GenF20 Plus Is Selling Like Hot Cakes Amongst Middle Aged Men and Women

GenF20 Plus Is Selling Like Hot Cakes Amongst Middle Aged Men and Women

Why More Middle-Aged Individuals Are Using GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is a supplement - one of the best of its kind - that promotes production of growth hormone. This natural substance has long been known to play crucial role in the growth and development of children. But in recent decades, many people have come to take great interest in it because of other benefits it offers. Notable among these are anti-aging benefits. Research suggests that growth hormone may help deal with disturbing signs of aging. This has made many middle-aged and older persons to take interest in GenF20 Plus and other similar HGH supplements. Let's have a closer look at why these people are rushing to get this product.

Why the need for GenF20 Plus?

OK, we have mentioned how more and more older individuals are developing interest in GenF20 Plus. We also noted that it stimulates hGH production. This makes it useful in fighting symptoms of aging. Now the question you may have in your mind is, why the need to boost growth hormone levels? Here is the thing: as you grow older, the amount of this vital substance declines in your body. And if this fall is significant, it can lead to awful changes in terms of aging.

The estimation is that people have HGH levels measuring roughly 600 ug on average at 25 years of age. That amount can nosedive as low as 90 ug by 60 – that's just about 15% of levels at 25! There is a claim that a higher number of people are having these very low levels in earlier years. Ordinarily, people can be less concerned about this decline, but for the changes it brings about. Low HGH levels can result, among others, in:

Evidence from research suggests you can combat these symptoms of aging by ramping up growth hormone production. The Life Extension Institute study by Dr. Chein suggested several anti-aging benefits of HGH based on observation from the treatment of 202 patients with the substance. Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, posits in his book that only HGH therapy can make you look 10 years or more younger.

Benefits from boosting HGH levels

There are two main options for raising hGH levels: somatropin injections and HGH supplements (pills or spray). The latter group, which GenF20 Plus belongs to, is the best for anti-aging purposes. You will be going contrary to the law by taking HGH injections to boost levels in order to look younger. Supplements, also called releasers or secretagogues, work on the pituitary to produce more growth hormone. They do not contain the real substance, unlike injections. This makes them a whole lot safer. By helping to increase hGH levels, GenF20 Plus can:

It is easy to see from these benefits why many middle-aged and older people use GenF20 Plus. Yet, these are not all the benefits you get. The HGH releaser owes its efficacy to a powerful blend of amino acids and other natural ingredients. These constituents include:

Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer, says each of these contribute to naturally stimulate growth hormone production.

Triple Advantage

At a time, HGH was a thing exclusively for the wealthy interested in fighting signs of aging. These people received HGH injections that cost several thousands of dollars annually, albeit illegally. The costs put HGH therapy out of the reach of the reach of many persons. However, the arrival of HGH releasers provided means for the "ordinary" man to also boost growth hormone levels.

The market has now been inundated with a wide variety of supplements, majority of which are largely ineffective. GenF20 Plus stands apart from these other offerings. It boasts what its maker calls the "Triple Advantage System." This is in reference to its availability as pills and oral spray as well as the use of enteric coating. The pill-spray combo amplifies release of growth hormone more than you can get with many other supplements. The oral spray includes Alpha GPC, which studies have shown to be a potent hGH booster. With its enteric coating, GenF20 Plus promises greater nutrient absorption. You are promised absorption rate close to 90 percent, when that for supplements without enteric coating is estimated at only 10-15%.

Genf20 Backed by Research

Another distinction of GenF20 Plus is existence of a clinical study on its efficacy. Some say it is the only HGH supplement to have been tested in such a trial. What you may not be aware of is that virtually all studies makers of HGH releasers often cite on growth hormone benefits were done using synthetic HGH. But it is not feasible to base supplement efficacy on that of HGH injections – the latter is real hormone. So it is a good thing to know GenF20 Plus actually have a clinical study backing its efficacy.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted by researchers in India in 2012. Sixty-one subjects whose ages were between 35 and 65 were divided into two groups of 31 and 30. Those in the first (treatment) group received GenF20 Plus pills and oral spray before meals twice a day. Subjects in the control group were given placebo tablets with distilled water two times daily. The study ran for 12 weeks.

Participants that got the HGH releaser showed increase in their insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels. It is through IGF-1 that growth hormone delivers a good number of its benefits. The researchers did not notice significant difference in HGH and IGF-1 levels between subjects younger than 40 years in both groups. But when they zeroed in on those older than 40, they noticed clinically significant increase in levels.

The study suggested that those subjects below 40 years were still able to manage healthy HGH levels. But for those older, their ability to produce enough of the substance had dropped. This makes GenF20 Plus all the more important for middle-aged and older individuals.

Why are people rushing to buy GenF20 Plus?

That answer is pretty obvious, you may say. People use this highly regarded HGH to boost their growth hormone levels, at least based on the foregoing. You see, many older individuals are not comfortable with how they are treated because of their age. There is nothing bad about getting older. But some people find that they have lesser opportunities as they advance in age. It becomes relatively harder to find jobs, so standard of living drops. Quality of health drops and you may find yourself increasingly being left all alone. All of these surely appeal to no one. So it is good news to these people knowing GenF20 Plus may help fight aging.

Another appealing thing to buyers is the great saving to be had on purchase. A bottle of GenF20 Plus pills costs $59.99, while that of the oral spray goes for $39.99. The combined price is significantly lower than that of HGH injections – some releasers without oral spray even cost more. Yet, you can still enjoy massive savings when you buy any of the available combo packs (pills and oral spray). The saving on the two-month combo package is $40. You can save a whopping $200 on the six-month offering! Many people are obviously trying to make the most of this chance for savings.

It is also possible that this HGH releaser is selling like hot cakes because of endorsement by medical doctors. The company making the product lists three doctors as endorsers on its website. Perhaps, the most popular of these is Dr. Steven Lamm, a well known face on ABC's The View.

How about money back guarantee?

Do you feel GenF20 might just be hype? Well, there is only one way to find out. And that is by buying and using it. The supplement's maker gives you opportunity to try risk-free for 60 days (two months). It says this decision was influenced by the fact that it usually takes more than a month to start seeing effects of the HGH releaser.

If you are not satisfied with results after 60 days, just make sure you return used and unused bottles within the next seven days. You are given the promise of getting a full refund, minus shipping costs. This may be taken to suggest a company that is confident about the efficacy of its product.

You may agree with us that GenF20 Plus is a great product to try for anti-aging purposes. It comes as pills and oral spray that blends in powerful HGH boosting ingredients. This is a wonderful option for raising growth hormone levels without first getting a doctor's prescription or paying through your nose. You can spare yourself the pain of injections with the HGH releaser. It is also significantly cheaper than synthetic HGH and some other HGH supplements. This is despite the fact that it has a clinical study and notable medical experts backing its efficacy. You need to really check this one out if you want to slow aging, especially if you are 40 or older.



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