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Growth Factor 9 Review

It appears virtually everyone these days has come to know about the benefits of the human growth hormone. Some celebrities are known to use it to slow the aging process to help them look and feel younger. The hormone helps to burn body fat and build lean muscle mass, among other benefits. Novex Biotech's Growth Factor-9 is a product that is intended to help you tap into some of these benefits. Growth Factor 9

What Does HGH Have to Offer?

The human growth hormone is a naturally-occurring substance in the body. It is produced by the pituitary gland and plays a crucial role in many critical metabolic processes taking place in the body. Some benefits that have been associated with HGH include the following:

The protein-based hormone stimulates muscle growth, a good reason it is used by bodybuilders. Athletes were among the first group of people to embrace HGH use in that it boosts performance and promotes faster recovery. It became so popular that sporting organizations across the world decided to ban its use as it is considered to confer undue advantage on users.

Where Does Growth Factor-9 Come In?

You may be wondering where Growth Factor-9 comes into play in all of this. The thing is that growth hormone levels in the body decline as people grow older, raising the need of finding a means of supplementation. Synthetic HGH, strictly administered via injections, is the most effective means of topping up levels, but the cost of this treatment is on the very high side. This is where this product, which is manufactured by the American dietary supplement company Novex Biotech, comes in. Growth Factor-9 is an HGH releaser that works to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and release more growth hormone. Its maker claims it is the result of about 30 years of research.

Growth Factor 9 is a good choice for individuals who do not have money to pay for HGH injections or are afraid of the side effects associated with them? While you may need as much as several thousand of dollars to access HGH therapy, Growth Factor-9 can be bought for a price around $80 to $100. The amount you pay will depend on where you make your purchase.

Does Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 Work?

Generally, the effectiveness of an HGH releaser like Growth Factor-9 cannot be placed on the same level as HGH injections. The product may be sufficient for your need if you do not have any serious issues with your pituitary gland and you are not growth hormone deficient. Novex Biotech says the effectiveness of the HGH supplement is boosted when used on an empty stomach. What this means is that you will be better off using Growth Factor-9 at least two hours before your first meal in the morning or at least couple of hours after your last meal before going to bed to promote efficacy. Good nutrition and workouts need to be added to the mix to improve the chances of getting impressive results. Novex Biotech claims Growth Factor-9 raises HGH levels by 682% (mean serum value), according to a clinical study, a link to which is not available.

However, some people have reportedly complained that they did not get the desired result from Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9, even after using it for about a month according to instructions. It may well be that these expect the sort of results associated to HGH injections. The problem could also stem from omission of a good diet and workouts. Some users have also complained of certain side effects such as fluid retention and fatigue. Another thing to note is that these claims of ineffectiveness are hard to verify in most cases.

Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 is a product that can help you build lean muscle mass and look younger by boosting your growth hormone levels, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. It is relevant to note that there are some negative reviews out there about this HGH supplement, but personal usage experience will prove or disprove these. It is not clear if a money-back guarantee is available to buyers. Genf20 Plus is another HGH supplement you may want to check out if you need more peace of mind since it is backed by a real clinical study and comes with a generous money-back guarantee.

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