GenF20 Plus is Not a Scam – GenF20 Plus Study Proves it Works

GenF20 Plus is Not a Scam – GenF20 Plus Study Proves it Works

When it comes to HGH supplements there’s a healthy bit of skepticism on the market and rightfully so, since all of these products are not created equal. However, GenF20 Plus is an HGH supplement that is different because it has the research behind it to prove that it is not a scam and that it has many benefits.

The People Involved in the Genf20 Plus Clinical Study

A 12 week double blind clinical study was conducted with GenF20 Plus, and this study confirmed that GenF20 Plus has the ability to improve HGH levels. In fact, the final report was 63 pages in length, leaving no room for skepticism.

Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd conducted the study that ended on April 7, 2012 and was initially published on June 04, 2012. The study took place Jeevan Rekha Hospital, Supe Hospital, Akshay Hospital, MediPoint Clinic, and Lokmanya Hospital where researchers Dr. Suhas Erande, Dr. Pravin Supe, Dr. Vinayak Kale, Dr. Rahul Patil, and Dr. Shivram Bhonagiri carried out the research.

The GenF20 Plus Study

Scientists made 2 groups. The first group had 31 people they were given two GenF20 Plus capsules along with 2 ml of Alpha GPC oral spray twice a day. The second group had 30 people and they were given the same dosages but it was a placebo. What the researchers discovered is that in the group who took GenF20 Plus and the Alpha GPC oral spray, there was a clear pattern of an increase in IGF-1 or Insulin like Growth Factor 1.

When the body releases HGH naturally into the blood stream, it stimulates the person’s liver to create IGF-1. What the study showed is that GenF20 Plus HGH releaser enhanced HGH production.

There was also a subgroup where the participants were over 40 years of age. According to the researchers those in the subgroup, they saw a significant increase occurred in serum IGF-1 levels in (28.57%) the GenF20 Plus group, in comparison to the placebo group (-0.55%). This noticeable increase in serum IGF-1 levels was attributed to Gen F20 Plus consumption.

In only 12 weeks, the IGF-1 levels increased and the researchers commented that the degree of improvement would continue to increase more over longer periods of time.

How Does it Help

The double blind study showed that the GenF20 Plus HGH supplement is effective at increasing libido, energy, and memory, as well as improving quality of sleep. It was also shown that it had a positive effect on body weight. For more on the benefits of HGH therapy click here!

Independent Ethics Committee (IEC) Approves Genf20 Plus Clinical Study

The central Ethics Committee has to approve a trial before it begins to ensure the participants rights and safety are protected at all times. The ethical committee in charge of this study was the ACEAS Clinical Research Center.

The study complied with applicable government regulations, the US and International Good Clinical Practice standards, the Declaration of Helsinki, and the ICMR Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants and International Conference on Harmonization guidelines.


The study was done assuming that using GenF20 Plus would promote the stimulation of the anterior pituitary gland to increase the amount of HGH it secreted in those participants. The study’s purpose was to evaluate the efficiency of GenF20 Plus in improving IGF-1 levels. It not only studied how effective GenF20 Plus was but also how safe it was. All participants tolerated the GenF20 Plus. While there were 12 events – 7 in the GenF20 group and 5 in the placebo group, it was determined none were linked to the use of the product.

The study clearly shows that with the GenF20 Plus product there is no scam going on. This is an effective HGH supplement that the study has shown increases IGF-1 levels. While this study confirmed the predicted results, more clinical studies that last longer should be conducted to determine the full risks and benefits of Genf20 Plus to clearly understand the impact this HGH supplement has on the body. It’s highly likely that one would see a reduction in body fat and weight in combination with an increase in the quality of life as one aged.

However, it is always important for consumers to do their homework and their own research. Not all HGH supplements will show these results and some don’t work at all. This is why it’s important to choose a product that has science behind it. In addition, GenF20 Plus has a money back guarantee, which gives users peace of mind, that should it not work they won’t be out any money.

Seldom do manufacturers of HGH supplements carry out a double blind study so GenF20 Plus should be commended on doing so, as this helps to better understand how the product works and more importantly that it does work. GenF20 Plus has a 67-day money back guarantee that ensures you are happy.

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