Reasons You Are Always Feeling Tired

Reasons You Are Always Feeling Tired

So you have been feeling excessively tired for some time now and you just can’t place your hand on why you feel that way all the time. Such an experience can be quite frustrating. You will find in this piece possible reasons you are always feeling tired – a few may surprise you. Tired Man

You are dehydrated

It is advised that people should take adequate amount of water daily. This offers several benefits, including flushing out toxins from the body. Adequate water intake can help keep tiredness at bay as well. Inadequate water intake leads to dehydration which reduces blood volume, causing the heart to work harder than normal. This results in tiredness. Sufficient water intake can also be useful in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Your body is lacking magnesium

Described as a "relaxation mineral," magnesium helps to enhance the quality of sleep thereby ensuring you wake up bustling with energy the day after. One of the symptoms of low magnesium levels is fatigue. The deficiency can be worsened by heavy drinking and the use of oral contraceptives. Adults need an average of about 375mg per day.

Your liver is not functioning as it should

Constant tiredness may be the sign of a liver that is not working optimally. The organ is responsible for eliminating toxins from the body and if its ability to do this is inhibited this could lead to feeling of fatigue and aches. Garlic, broccoli and beet root are some of the great foods for maintaining liver health.

You are under too much stress

Stress has been described as a time bomb of sort which could lead to severe health implications when it is not tackled in a timely manner. It starts by exerting negative influence on sleep quality – it is a major cause of insomnia. This leads to exhaustion and opens the door to other serious health problems. Make every effort to cool the stress.

You are under-stressed

If a high level of stress is problematic, who could have thought that low stress levels would be an issue as well? Being too laid back may cause you to feel tired, according to research. Stress, occurring in short bursts, stimulates your body and helps to improve the immune system. Do something that challenges you every now and then.

Your bedroom is a mess

The setting of your bedroom impacts on sleep quality, which in turn has effect on your energy level. If your bedroom looks like the scene of a riot with items scattered about, you have some work to do to keep tiredness away.

You are waking too late

Are you the type that reaches for the snooze button every time your alarm sounds? Well, that may explain why you are always feeling tired to an extent. Waking early gives you enough time to de-stress before stepping out of your home for the tasks of the day. Research shows people who wake early are more successful in that they better anticipate challenges and are more practical. More info on sleep can be found here!

You are eating junks

With the very busy schedules many people operate on these days, processed foods have become the most convenient hunger fix. What you may not know is that this sort of foods could cause you to become tired easily and exposed to some not-so-nice health conditions. We are talking about high-carb foods such as burgers, bread, pasta and fries. You should aim to eliminate these and eat more fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains which supply high amount of antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

Your exercising habit is out of place

How many times have you heard it said that regular exercises can save your life? But if you have not been working out as regularly as you should, that may be the reason you are always feeling tired. Regular physical exercise has been shown to be helpful in getting restful sleep and reducing the risk for depression. Even if all you can manage a week is just two and half hours of moderate exercise, this can be helpful in reducing tiredness by about 65 percent. Exercise can also help you maintain a healthy and youthful look, among other anti-aging benefits. But take care not to exercise too much as this may also worsen the problem by raising the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

The above reasons may the reason why you are feeling tired all the time. It should be noted that some conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, sleep apnea, thyroid imbalance, anemia and diabetes, may contribute to the problem of you feeling tired always. Discussing the problem with your doctor will be beneficial, if it persists.




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