HGH And Bodybuilding: Understanding What HGH Can Do For Bodybuilders

Understanding What HGH Can Do For Bodybuilders

There has been no shortage of opinions about the use of growth hormone by bodybuilders. This has been largely a result of the mystery that surrounds growth hormone, because so many do not understand what it is and what it does.

Bodybuilders have long been on a quest to be greater than their earlier counterparts were. They are always trying to do better and look better than bodybuilders that came before them. They are also always trying to set the bar so high for future bodybuilders that they may never surpass it. The dry ripped physique that top bodybuilders show off each season is the goal of all top bodybuilders – they want to do better and be greater than those that came before them. The use of supplements isn’t new. As early as the 1950’s bodybuilders have been using all kinds of natural and pharmaceutical supplements in order to attain their goals.

The 1960’s was a time when anabolic steroid use ran rampant in an effort to develop extreme muscle physique. Bodybuilders knew they had found exactly what they needed to take their physique to the next level and make the competitions that much tougher.

Things carried on and before long the 1970's were here. Success had taken on a totally new look. Thanks to highly lucrative contracts, athletic ability alone was now enough to enjoy a sizeable paycheck. This had not been seen in the past – Athletic ability alone did not generate the lucrative paychecks that were now occurring. Anabolic steroids were still being regularly used, but by this time, bodybuilders were looking for ‘more’ than what steroids had to offer. Many bodybuilders and athletes were now using growth hormone.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and it is necessary for the health and well-being of all humans. The pituitary gland releases growth hormone to optimize bodily functions. When there is either too little or too much HGH, it can cause serious health concerns.

Those with Acromegaly have excessive growth hormones, which causes tissue to overgrow. It also causes insulin resistance and muscle weakness to occur. Growth hormone secreting tumors in children can cause excessive growth hormone production leading to the condition of pituitary gigantism. You may be familiar with bodybuilder Andre the Giant. He’s a great example of pituitary gigantism. By 12 years of age he was already 6’ 3” and as an adult , he was a whopping 7’ 4”. This condition killed Andre eventually.

On the opposite end of the scale is the medical concerns when there isn’t enough growth hormone produced. In children, this can cause them not to properly grow. While rare in adults, it does occasionally occur leading to a decrease in energy, muscle mass and quality of life.

Both the production of too much and too little growth hormone needs to be monitored carefully. In the case where there is too little production of growth hormone the use of supplements can restore levels to the normal levels, leading to the improved cardio health, mental health, bone density and lean muscle mass.

Bodybuilders are all about building big lean muscles faster, which is why over the years they have used a number of cocktails to improve their achievement and now they have their focus on growth hormone, which many are adding to their current cocktail of steroids, natural supplements, and drugs. Growth hormone is also helping bodybuilders recover from injuries faster.

Today growth hormone is well known but it wasn’t always that way. During the 1970s and 1980s bodybuilders began to present with more refined, chiseled, sculpted bodies than had previously been seen. This started people asking all kinds of questions. Before long growth hormone was being used by serious bodybuilders around the globe.

The use of growth hormone was met with mixed reactions. Some felt it was fine to use while others were quick to criticize its use. Some felt it offered significant benefits while others felt it offered few benefits. Growth hormone use definitely had its mix of opinions but for many bodybuilders the benefits of use were clear. However, this only added to the confusion and mystery around GH.

GH use was widespread among many athletes, considered the elite by many, and that meant athletes from a number of other sports other than bodybuilding were using GH. Those using GH saw shortened recovery time from injuries, an ability to burn fat better and increase lean muscle mass.

In the pro bodybuilding circles, you will have a hard time finding bodybuilders that are not using growth hormone, especially in today’s environment, where it is far easier to get than it was in the 90s. While many are not using it during their off-season, they have learned when to take GH prior to and during competitions.

The Benefits of GH in Bodybuilding

With all the misinformation out there, there is often confusion over what the right amount of GH is to take in order to enjoy the gains. There is also a lot of hype over just what the benefits are that can be expected. For example, if you have heard you can enjoy 50% gains if you use growth hormone that would be hype. The actual gain is closer to 15%. When bodybuilders add GH to their cycle they will only be lucky enough to see a 15% gain if they are genetically gifted to begin with. It’s important to realize that growth hormone is no magic elixir that’s going to turn just anyone into a competitive bodybuilder with a chance to win. You already need to be ‘real good’ in order to enjoy these benefits. Everyone else is going to be sadly disappointed. For a comprehensive list of potential HGH benefits visit [link]!

HGH Dosage and Time

The majority of experts say that for the most part, you would be better off talking 4 IU for a period 50 days than you would be taking 8 IU for 25 days. Bodybuilders who want to maximize their benefits will need to determine the right dosage and what the right length of time is for them to use GH. Consistency is very important to success. Many feel that anabolic steroids combined with growth hormone offers the best results.

There’s all kinds of talk about what is the optimum way to use GH but unless the user really understands growth hormone production in the body and how it works with other hormones they may not be equipped to determine the best strategy.

Most experts say the optimum time to take growth hormone is during the lowest insulin time, which is post workout. Many of the elite bodybuilding competitors take growth hormone twice a day. Post workout is the first optimal time followed by the second optimal time at bedtime when insulin levels are once again low. The real die hards will set their alarm wake up during the middle of the night and take it then because that’s the only time that’s better than just before bed.

The difference between GH and anabolic steroids is that with anabolic steroids overuse can cause serious problems, whereas that’s not a concern with GH. There is also no need for a detox post cycle because GH isn’t foreign to the body.

Administering Growth Hormone the Best Way

There are a few ways for growth hormone to be administered and so there is always discussion over the best way to administer. In sports with athletes intramuscular is considered best because it reaches your system faster than the use of sub-q injection and so it will act faster.

Side Effects And Risks of GH

When it comes to HGH side effects the size and weight of the user doesn’t matter. It’s based on the liver’s capacity to be able to use the growth hormone as to whether the user will experience side effects. Jaw growth and nose growth are the two most common side effects, and while there is no proof GH causes cancer, it can cause cancer to become worse. To date no deaths are linked to growth hormone.

Bodybuilding HGH Good or Bad?

Growth hormone can give a bodybuilder a rock hard definition and as well as help with increased muscle size but it’s important to realize it can’t work miracles and it is nowhere near as effective as anabolic steroids are for bodybuilders wanting to add muscle mass. There’s a lot of debate over whether the use of  GH by bodybuilders is good or bad. Related to one’s health GH is a lot safer than steroids. Whether using it is worthwhile, well each athlete or bodybuilder will have to make that decision for themselves.




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