Follow These 14 Tips And look Years Younger!

Follow These 14 Tips And look Years Younger!

Looking and Feeling Younger After 40

Aging is inevitable. None of us will pass through life without it. The natural process begins right from the time of birth. It typically only becomes a worrisome thing to many people after reaching the age of 40. These days, a good number of individuals who have attained that age or older are interested in having a youth appearance.

But aging is not just about how you look. It is also about what goes on inside your body – how you feel. Efforts geared towards improving appearance are incomplete in their effectiveness without internal wellness. For more thorough results, we have compiled some ways by which you can both look and feel younger after 40.

1. Regulate your weight

Your age may easily be given away when you have excess body fat. This can also lead to other processes and conditions that can age you faster. It is very important to watch the sort of food you eat. This is especially important because your metabolism slows over time, beginning from your 30s. The consequence is that you may have more pounds to deal with by the time you are 40. Therefore, it is vital to make conscious efforts to control body fat. The effects of shedding pounds are first noticed in your face, promoting a younger look. Excessive weight loss should be avoided, though. Body fat ratios of at least six percent and 14 percent are advised for men and women, respectively.

2. Exercise more

Exercise is probably the best way by which you can look and feel younger after 40. Its effects are broad, working from inside out. You can improve blood circulation through exercise. This gets vital nutrients and oxygen across easily to different parts of your body, including your skin. It fights free radicals that are capable of speeding up aging. Workouts can also boost weight loss as well as collagen production in your skin. They build lean muscle mass, reduce stress (and gray hair), help you sleep better, and raise your HGH levels. You just cannot do without it if you are serious about rolling back your aging clock.

3. Eat the right foods

If your diet is high in processed foods and refined sugars, you are greatly at risk of aging. There is evidence that these give your skin a dull look. Sugar causes glycation, a process which breaks down collagen in the skin. As a result, it reduces the elasticity of your skin and causes wrinkles. You, instead, need more foods that are rich in antioxidants, especially fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Examples include nuts, berries (and other colorful fruits), beans and dark chocolate, among others. Foods containing healthy fats, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, and beta carotene should also feature in your diet.

4. Fast intermittently

Fasting may be thought to deprive the body of essential nutrients. However, it can be beneficial for a younger look when done appropriately. You can boost your human growth hormone (HGH) levels through intermittent fasting. One of the ways you benefit from this in form of increased collagen production. And collagen helps to make your skin look younger. This type of fasting has also been shown to boost autophagy, an anti-aging process involving renewal of body cells.

5. Get adequate nightly sleep

Experts recommend getting about seven to eight hours of sleep every night. You probably need six hours at the minimum. Inadequate sleep stresses your body and makes you become tired easily. As a result, the levels of the hormone cortisol rise in the body, harming your skin. The puffy eyes you get from lack of sleep are even enough to make you look years older. You can see adequate, restful sleep is nonnegotiable when it comes to looking and feeling younger. It makes you look visibly younger than your age. It boosts levels of HGH in the body for supple and elastic skin without wrinkles. As a matter of fact, quality sleep is essential for your overall health and wellbeing.

6. Control stress

Stress is one of the major factors that can make you age faster. The high cortisol levels it encourages lead to wrinkles due to breakdown of skin cells. Stress may also lead to acnes issues, hair loss, and brittle nails. You need to manage it effectively if you do not want to look older than you really are. While stress management may not undo the damage already done, it can help to prevent such from being worsened. Maintain a positive outlook and take life easy. Grab every opportunity to have a good laugh as this helps to reduce stress hormones. You also relax your facial muscles by laughing.

7. Keep away from smoking

The dangers of smoking have been widely spoken about. You can be sure advice on need to quit smoking will be given when discussing steps to solid health. And when aging is concerned, the habit is linked to formation of wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the mouth. It deprives your skin and other parts of your body of sufficient oxygen. This effect can speed up your aging clock significantly. In addition, it makes your teeth and nails appear yellow, thereby making you to appear older. It is therefore worth thinking about kicking the habit for a youthful appearance.

8. Stop Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is another thing that makes people to age faster. Why is that? The reason is because it deprives your skin of sufficient hydration. It reduces the level of water in your body. As a result of this, your skin becomes dry and less elastic. This makes you look older. The danger of alcohol consumption goes beyond outward appearance. When taken in excess, it can cause a variety of health issues, capable of worsening your biological aging process. This is another reason why it is important to manage stress effectively. Some people turn to alcohol consumption when feeling stressed out.

9. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation is a process of eliminating dead cells from the upper layer of the skin. It also helps to get rid of germs, dirt, toxins and oils. You promote appearance of newer, healthier skin cells when you exfoliate. You also boost collagen production and enhance your skin's ability to absorb skin treatment. This makes your skin to look more elastic, youthful and to glow. You will surely find it beneficial when you exfoliate regularly. Experts advise using a mild exfoliating wash on the skin one to three times every week. It helps more when you use products that have retinoids or antioxidants.

10. Reduce sun exposure

It is important to limit exposure to the sun when looking to look and feel younger after 40. The sun speeds up your aging clock. It damages and ages the skin. It causes you to have freckles, age spots, wrinkles, baggy eyes and sagging skin. Perhaps, the most dreadful consequence of excess exposure to the sun is skin cancer. But note that exposure, in itself, is not bad; over-exposure is the problem. You will do well to use sunscreen if you expect to stay long in the sun. A wide-brimmed hat can provide further protection.

It is also worth stating that the use of tanning beds also constitute a risk. They produce somewhat similar harmful effects as the sun. Such can make you look older by causing dry skin and appearance of wrinkles.

11. Keep your teeth white

Teeth whitening is worth mentioning since we are talking about how to look younger here. The color of your teeth may be taken as an indication of your age. Older individuals are known to be more likely to have yellow teeth. You should consider getting special toothpaste and other treatments that can help to whiten your teeth. It is best to avoid or consume less of foods that can cause discoloration. Coffee is an example of such.

12. Exercise your brain

Mental decline is part of what may be observed as a result of aging. You may find it increasingly hard to recall information as well as you used to. This problem arises partly because some people use their brain less for tasking activities as they grow older. So you need to do things that stimulate your brain. Reading and writing are two of the activities that can help to exercise your brain. Solve puzzles and play other games that make you think. These may be quite beneficial for dealing with loneliness, which is capable of inducing stress.

13. Increase amount of HGH in your body

Human Growth hormone is a very essential substance in the body. It is mostly needed for growth and development during childhood and adolescence. The usefulness is not limited to that stage of life, though. It is useful for maintaining good health and feeling of wellness at all stages of life. But the level of the hormone starts to drop after puberty. The decline is estimated to be at about 14 percent every decade from the 30s. With this fall comes signs of aging, which may be moderated by boosting HGH levels.

This explains why many people, especially celebrities and the wealthy, are said to take HGH therapy. The amazing anti-aging benefits of HGH has caused it to be likened to the elusive "Fountain of Youth." There is even research to back these benefits. Synthetic HGH (somatropin) injections offer the most effective way to boost levels in the body. But its use is regulated and you may not legally be able to get it for anti-aging purpose. It is best to stick to reputable HGH supplements, such as GenF20 Plus, if you are only interested in fighting aging. These non-prescription alternatives are significantly cheaper and mostly safe.

14. Use a brain pill

As we mentioned earlier, aging has a mental aspect to it. Your cognitive capacity may decline as you get older. This makes it worthwhile to consider using a brain enhancer. A good example of such supplements is Brain Pill by Leading Edge Health. This scientific formulation features potent, patented and natural ingredients, including Cognizin, Synapsa and Gingko biloba. A good number of the ingredients used have clinical studies backing their efficacy in boosting your brain power. Such a brain-boosting supplement can help to reduce or moderate the impact of mental aging.

You can be sure of looking several years younger by following the suggestions we have provided here. These may help remove the need for any costly cosmetic procedure or surgery to fight aging. In addition to the above tips, you should endeavor to drink lots of water. This helps to keep your skin well hydrated and radiant. Getting old is something we all cannot escape. But you can make the process slow and devoid of potentially stress-inducing aging signs.

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