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The Benefits And advantages of HGH

All the excitement about HGH basically comes from the fact that it’s being touted as the fountain of youth by companies and medical practitioners around the world. While HGH is produced naturally and routinely within the human body, production seems to fall drastically as the person nears the end of his or her twenties.

You may think that this is not very important but actually, this reduction in the production of human growth hormone is what ultimately commences the process of aging.

There are a great many benefits that can result from providing the body with a regular supply of HGH, and most of these are linked to reducing the effects of ageing. This is because very clear clinical evidence has proven that the aging process is directly linked to a lack of HGH (we’ll go into this in a little more detail later in this article). For now, let’s proceed to examine the actual effects and benefits of HGH

  1. Lean Body Mass: Have you ever noticed how kids in their teens seem to get away with eating just about anything, and never seem to put on any weight? The core of this is HGH, which is present in large quantities in teen bodies, and which leads to a higher metabolism, as well as to a body that has a natural tendency to lose fat and put on lean muscle. This effect is not something that is limited to teens, however, as various research studies have found that older people with equal levels of HGH in their systems experience the same effects. Inversely, older people with insufficient levels of HGH suffer a slowing of the metabolism, and a tendency to lose muscle and put on weight.
  2. Similarly, clinical studies have also found that mental acuity also depends upon sufficient levels of HGH. People with sufficient levels of HGH in their systems (and this includes most young people, and excludes most older people) have minds that are clearer, and which work more concisely. But there’s more! Medical research found that high levels of HGH even had a positive effect on mood, with people with high levels of HGH generally being very much less prone to depression.
  3. A third very crucial effect of HGH is in cellular regeneration. As a person grows older their ability to regenerate dead or damaged cells is lessened. This is why young people have softer and more elastic skin, and lush and healthy hair. But the fact is that high levels of HGH not only affect the skin and hair, but also improve the functioning of the internal organs. This means not only do younger people look youthful but their bodies are actually working better. Conversely, older people who have low level of HGH in their bodies have skin that looks perceptibly older. Wrinkles form on the skin, as well as unsightly lines. Hair can become thinner with age and lose its color. But these cosmetics changes are actually the least important part of the changes that occur within our bodies as a result of HGH deprivation. In reality, cellular regeneration within the very organs themselves is affected. All this was considered to be the part of the inevitable ageing process, but modern science has now shown us that these effects can be effectively bypassed, simply by upping the levels of HGH within the system. The skin and hair regain their youthfulness under HGH treatment within a surprisingly small period of time, and besides this, the body itself also becomes much healthier, more resistant to disease, and better able to recover from injury.
  4. Older people can also regain other aspects of the youth under HGH therapy. Sexual ability is just one of these aspects, and it is improved in both men and women.

All this information is the result of careful research and study and indeed has been known to doctors for more than two decades. It was around two decades ago that a famous doctor known by the name of Rudman began to uncover the vast potential of HGH therapy. The Rudman study came up with some extremely astonishing results. A large group of men who were past sixty were treated with HGH. Those so treated showed considerable loss of unhealthy, excess weight, as well as a great many of the additional benefits I have already enumerated above. This breakthrough first opened the eyes of the medical fraternity to the vast potential benefits of HGH. Since then a good many other studies have been conducted around the world that have only served to strengthen this amazing picture.

At first HGH was administered in the form of injections. However, it was found that this method could cause serious side effects if dosages happened to exceed certain crucial norms. For a little while, it was a sort of a Jekyll and Hyde situation, where a person who wanted to benefit from the advantages of HGH therapy also had to be content with taking a certain level of risk. But companies around the world were already searching for a solution, and this came in the form of HGH releasers, medications that would enhance production of the body’s own natural HGH, thereby completely avoiding the risks of HGH injections. This is the level of HGH technology that is available to a person today, and it goes without saying that risk factors connected with HGH releaser therapy are all but non-existent.

How effective are the releasers? The releasers are not as effective as the injections by a long shot; however, they also do not carry the risks connected with taking HGH injections. This makes them a very good deal indeed.

Do they actually work? It has been clinically proven that the substances that most releasers contain, L-Arginine and Glutamine, for example, actually trigger HGH production within the body’s own pituitary gland. And that said, yes, it’s a certainty that releasers do work.

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