HGH Can Give You Massive Energy Boost

HGH Can Give You Massive Energy Boost

You need excellent vigor and vitality to achieve many things in life. In other words, the level of energy you have has a role to play in determining how successful you are likely to be in life. And what could be more frustrating than having so much to do but being too tired and uninspired to forge ahead? We attempt to show in this piece how maintaining HGH levels can help boost energy and keep fatigue at bay.

HGH Improves Energy, Strength and Stamina

Tired Man Needs HGH Anybody can experience fatigue because it is nothing more than a temporary energy loss. It becomes especially worrisome when it is a consistent occurrence, however. Loss of energy goes beyond the physical; it has mental and emotional aspects to it. It has been associated with drop in HGH levels and may therefore be reversed with HGH therapy. Boost in energy levels is probably the easiest to detect among the diverse benefits of growth hormone.

It has been shown in studies that fatigue can be reversed or diminished through HGH supplementation. Decline in HGH levels usually sets in from after the age of 30, with this resulting in slump in energy levels and weight gain. Along with persistent fatigue and exhaustion, poor sleep patterns, mood swings, fragile bones and weak immune system are some of the signs of drop in HGH levels. Growth hormone improves your strength and stamina. If you are an older person with declining levels, HGH can make you feel young all over again.

Why HGH is Beneficial for Energy and Strength Boost

Growth hormone enhances lung and heart functions to enhance the level of oxygen in the blood. Supply of oxygenated blood becomes greater when these functions are improved. This raises your energy levels and stamina. Enhanced energy levels improve your endurance and tolerance levels. Athletes and bodybuilders used growth hormone, in part, because of this fact. HGH availability impacts on the production of other hormones as well for the promotion of overall wellbeing.

All muscles in the body are made up mainly of protein from amino acids. The health of muscle cells therefore depends on how well your body is able to assimilate sufficient amount of amino acids. Proteins in foods need to be broken down into these primary building blocks for absorption through the small intestine. The fact, however, is that only a small proportion of these amino acids are available to the body. For example, the uptake of amino acids from fish and other animal sources is 32 percent, and just 16 percent for soy and whey. These percentages may even be lower when there are digestive issues. Growth hormone enhances the uptake of amino acids by the body, ensuring muscle cells are supplied constant nourishment.

Research Evidence

Several clinical studies have proven that energy levels are usually given a boost after HGH treatment. The boost in energy observed in some of these studies has been quite significant, greater than 80 percent. Increase in energy levels was one of the benefits observed in the 1990 landmark study by Dr. Daniel Rudman, the results of which were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In a different study involving 202 participants, daily HGH injections were given to patients for a period of time. An impressive improvement of 84 percent was observed in energy levels. The results also showed 88 percent improvement in strength, 83 percent upturn in back flexibility and 81 percent improvement in exercise tolerance.

Addressing Decline in HGH Levels

Since progress in age causes a decline in growth hormone levels the need arises to find a way to supplement natural production. You will better appreciate the need for supplementation when you realize that levels in the blood can drop drastically from 10mg/dl at 21 to just about 2mg/dl by 61. HGH injections produce quicker results when it comes to supplementation, but it is illegal to use them for other purposes than those approved by the FDA. Besides, these injections are costly and can produce awful side effects. Thankfully, there is also a wide variety of highly pocket-friendly HGH supplements on the market that can be used in place of HGH injections. These other products merely stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone naturally and do not contain hormone in them, so they are virtually without side effects.

Boost in energy levels, stamina and strength is just a part of the many great benefits you can expect from maintaining adequate HGH level in your body. HGH supplements may be better for raising levels in that they merely stimulate production in the body and are easily absorbed into the blood.



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