGH supplements. There’s a significant increase in availability in just a few years. They are also far less likely to ‘buy into’ their health being at risk according to the research.

The implication for health care professionals, parents, regulators and policy makers is that this is an area that needs to be seriously evaluated since the interest and demand for these HGH products is on the rise and the potential to be dangerous for the teens to use them is very real, and a risk that we should not be willing to accept. There is a need to protect young people from being preyed on by unscrupulous synthetic HGH suppliers and steroid suppliers.

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