The Principal Signs Of Aging

The Principal Signs Of Aging

It’s important to find a way to aging gracefully and not look older than you are. Balance is important. As you age one of the most noticeable signs is that your skin loses its elasticity and begins to thin, which causes skin tags, age spots, and wrinkles. You can reduce the signs of skin aging doing a few simple things like bathing in warm water rather than hot, don’t smoke, and wear sunscreen. Even when you do all the right things, let’s face it, you are destined to have body parts betray you and show your age. Some body parts will give away your age faster than others. Let’s have a look. Dark Spots

Signs Of Aging Of The Face

Those freckles that were once adorable now are becoming dark spots on your face and they are no longer attractive. In fact, they’ll age you! Thankfully, it’s not a problem, because you can lighten your dark spots and brighten your skin. Some experts in the field say that the easiest way for you to treat all hyper-pigmentation is to just add a brightening serum to your home skin care program. Also, you can add a diet that’s healthy for your skin. For example, yogurt, lemons, aloe vera, and oranges can all be used to brighten your skin without even leaving your kitchen, and of course there are many products on the market that also brighten the skin. Ironically, all our life many of us struggle to be thin, but when it comes to wrinkles, according to a study from 2009 it may actually be advantageous to be slightly heavier. Researchers say that if a woman loses only 10 pounds it can age her by four years.

Your Hands

Hand wrinklesIf your hands are continuously exposed to the elements, they very likely will give your age away more than any other body part will. According to the experts, sun damage is the biggest reason your hands become damaged. As well as using a good hand cream every day, you should also apply sunscreen to the backs of your hands. Applying a thick hand cream, especially at night, is important to help keep your hands looking young. The sooner you make this part of your daily regimen the sooner you will begin to enjoy the benefits. It is common for one’s hands to start to look older as early as your 20s, but most of us actually don’t identify these aging signs until they are in their 30s or even their 40s, and only then do we begin to change our routines to try to reduce the signs of aging.

Your Eyelids

As you age, your eyelids begin to stretch and the muscles that support them start to grow weaker. The problem is that this can cause a fat surplus both above and below your eyelids. This creates the bags under your eyes that are so unflattering. In the worst cases eyelids hang in front of the eyes like drapery. There are a few things you can do to help this issue, including getting more sleep, drinking more water, reducing your salt intake. A small number of creams can help reduce puffiness and in the worst cases surgery is the only thing that will help.

Your Elbows

Your elbows are one of those areas where not a lot can be done to eliminate the loose skin that develops. You can use moisturizer or cream but most times there will be no change. Many resort to wearing long-sleeves to hide the loose skin. If there’s any comfort, it’s in knowing that you are certainly not alone. Many people suffer from loose skin and dry skin on their elbows when they get older. The main culprits that cause this are smoking, stress, too much sun exposure, and consuming inadequate fluids. Neck Wrinkles

Your Hair

As you age your hair turns gray, becomes dryer and more brittle, and even thins. Experts say choose hair treatments that nourish your hair and avoid harsh products that are filled with chemicals opting for more natural products.

Your Neck

Turkey neck is a worry for most of us. It’s amazing how you can age nearly 10 years almost overnight. The neck tends to look older faster and before any other body part, because the skin is very thin in that area. You can slow the effects of aging around your neck by using your facial lotion/cream before it begins to show signs of change and aging. Wearing a scarf also hides a turkey neck.

Other Signs of Aging

In addition there are other signs of aging that can occur such as the loss of lean muscle mass, weight gain, larger stomach, weakness, depleted energy and the list goes on. You can negate some of these effects by taking an HGH supplement. This can reduce many signs of aging by increasing the production of HGH.



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