What If There Was A Limitless Brain Pill?

What If There Was A Limitless Brain Pill?

In the movie Limitless with the help of a mysterious pill the user is able to access 100 percent of his brain’s ability.

Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is a hopeful author, who suffers from unceasing writer's block. Then a friend puts him onto a brain pill called NZT48, which is revolutionary, and allows Eddie to tap into his maximum potential.

It doesn’t take long before Eddie takes Wall Street by storm, turning a small investment into millions. Soon Eddie’s successful activities draw the attention of tycoon Carl Van Loon (De Niro), who offers him a position playing a key role in brokering the biggest merger the corporation has ever undertaken. The problem is that this pill only works as long as he keeps taking it.

This brings attention to Eddie from unscrupulous individuals who will do whatever needs to be done to get hold of Eddie’s stash of NZT48. Eddie’s life is in danger and the drug also comes with some wicked side effects … he finds himself in a new world with plenty of dangers.

Would You Like to be Super Smart?

Think about this. As long as you took this brain pill you could be incredible smart with 100% of your brain firing at all time, but the minute you stopped you would revert back to your previous intelligence, using only a fraction of your brain. Would you take it? The truth is - it could be a lot of fun to be in the class of ‘genius’ or ‘brilliant.’

Think about it… you could have whatever career you wanted. What is it you have always dreamed of being? Have you always wanted to be a doctor? Maybe a brain surgeon? Or maybe you have always wished you could be the next Bill Gate – a very savvy business man/woman? Wait – perhaps like in the movie Limitless your real desire is simply to be wise enough to make millions in the financial markets? If you had this brain pill available to you – you could do whatever you wanted.

Now ethically and morally you might be thinking ‘nah’ I wouldn’t want to take something. After all, it’s kind of like putting your brain on steroids, and everyone has an opinion about steroids – right? But if we were being honest, it would be pretty difficult to say ‘no’ to having the ability to use your brain at its full capacity.

In the movie everything Eddie had ever read or heard was right there at his fingertips, his brain was pouring the information out. On top of it he had incredibly quick reflexes with a zero error rate, and all his fears and shyness was gone. You have to admit that sounds pretty appealing – suddenly all of those things that in the past would have caused you to struggle or falter are no longer a concern.

Okay – it’s time to jump off the fantasy wagon and get on the reality wagon. But here’s the good news. This movie isn’t as farfetched as you might have thought. There actually is a brain pill on the market and while not as powerful as the one in the movies, it certainly has a great deal to offer when it comes to memory, focus, concentration and even mood.

What the Brain Pill Can Do For You

According to its manufacturer the brain pill could:

Brain pill also helps you to perform better when you are jet lagged or lack sleep, focus better day or night, push your mental abilities when you need to, feel more alert, and solve complex problems with a competitive edge. In other words, you will be ‘on top of your game,’ all the time. “The best you, you can be.”

The fact is that around 30 years of age your brain power peaks. After that our brains start to shrink and they slow down. By the time we reach our 40s or 50s we find a noticeable difference in our brain functioning. Now thanks to the brain pill you can combat this natural aging and remain sharp in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…. and on.

What's in the BrainPill?

BrainPill™ was created for those who require top notch and will not settle for anything less. What ingredients are in Brain Pill™? There are two key ingredients. Cognizine® and Synapsa™ along with other key ingredients. In clinical trials both of these key ingredients have been proven to be effective. The problem is using the best ingredients that are proven to work is an expensive undertaking, which is why the majority of brain supplements will not use these ingredients. But Brain Pill™ does and that’s also why it is proven to work so well.

At some point we all run out of mental steam but too often the demands of life mean you have to press on. Brain Pill claims to help you to stay more alert, more focused, and with a sharper energy you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way with a mental clarity that is enhanced.

Brain Pill™ merges the most potent, clinically proven ingredients that head up memory research and brain productivity. The company says that they have selected each ingredient carefully for its potency and effectiveness. The company claims their research combines the best possible mix of ingredients to improve alertness, mental clarity, and overall brain function.



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