NO2 Max Review: Is It Really a Good Nitric Oxide Booster?

NO2 Max Review: Is It Really a Good Nitric Oxide Booster?


Manufacturers are almost always coming out with products to help members of the bodybuilding community to improve their results. It takes serious work to get that coveted, muscular, ripped body. The work required may appear too daunting for many. This is where different substances, including steroids, come in to help. NO2 Max

NO2 Max by Crazy Bulk is a natural alternative to steroids. Its maker promises explosive workouts and electrifying pumps from usage. But how likely is this supplement to deliver what is promised? Read this review to the end before making a purchase decision.

What Is NO2 Max?

Crazy Bulk NO2 Max is a pre-workout supplement containing proven natural ingredients. It is one of those products you use to get improved ability to push harder during your workouts for faster muscle gains.

According to Crazy Bulk, this nitric oxide (NO) booster delivers the following benefits:

The supplement offers a practically stress-free way to improving your workout capacity. It does not require a doctor's prescription to buy. You also do not have to endure the pain of injection needles to use.

How Does NO2 Max Work?

Obviously, this is a product that is intended to raise your nitric oxide levels. And that is how it is able to deliver promised benefits.

But how does a higher amount of nitric oxide in the body help you?

When you have a greater amount of this compound in your body, circulation gets better. This is because nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It causes the smooth muscles around your blood vessels to relax, thereby improving blood flow.

Improved circulation helps to ensure that nutrients, including glucose, and oxygen get to your muscle and other tissues in the body. Poor blood flow is capable of reducing availability of vital nutrients to these parts.

Through this effect, NO2 Max is able to strengthen your muscle. It amplifies your pumps and makes it easier for you to gain more muscle mass. This may also cause you to experience shorter recovery times following workouts.

What Are The Ingredients Of NO2 Max?

There are several ingredients in the NO2 Max formula. However, only two of these are key ingredients. They are: NO2 Max Ingredients

One may not be wrong to say AAKG is actually the focal ingredient in this product. You will commonly find it in quality supplements for bodybuilders and fitness buffs.

L-Arginine is the reason behind NO2 Max's ability to increase your nitric oxide levels. As an adult, your body can make it. You also get it from your diet. But the amounts you get from these sources may not be enough for bodybuilding purposes.

A supplement like NO2 Max, which contains 1,800mg of AAKG, provides a massive boost in levels of this amino acid. This, in turn, enables your body to produce higher amounts of nitric oxide. And this puts blood flow in high gear.

The benefit of arginine does not stop at boosting nitric oxide levels. It also helps with protein synthesis. Your body can use it to make hormones, including growth hormone. This, obviously, can help you build bulk faster.

The other ingredients present in NO2 Max include:

How Do You Use NO2 Max?

This pre-workout supplement needs to be taken about 20 minutes before your training, according to Crazy Bulk. You should take two tablets with water.

NO2 Max is ideally used with a suitable exercise regimen and diet. You are to use continually for at least two months, while also doing regular workouts, for best results.

As is common in the bodybuilding community, you may get even better results with stacking. Crazy Bulk says you can stack NO2 Max with any of its other products. Stacking with D-Bal and Testo-Max may not be a bad idea.

Where to Buy NO2 Max?

The best place to buy NO2 Max is on the official Crazy Bulk website. That way, you can be sure you are getting the real thing. Besides, you are less likely to find it cheaper elsewhere.

A bottle of NO2 Max containing 60 pills sells for $59.99, giving you a saving of $10. There is also opportunity to get three bottles of Crazy Bulk products for the price of two.

Bottom Line On NO2 Max

You may not regret buying Crazy Bulk NO2 Max if you are ready to maintain a healthy diet and do regular workouts. It offers a good means of boosting nitric oxide levels without exposing yourself to side effects. You could consider this a viable legal alternative to steroids.

The company making the supplement has a reputation of making good quality products as well. We can conclude that this is a decent offering if you prefer going the natural way of increasing nitric oxide levels. It gives you a very high amount of the NO booster AAKG, which is a good sign.


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