Is DASH Really the Best Diet?

Is DASH Really the Best Diet?

You’ve declared weight loss as your resolution. In addition to heading off to the gym and taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, there is one other factor in your control – An effective nutritional plan. The problem is that with most of these popular diets like Jenny Craig, Atkins and Paleo diet, it’s hard to know which diet is actually any good or whether we just find ourselves dancing the praises of the most popular diet fads. Most would agree there’s one diet plan that seems to stand out and consistently remain popular – that’s the DASH diet.

If you are not familiar with the DASH diet, it’s the acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet was designed with weight loss in mind. Rather, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute developed it during the 1990s to help fight high blood pressure. However, after being around for 20 years it’s clearly evident that it can also help with weight loss.

Typically, the menu for the DASH diet will be made up of fruits and vegetables, protein from lean meats, nuts and beans, and whole grains. You want to reduce your sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams/day and you want to restrict your saturated fats and added sugars.

Using the DASH diet in combination with regular exercise has shown to lower the systolic blood pressure by as much as 16 points over a 4-month period and lower LDL cholesterol. DASH doesn’t claim to be a rapid weight loss program, but research has shown time and time again that it is. The Archives of Internal Medicine study found that on average a person lost 19 pounds when their DASH diet included regular exercise. However, without exercise participants lost less than a pound. The key is in the combination of the two.

Is the DASH Diet for You?

If you aren’t diabetic and don’t have only a few pounds to lose the DASH diet could work for you. One of the downfalls associated with the DASH diet is that around 55 percent of your daily calories are going to be linked to high carbs. Taking in this degree of fiber can also be difficult. If you have 20 or more pounds to lose, a diet that’s more carb restrictive might be better.

Back in the 1990’s the emphasis was on low fat diets – they were the ‘gold standard.’ However, more recent research shows that low carb diets are also highly effective for weight loss and reducing your risk of heart disease.

The University of Connecticut released the results of their 12 study on a low carb diet like the Atkins Diet. It was found to significantly reduce blood sugar, triglycerides, inflammation, insulin, and LDL cholesterol.

The problem is ranking any diet is a bit like ranking any workout. There are just so many variables in how they are applied, the individual themselves and in the benefits achieved. For example, two people both workout, but one likes Zumba and the other likes weightlifting or they both eat the DASH diet but one has lean meat only once a week and the other has lean meat three times a week. We are not all created equal and the way we apply a diet or the way we exercise is also not created equal.

The key to success with any diet is to know you – the DASH diet is great, but you need to look at you and then look at the various diets and determine which one you are most likely to follow. When it comes to implementing an exercise regime that you will actually follow. There is no point in signing up at the gym if you only like to walk or maybe you prefer water aerobics. Match your likes to your workout.

If you are overall healthy and your goal is to lose some weight, but you have no underlying health concerns, sometimes eating sensibly is as close to a diet as you have to get. For example, eat whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and no processed or packaged foods. If portion control is the concern and not the food you eat, then address that issue. Did you know you are better off eating six small meals a day than 3 big meals?

Consider taking an HGH supplement too. Why? Well, for a number of reasons. It can help you lose fat and build lean muscle; it can increase your energy and your metabolism, stop aging and so much more. Combine an HGH supplement with a solid diet and proper exercise and watch your body transform itself!




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