How to Unlock Your True Potential With a Boost in Your HGH Levels

How to Unlock Your True Potential With a Boost in Your HGH Levels

Human growth hormone or HGH has been shown to make nails grow faster, hair grow faster, develop muscle mass, reduce body fat and it’s even been associated with staying younger. Do you know how to keep your HGH levels high enough to enjoy the anti aging benefits along with the many other benefits?

By the time a man reaches 30 years of age, you’ve entered the somatopause period, where your HGH levels significantly drop off. Thankfully, you still have some options, because there are ways to take control of your body’ HGH production and give them a natural boost.

There is a need for additional research and testing into both the benefits and the potential side effects of increasing HGH levels in adults before the majority of people accept it as the ‘miracle’ so many are claiming it to be. The research is very promising and drug companies have been quick to recognize that. They are ready to grab the market and take your hard earned money from you.

Before you rush out to part with your money, you should know the story of HGH. A synthetic form of HGH has been in production since 1985. It is found in numerous supplements and injections prescribed by doctors, and when used correctly it has been effective.

HGH has a reputation for being used by bodybuilders and professional athletes in conjunction with anabolic steroids. However, what many are not aware of is that HGH has helped children with genetic deficiencies get better.

As we get older, our DNA becomes damaged and as a result, hormone secretion, which includes estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and HGH, slows to a crawl. When you can increase your HGH levels you can enjoy benefits like maintaining and improving your health and fitness, increased endurance and energy, improved lean muscle mass with a decrease in body fat, especially belly fat, and an increase in libido to name just a few of the benefits that are experienced when HGH levels increases.

Great, so if you want to increase your HGH what’s the best way to do so? Glad you asked! Let’s have a look at how you can naturally increase your HGH.

#1 Exercise And HGH

The most natural way you can boost your HGH levels and start to look and feel years younger is to start sweating. Yes! You read that right. HGH is released during high intensity interval training. During the short rest between your fast and hard cardio burst, your body will produce humane growth hormone. For more on how to raise HGH levels naturally read more here!

You should workout hard in 30-60 second intervals. Make sure you break out in a sweat and when you run short of breath that’s the best way for you to trigger the production of HGH. After your high intensity workout, you will have damage to your muscles. The pituitary gland will secrete more HGH to help repair this damage.

While exercise is an important factor in HGH production, it can only help so much. Let’s look at the next factor that can help – your diet.

#2 Diet And HGH

HGH levels are linked to insulin levels. If you have high insulin then you have low HGH. This means you should avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar all the time and especially after your workout.

Insulin will suppress release of HGH. Therefore, you should eat six smaller meals throughout your day that are made up of low glycemic carbs in order to stabilize your blood sugar levels. When you have high blood sugar levels, it inhibits your ability to release HGH and therefore it promotes fat storage.

#3 HGH Oral Supplements

Oral HGH supplements are not the same as HGH injections. Don’t confuse HGH supplements with HGH injections. Some manufacturers may package in a manner that’s somewhat deceiving. There is no HGH in an HGH oral supplement. They are simply a blend of natural ingredients and amino acids that are designed to help your body do a better job of producing its own HGH.

HGH injections are actually a form of synthetic HGH that is injected into the body. It’s expensive, requires a prescription and doctor to administer, and has a number of risks. The less than scrupulous manufacturers will make it seem like their product and the HGH injection are the same – they are not. It is impossible for an oral pill to contain synthetic HGH.

Don’t give up hope yet, because the reputable manufacturers of oral HGH supplements want you to understand that there are offering a natural supplement that can help your body naturally increase the production and that’s what’s important.

Taking a quality HGH supplement like Genf20 plus and combining it with high intensity exercise and a healthy low glycemic diet and your body’s own production of HGH can be improved, and you can enjoy the benefits.





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