The Link Between HGH Deficiency and Difficulty Losing Weight
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The Link Between HGH Deficiency and Difficulty Losing Weight

If you are having difficulty losing weight you might want to consider that you could have an HGH deficiency. Recent studies have determined there is a link between having trouble losing weight and being HGH deficient. Obese man

Research #1

One research group that was conducted recently showed that when there was an HGH deficiency there was a 7 percent increase in total body fat and 7 percent decrease in lean body mass. The increase in fat mass also is responsible for causing an a waist to hip ratio increase, an increase in tricylcerides and a decrease in HDL levels. The study went on to say that the lip level increase could possibly be the reason there is an increased thickness in the vascular walls. A carotid ultrasonography was used to measure this thickness.

The study also found that when patients were deficient in HGH they had a decrease in muscle strength and muscle mass. In the heart there was a reduction in the left ventricular mass, a decrease in cardiac output and a decrease in fractional shortening of cardiac myocytes. This results in a decrease in the ability to exercise, which then affects one’s ability to lose weight.

Research #2

Yet another research group discovered that recombinant HGH had potential for therapeutic use in adults that had an HGH deficiency. It found that there were both psychological and metabolic abnormalities were related to the individual having a deficiency of human growth hormones. In addition the research found that when synthetic HGH was administered it had the ability to reverse the deficiency and the symptoms associated with that deficiency. The results were achieved even at very low doses. When HGH therapy is administered it shows major changes in the participants' body composition. This includes

Research #3

Another study found that when HGH was administered, in addition to an increase in lean body mass there was an increase in protein synthesis, muscle mass, and muscle function. The study found that after HGH being administered for a 6 month period, there was a significant decrease in total body fat mass. The greatest amount of fat loss was found in the abdominal region along with visceral areas. The loss of fat in the arms, legs and neck was far less significant.

This research was able to positively prove that the use of HGH replacement therapy reverses the truncal redistribution of fat mass. It also showed that this fat mass, especially in the abdominal area, is associated with a deficiency of human growth hormone. A deficiency also was shown to increase cardiovascular risk.

Research #4

Research conducted at the Monash University in Australia back in 2001 was designed to look at how human growth hormone effected muscle mass and body fat. The study found that those with an HGH deficiency tended to have more fat and less muscle than those who were not HGH deficient. The research involved mice and what the study discovered is that there was an increase in weight loss in the mice that were obese after being administered human growth hormone for just 14 days of treatment.

The Need for More Research

There is no question that there is a need for more research and studies to be done to fully understand the role that human growth hormone plays in obesity and how HGH therapy could be used to combat obesity. One should never use HGH injections for weight loss unless your doctor determines you are HGH deficient and prescribes HGH therapy.

However, you can purchase HGH supplements legally online without the need for a prescription. Choose a quality HGH supplement that has research to back it and follow the instructions for taking. This can help to naturally increase your body’s production of human growth hormone.

How to Use HGH for Weight Loss

Start by talking to your doctor to determine whether you are a candidate for HGH therapy. HGH injections are not for everyone who is overweight and are not necessarily the answer for all weight loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you have a GH deficiency, have AIDS or HIV, then HGH injections have the potential to benefit. HGH has been shown to result in a muscle mass increase along with a body fat decrease. It also increases your capacity to exercise.

If your doctor decides synthetic HGH injections are right for you and prescribes them, there are numerous synthetic options to choose from including humatrope, omnitrope, genotropin and nutropin depot. You will need to refrigerate your synthetic injections.

Your doctor will show you how to inject your synthetic injections. Follow the instructions you are given. If you have trouble carrying out your injections, talk to your doctor. Remember another option is to take a legal over the counter HGH supplement that can be purchased online. HGH supplements contain no synthetic HGH and will help your pancreas to produce more human growth hormone naturally.

You should also make sure to participate in a good exercise program regularly and for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You should also eat a low calorie diet. If your doctor recommends a diet or exercise program, you should follow it. A diet that is calorie controlled and includes whole grains, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins is a great way to help lose weight.

If you are on HGH injections and you experience any of the side effects such as joint pain, arm or leg swelling, muscle pain or enlargement in male breast tissue, see your doctor immediately.

Over the Counter HGH Supplements

There are minimal studies on HGH supplements and there needs to be more done to determine the role of HGH supplements in weight loss. However, there have been a few studies. While there are minimal studies on HGH supplements for weight loss, those that have been a few studies done that would indicate the same benefits are possible with quality HGH supplements as with HGH injections, but without the side effects, since HGH supplements work by helping the body to increase natural HGH production.

The Risks Associated With HGH Injection

We do not recommend using HGH injections. Using HGH supplements is a better option without the side effects associated with synthetic HGH injections. These side effects include:

If you are not suffering from an HGH deficiency that is life threatening then consider an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus as a safer alternative that is legal and readily available over the counter.


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