Here’s Why You Need to Do More to Slow Down Aging

Importance of Slowing Aging and Staying Young

You might have been puzzled at some point about the seeming desperation of some people to keep away signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance. What some are willing to do to achieve this can go from sane and commonplace to the quirky and ridiculous. If only you were fully aware of reasons for such anxiety over aging, you probably would have followed suit. Read to find out why you may want to do all within your power to slow aging.

Aging is Natural

There is nothing really unusually about growing old – it is natural. As humans, we are expected to pass through a process that starts with birth and ends in death. This process is what is described as aging. It is inevitable. The most we can do is to slow the pace at which this occurs, but not to put a complete halt to it. Aging may be thought as part of the Creator’s plan of maintaining a balance in human population and, perhaps, making life more exciting. Just imagine what this world would have been like if everyone, including our late ancestors, did not grow old while new children continued to be born. It is not the reality of getting old in itself that scares many, but the challenges that come with being that way.

Reasons You May Want to Slow Aging

For a long time, aging was associated with experience and wisdom, and reverence came with it. Older people were thought to know better and were respected and looked up to for guidance. While it does not mean the elderly are less wise or experienced these days, the level of respect accorded this group of people can no longer be said to be at the level it once was. So much so that one may make the mistake of thinking being old is a curse.

 Based on the foregoing, it is easier to understand why almost everybody appears desperate to do anything to slow the aging clock. Below are some considerations that may excite your interest in arresting signs of aging as much as you can.

Job prospect

Older people are increasingly being discriminated against in the labor market as employers show greater preference for younger employees. Age discrimination in the workplace is said to be at all-time high levels these days as more baby boomers attain the age of 50. This practice is considered illegal in all states in the United States; yet, only about 20 percent of those in the work force are said to be older than 55. The Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 makes it illegal to deny a person aged 40 or older employment based on the age consideration, but it is not prohibited for older people to be favored over a younger applicant. In spite of this, however, complaints of age discrimination by older individuals continue to be on the rise. More than 21,000 charges of age discrimination were received by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2013 – the total was a little over 17,800 about nine years earlier. It takes people aged 55 or older more than three months longer, on average, to get a job than younger individuals.

Standard of Living

The poor career prospect that faces middle aged and older people means they are less able to earn enough money to live on. The poverty rate for the age group 55-64 years is said to have increased from 8.6 to 9.4 – this is considered the second largest rise since 1983. It is little wonder then that some retirees desire to return to work. It is estimated that about 37% of older workers are willing to accept a pay cut rather than to be laid off. Of those who are even still on the job, less than a third have enough or close to enough savings for retirement. You may be able to boost your ability to secure a job and enjoy better standard of living by maintaining a youthful appearance.

Aging And Health

Old age is associated with all sorts of diseases and health issues. Cells, tissues and body organs degenerate as people become older, making them more susceptible to diverse medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and cancer. By taking steps to slow the aging process, you can enjoy better health and longevity. Your muscles and bones will be stronger to the extent you will be nearly as energetic as someone that is several years younger.

Socialization Declines With Age

The ability of people to go out and have fun with friends often drops as they get older. This may not be unconnected with the ill-health and fragility that is commonly experienced. It is therefore not surprising to see the elderly suffer from loneliness. Certain steps taken to slow aging can improve your mood and enhance your ability to socialize.

Finding Love Becomes Harder

If you’d still like to take another shot at love when older than 50, there is another reason you want to make effort to keep away aging signs. A younger look will help you attract younger people for a romantic relationship. The boost in energy levels you get to enjoy will also be quite useful in keeping such relationship exciting by engaging in lively activities together.

What Can You Do to Slow Aging?

Thankfully, there are several things you may be able to do to arrest signs of aging. The following are a few ideas you can start with:

With the reality staring you in the face, it is obvious you need to start taking steps to slow aging and maintain youthful appearance, especially if you are already in your 50s. This will help to make your overall quality of life better.



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