The Risk of Developing Antibodies Against HGH With Poor Quality HGH Injections

The Risk of Developing Antibodies Against HGH With Poor Quality HGH Injections

If you are thinking that you are going to save a few dollars and purchase cheaper HGH injections, you might want to think again. Almost always, when you purchase a product where the price is significantly less than other prices for that same product, there is a reason. With HGH injections, it generally comes down to quality – poor quality.

Recent research is showing that the use of these low quality HGH injections can lead to the development of antibodies to HGH. The problem is that it then also destroys your natural HGH, which can lead to various HGH deficiencies and autoimmune disorders.

Study #1

According to a recent report “Development of antibodies against growth hormone (GH) during rhGH therapy in a girl with idiopathic GH deficiency: a case report.” Studied an 11 year old Italian girl who was suffering from a growth hormone deficiency, which was treated. However, the girl developed antibodies and the treatment stopped working resulting in stunted grown. You can find the entire publication at The point here is that even with medical grade HGH like Saizen, Protropin and Humatrope there is a risk of developing antibodies to HGH.

Study #2

HGH in two patients reported by Trafford et al or in three patients reported by Roth et al. The growth-promoting effect appeared to be neutralized in the three patients of Prader et a and in the patient described by Parker et al. The short-term metabolic effects of HGH were inhibited in two of Prader's patients as measured by nitrogen balance studies. These findings suggest that antigenicity of HGH preparations in man may limit their therapeutic usefulness.

We have observed the development of antibodies to HGH in one of three patients receiving long-term therapy with Li HGH. This patient failed to show a growth response to HGH therapy. Immunological and biological studies of this anti-HGH

Study #3

Adherence to Growth Hormone Therapy: A Practical Approach.

ABSTRACT Background: Early detection of suspected poor adherence to growth hormone (GH) therapy is crucial to achieve normal final height in GH-deficient (GHD) patients. Patients: 106 children (73 M, 33 F) with a median age of 10.47 ± 3.48 years (mean ± standard deviation score (SDS)) exhibited short stature (-1.76 ± 0.64 SDS) and a delayed bone age (8.68 ± 3.42 years). These patients admitted incomplete adherence to GH injections and clinical and anthropometric measurements revealed their poor response to therapy. © 2014 S. Karger AG, Basel.

The study went on to conclude that antibodies to the HGH occurred and as a result, those children being administered HGH injections would have been monitored more closely.

Study #4

According to Saizen, as with all protein pharmaceuticals, a small percentage of patients may develop antibodies to the protein. Anti-growth hormone (GH) antibody capacities below 2 mg/L have not been associated with growth attenuation. In some cases when binding capacity exceeds 2 mg/L, growth attenuation has been described.

Two HGH Providers Report Antibodies are a Possible Side Effect

Recently a number of investigators have been reporting the detection of antibodies to human growth hormone as possible side effects during long term HGH therapy. The same affect is occurring when poor quality HGH injections are being used. There have been some research in this area as well.


According to information provided by HUMATROPE® on their product, they have stated that, in the course of clinical research studies on patients with growth hormone deficiency, which have never been treated on patients with Turner’s syndrome, a development of antibodies against the growth hormone has been detected, but which had no effect on the rhythm of growth. Up to the present, long term effects caused by the presence of these antibodies have not been noted.

High doses of Humatrope deliberately given to healthy adults have on rare occasions produced the following effects- headache, local muscular pain, weakness, mild hypoglycemia and glycosuria.

Using HGH injections offers the athlete performance-enhancing effects. The strong anabolic effect will lead to an increase in protein synthesis, which causes muscle enlargement.


According to information provided by PROTROPIN, Immunologic side effects have included the rare development of persistent antibodies. The development of antibodies may be greater with the use of Somatrem (the active ingredient contained in Protropin) than with Somatropin, although the overall incidence is low

How Does This Relate to HGH Injections that are Poor Quality?

Since most athletes who want to us an HGH injection cannot get it because a prescription from their doctor is required, they opt for the black market. This can lead serious side effects and athletes that are not happy with the results they achieve.

When cheap HGH injections are passed off as the real thing, you should expect that the dosage of HGH is seldom what it claims to be and other ingredients could be added that are not safe or healthy. The problem with the black market is there are not only no regulations, they really don’t care. They are in it to take your money.

'According to statistics by the German Drug Administration, 42% of the HGH vials confiscated on the North American black market are fakes." (Der Spiegel, no. 11, 1993.) The magazine wrote in its issue no. 26 of 07/01/93 in the article (English translation)"The currently-known cases are traded with Dutch or Russian labels... in addition to a display of labels in the Dutch or Russian language the fakes are distinguished from the original product, in-so far as the dry substance is not present as lyophilic but present as loose powder. The fakes confiscated so far use the name "Humatrope 16" under the name of Lilly Company (with Dutch denomination) or "Somatogen" (in Russian).”

There is no other way to make this kind of money and these illegal companies are not about to give up their ‘gravy train.’ The problem is you, the consumer, the athlete, who chooses to use these products, you pay the price. You part with your money and get an HGH injection that has only a fraction of the HGH in it that it claims. Worse, it’s contaminated or of the lowest quality and your risk of developing antibodies increases significantly and your body will no longer react to HGH, not even that which your body produces naturally.

HGH Supplements The Safer Options

A much safer option is to take a high quality HGH supplement such as Genf20, which will increase your own body's production of human growth hormone. This is natural and safe without out the risk of antibodies developing.


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