Tips On How To Avoid Fake HGH Products

Tips On How To Avoid Fake HGH Products

HGH products have become increasingly popular with the general public. As a result, of its profitability counterfeit HGH has become a real problem. For the consumer it can be difficult to know the difference between a fake HGH supplement and the real thing.

If you buy HGH online or from an underground lab the only way to tell that you have purchased fake HGH is to have blood work done. There is an alarming number of fake HGH products surfacing. They even provide all the information such as serial numbers, manufacturer guarantees, and product pictures that make it and it is next to impossible to tell the fake from the real when making a purchase.

Reputable HGH Brands That May be on the Market in Fake Form

There are a number of reputable HGH products on the market and sadly many of these have been copied and these fakes are sold on the market. Shady companies have created fake HGH supplements and market them under big brand names like Saizen, Norditropin, Tev-Tropin or Genotropin. The problem is these low quality fake HGH products could cause serious long-term health problems, which is why if you are going to use HGH supplements you want to make sure that you are getting the real thing.

Other products that are believed to have had fake versions made by unscrupulous companies, include Jintropin, Nomatropin, Getropin, Hygetropin, Blue top, Kigtropin, and the list goes on. The number of fake HGH products is quite alarming, so it is very important that you take every precaution to ensure you are buying legitimate products.

Tips to Make Sure You Purchase Legitimate HGH and not Fake HGH

  1. Begin with research! You have to have an ounce of skepticism when you read discussion posts, blogs, websites or wikis. Taking to a doctor with HGH experience before you make an HGH purchase is wise.
  2. Bodybuilders are fairly knowledgeable on HGH, so visit the gym and ask questions. You can also visit some of the reputable bodybuilding websites as they are a wealth of information. Most serious body builders are going to know what’s real or fake. They should also be able to help with doses, the pros and cons of HGH, and pricing information. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, and take advantage of their expertise.
  3. Listen to your gut! When you go to order HGH online if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. If the pricing is way too low compared to everyone else, that should be a red flag. If you order HGH online from a company that you know to be legit, then don’t change, keep ordering from them. Don’t buy because you saw a great ad that sounded really good. When it comes to making HGH purchases, it can be hard to find companies that you can trust, so if you have someone legit, don’t risk changing, because you could land up buying from someone fake.
  4. Compare the product you buy or are planning to buy with other products that are available online! Check the expiration dates, serial numbers, company, bottle top colors, etc. Many different companies manufacture fake HGH that looks much like the real thing but there is no actual HGH provided in the bottles.
  5. If this is the first time buying from a company, it is important to get the product tested. Find a reputable lab and have your blood tested. The cost is between $50 and $100 unless you have insurance, which might cover it. The test requires you to inject 10 IU intramuscular and then you wait 3 hours and have blood drawn. There are a number of lab companies out there, so check around, compare prices, and services. If you have insurance find the one that takes it. Use online to check resources and speed up the process of finding the lab you want to use. The blood test takes the guess work out of everything.
  6. If you find out you have spent your money on fake HGH and you wish to pursue the matter, you can report the company/website that is selling fake HGH! Share the information on forums too, because the more bad press they get the better. The more people that speak out the more likely they will stop selling their fake stuff.

HGH Serum Test

A simpler and cheaper test, which most labs can do, is to have your blood tested for HGH serum prior to injecting HGH, then you will take 4 IU of HGH and then in another 3 hours repeat the HGH blood serum test again. When the HGH is real, the second results should have a major boost in serum levels. When you send the lab results the manufacturer, some will reimburse you for the cost so make sure that ask about this.

Inconsistencies With the Test

The HGH serum levels depend on numerous factors and these factors can be contradictory from one test to another. Dosage, current level of the amino acids, diet, injection timing, potential immune response, etc. can all affect the results, which is why you aren’t likely to get the same HGH results twice. The test will confirm the authenticity of the HGH but not the quality or quantity.

IGF-1 Test

This is another test some use, because an increase in IGF-1 is a good indicator of the authenticity of the HGH. The IGF-1 test is performed the same way as the HGH serum test.

The Health Risk of Fake HGH

Scammers copy the packaging of reputable brands and fill their vials with a fake HGH. Some of these counterfeit products will use a 192 amino acid sequence (Somatrem), which works the way the real 191 amino acid sequence in HGH works; however, the body sees this as a foreign object and it causes an immune reaction that leads to red painful welts in the injection site. Worse, if your immune system develops a defense against the real, 191 amino acid HGH, it can build up a defense. It causes your body to have an allergic reaction to its own production of HGH, which can leave your body without any HGH. More on this can be found at this link!




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