Is Anadrole A Good Legal Alternative To Anadrol For Muscle Gains?

Crazy Bulk Anadrole: Review of Legal Oxymetholone (Anadrol) Alternative


Anadrole by Crazy Bulk is a supplement that is designed to help you achieve maximum gym performance and a hard, ripped body faster. It is intended as an alternative to the powerful steroid more popularly known as Anadrol. Reviews of the supplement – you may have seen some – suggest it's one that can maximize your bodybuilding results. Is it really likely to make a difference? Read on to find out. Anadrole crazy bulk

Legal Anadrol Alternative

Crazy Bulk markets Anadrole as a legal alternative to Anadrol, whose efficacy some professional bodybuilders can attest to. Anadrol is actually a brand name of oxymetholone, a powerful androgen and anabolic steroid.

Oxymetholone is one of the most revered steroids in the bodybuilding community. But its use for bulking is not approved and those involved usually get their supply illegally. The medication is approved mainly for the treatment of anemia. Besides, it is capable of producing awful side effects.

Anadrole aims to achieve similar goals as Anadrol without producing side effects that often come with the use of the latter. It is regarded among the best legal OTC options on the market to mimic the effects of the steroid.

The supplement is especially perfect for those just starting a bulking cycle, according to Crazy Bulk. It gives you strength and stamina boost as well as quick recovery between workouts. It, thus, can promote "extreme gains."

The claimed benefits potentially make Anadrole not just a product for bodybuilders, but also for those seeking a performance boost.

How Does it Work?

It appears Anadrole primarily helps by increasing red blood cells production.

Why does this matter?

Red blood cells are important for transporting oxygen around your body. If their number is low, you tend to get tired easily with little or no exertion. There will be insufficient oxygen in your muscles, making you to quit early into your workouts.

Now, when there is a greater amount of red blood cells in your body, oxygen becomes more available. It increases in your muscle tissue and helps to ward off feelings of tiredness and lack of strength. This effect can boost performance and promote rapid muscle gains.

What Does Anadrole Rely On?

By reliance, we mean what does this supplement bring to really produce the promised effects? What ingredients does it feature? Anadrole ingredients crazy bulk

Crazy Bulk hopes to replicate the effects of Anadrole through a blend of natural ingredients in its Anadrole. The product has five active ingredients.

Tribulus terrestris

Noted for its effect on sexual health, this resilient plant helps to increase testosterone levels. There's much to benefit from this male hormone when it comes to bodybuilding. It makes it easier to achieve muscle gains.

Anadrole contains 250 mg of Tribulus terrestris extract. Research shows that it enhances fat burning and workout performance. This can make for a well chiseled, muscular body.

Soy protein isolate

This ingredient is a rich source of amino acids, which you need to build muscle mass. It may help you gain lean muscle faster in that it could potentially contribute to growth hormone production.

Whey protein concentrate

Anadrole offers 100 mg of whey protein concentrate. This is a somewhat popular inclusion in many quality bodybuilding supplements. The purpose is somewhat similar to that of soy protein. It offers amino acids that can help you bulk up faster.


The name might not sound familiar, but this is a popular substance in Asian folk medicine. Shilajit is believed to boost testosterone levels and male fertility. It also helps with healthy aging. Its efficacy is attributed to Fulvic acid, the main bioactive constituent.

This tar-like substance keeps your energy levels high and boosts your performance. It does this by improving ATP synthesis in the mitochondria, your cells' power house. Shilajit enhances metabolism for a shapely body.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This can also help you to work out longer and harder. It improves mitochondrial function and gives you energy boost. You may find this useful in enhancing muscle recovery and muscular endurance.

It is also thought to have the potential to improve the ability of the mitochondria to burn fat. This amino acid form may make your body use fat for fuel.

The blend of ingredients is enclosed in gelatin capsules.

How to Use

Crazy Bulk advises taking two capsules of Anadrole with water daily. This should be roughly 20 minutes before having your breakfast.

It is advised that you maintain a suitable diet and workout regimen when using Anadrole. For best results, you are to use for at least two months.

Take a break of one and half weeks after using the supplement for two months before resuming again.

Should You Buy Anadrole?

Anadrole is a highly rated bodybuilding on the market. You find ratings such as 9+ of 10 and 4+ of 5 for the product. One may not be wrong saying this is a supplement that will likely deliver some benefits.

If you check online, you may come across user testimonials and before/after pictures suggesting improvement from use. Some reported greater strength and better ability to push harder when working out. These benefits, of course, are expected to improve muscle gains.

Crazy Bulk says you may see results in less than two weeks of using Anadrole. There is suggestion that you could gain up to 15 pounds of lean muscle in a shorter time than usual. This is more likely when you stack this one with some other Crazy Bulk products, such as D-Bal, DecaDuro, HGH X2 and Trenorol.

Anadrole Cost

 A bottle of this bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplement sells for $54.99 on the official Crazy Bulk website. You save $25 at that price. And you have a chance to make more savings when you buy in bulk.

Purchase two bottles of Anadrole and get another bottle without paying. There is an option of ordering different products to enjoy this discount.


When looking to achieve faster muscle gains, Anadrole is another decent Crazy Bulk product that may help. It is a good legal alternative to Anadrol. Note that this does not mean the supplement will be as potent as that steroid. But it should impress for an all-natural solution.

Anadrole is very less likely to produce side effects, compared to Anadrol. It doesn't require injections or a doctor's prescription. The overall impression is positive. You may not regret buying this one.



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