HGH Treatments and the Science Behind Them

HGH Treatments and the Science Behind Them

HGH treatments – these days there seems to be a lot of buzz around HGH treatments among individuals who have a desire to keep looking and feeling young and healthy. If you are wondering why they are so fond of HGH treatments and better understanding these treatments.

There are many who still dismiss human growth hormones as nothing but hype or they figure it’s just another fad that will soon disappear like all those past hypes. Don’t be too quick to lean that way! Before making your decision maybe you’d like to look at just what HGH treatments are all about and what makes them so effective as well as different than other anti aging treatments on the market. Bodybuilding

Human Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)

HGH is also known as human growth hormone or Somatotropin (when man made it is called Somatropin) is a hormone that is made up of 190 amino acids that your pituitary gland (in your brain) is responsible for releasing into your bloodstream. The main function of HGH is growth and keeping you healthy. Human growth hormone is responsible for numerous body processes including regulating these processes through the control of your cells. More on HGH can be found at this resource!

Building Muscle

The amount of human growth hormone that your body has available also affects your bodybuilding results, muscle mass and your growth. During the years we are growing we experience a great deal of this but then by the time we reach our 30’s it all starts to slide backwards. We start to lose muscle tone, we gain belly fat, our energy wanes and our libido gets lost. Over time it becomes more difficult to build your muscles taking longer and longer at the gym to achieve those results. In some cases some people even suffer from severe HGH deficiency so it is important to differentiate between a natural drop of HGH levels that comes with aging and severe deficiency that is caused by disease.

Fat Burning

Do you ever question why it is that as we get older we seem to get fat much faster? Just looking at calories seems to find its way to the mid section. That’s because the human growth hormone is responsible for your metabolism. HGH attaches to fat tissue and begins the process of fat burning (lipolysis). This stops your body from storing up too much fat and it converts it to energy. With an increase in HGH, you start to get slimmer and enjoy increased energy to get you through even your busiest days.


One of the main roles of human growth hormone is its role in metabolism. HGH speaks to your body telling it how much protein it takes and uses. It is also responsible for how much fat your body burns and how much it stores. HGH is responsible for energy and does so by turning glucose into energy.


HGH regulates normal growth by stimulating IGF-1 production in the liver, which is responsible for controlling both growth and development.

Normal Processes

HGH plays a key role in numerous normal body processes. Any time there is a drop in these levels it affects your health as well as causing dry skin, wrinkles, muscle loss, less energy, weight gain, and many signs of aging.

Are HGH Treatments Scams?

Some of the latest HGH products on the market certainly are classified as scams or questionable at best. Why? Well look at those companies who claim that their HGH formula provides delivery faster than any other.

There are a couple of things you should know (two things to be exact) about HGH.

1. HGH can’t be produced outside your body.
2. HGH can’t be absorbed through your skin because the molecules are too large.

The safest method to increase your HGH levels is to stimulate your natural production of HGH and the only way to do this is to take a natural HGH releaser such as GenF20 Plus.

GenF20 Plus An HGH Releaser

By the time we reach 30, our HGH production has significantly dropped. We begin to look and feel older and we feel it on our bodies. That’s because HGH plays such an important role in maintaining our bodies and the many processes. This decline in HGH levels leads to the signs of aging that we are all trying to avoid.

 In the past, synthetic HGH injections were the only way anyone could enjoy HGH benefits, but these have numerous serious side effects and they also require a doctor’s prescription. That’s no longer a problem because now we have GenF20 Plus made from natural ingredients including amino acids that stimulate the pituitary gland to increase production of HGH.





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