Human Growth Hormone Injections and Bodybuilding

Human Growth Hormone Injections and Bodybuilding

If you have heard about bodybuilders and the use of human growth hormone injections but you aren’t sure whether this is right for you or how it will actually benefit you, it can be confusing. Let’s see if we can shed some light on the use of human growth hormone injections.

There are tons of bodybuilders who are seeking a way to get an edge over losing fat and building muscle. Some will stick to the natural way – eat a balanced diet, train hard and rest. Others will add supplements like whey protein and creatine to their daily routines. The bottom line is building muscle is never easy and anyone who tells you that is not being honest. This is usually a rookie mistake to think it will come easy.

The truth is that it is a very long process to build muscle. It requires focus and dedication. While there are all kinds of training regimens that can assist you, but none of these will help you without effort on your part. To build muscle there has to be a certain criteria met in your body such as having a surplus of calories available, that you satisfy your daily macronutrient needs, etc.

Some bodybuilders look to drugs to help increase their muscle mass including the use of pro-hormones, steroids, and human growth hormone injections. These can help to increase the muscle mass by increasing hormones in the body that assist in recovery, shedding fat, and building muscle mass quickly.

Using Human Growth Hormone Injections in Bodybuilding

Human growth hormones can increase your overall mass and your physical body’s size. HGH is actually a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It is produced by the pituitary gland, and it helps your body produce body tissues, especially those in the body’s muscles. There are many reasons why HGH is popular in the bodybuilding circuits.

One of the main reasons is that it allows you to develop serious muscle mass really quickly. It also allows you to recover quickly from your workouts, a major benefit to bodybuilders, because it means they can return to the gym that much sooner. HGH will also give your body a testosterone boost, which helps you to shed fat and gain muscle quickly. You can achieve this with a nutritionally sound diet and cardio but it takes much longer.

Human growth hormone injections were introduced to bodybuilding back in the 1960s and has been used since then. The problem is HGH injections have many serious side effects and when taken in excess they can actually be fatal. In addition, they require a doctor’s prescription and since HGH is not approved for this use, you likely will not get a doctor to prescribe. Then what commonly happens is human growth hormone injections are purchased on the internet and now not only do you not know if it is legitimate and will work, you may be increasing your risk.

Other Safer HGH Options

Why not use HGH supplements, which are a legal over the counter option. HGH supplements like genf20plus are made of natural ingredients that help your body increase production of human growth hormone in the pituitary gland. For most people, unless there is a significant HGH depletion, an HGH supplement will give you the benefits you desire.

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